Tuesday, March 12, 2019


OK, to be POTUS you must also be a POTUS COUSIN.
NOPE!  It's not in the Constitution, and the average person has no idea of the subliminal reality that has ruled the nation for 230-years.
But that does not change things.
Even when Nixon got the boot before he did, his non-POTUS COUSIN Vice President was removed and sent to jail... and a POTUS COUSIN took the office so he could slide into the role, with the proper subliminal qualifications.
Biden also has the benefit of his wife also being a POTUS COUSIN.
If Elizabeth Warren were added as his Vice President, the historic weight or FORCE would be with them.
Elizabeth Warren is a POTUS COUSIN who is also married to a POTUS COUSIN.
Poor Donald John Trump is a POTUS COUSIN ... but a weak one... he does have the proper ancestral link to William the Conqueror, but his strongest link is via his daughter Tiffany -- in terms of the book, she was his only link.
Of course, John Wright Hickenloop is eligible, as is William Floyd "Bill" Weld -- but the rest of the announced field is clearly out of the game.  That means we will NOT be "Feeling the Bern" -- Bernie Sanders might be the Senator we need but as a POTUS the current wave of Antisemitism, combined with the anti-Socialist mindset that has defined the Cold War mentality and indoctrination that Americans have been subjected to since the 1950s.
Were they to run they would lose; if the people are so suicidal as to want to break what would be a 232-year tradition, then they can enjoy the Crash of America.
Weak POTUS COUSINS have always enjoyed the same type of reactions we have seen directed at Trump.  The opposition wanted them Impeached or -- as in the case of Lincoln -- DEAD!
Of course, were Trump to be removed, or assassinated, that would yield POTUS PENCE... and Mike Pence is NOT a POTUS COUSIN... though he is a religious hypocrite and -- in the explicit condemning words of Jesus -- an Adulterer.
Wouldn't it be delightful to once again have an Adulterer in the Oval?
That is what the people want... and it is what several Democrats have asserted they want.  Impeach Trump, install Pence, or, at the very least, crash the economy by 50% and send the Baby-Boomers into bankruptcy (along with the Nation, which would no longer be able to service the National Debt). 
AH, the JOY.
How much do you suppose Russia was willing to pay those who are pushing the impeachment?   How wealthy have they become, or will they become?