Saturday, May 15, 2010

TV and thought

It has been established that TV negatively  affects children under the age of seven.  This is not the old “TV is bad for you” – but a scientifically, research based, examination which demonstrates the negative effect of TV on children … one which carries through their academic life.

Here I sit, at 1AM watching Netflix … the TV series “Dead Zone” … and the associations I have as an ancient soul in a WW2 spawned body which is growing more ancient.  Imagine a child constructing the basis for their future beliefs  … imagine how the superstitions of the pre-TV age grew in children of that era … go to the pre-radio age … go to the pre-literacy times when superstition reigned supreme.

Strange that in this age of “universal literacy” the same superstitions seem to prevail.  We seem to believe in all the ghosts and goblins of old.  People pray to idols and and idols they refuse to call idols … there was an age when they prayed to trees, and now they carve trees, or cast images of things carved of trees, and proclaim that these things are not idols.  But why light candles before them, and kneel, and do all that is historically done before idols?  Why if they are not idols?

The beginning of an analytical thought process …

The process which occurs when one is avoiding working on the next chapter of a book, one where his editor is falling behind because she is developing eye troubles … sigh.

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