Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tea Party Stupid, Bad Taste, or Dangerous

May 30, 2013: Two tea party activists [joked] on a Wednesday conference call for immigration reform that the best way to get U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, to listen to Maine’s tea party bloc was to shoot her, according to a report on ThinkProgress.orgA second, unidentified caller responded, “Shoot her.”  Then there was laughter… when they did lynching's, hooded KKK members laughed.



Bob Dole no longer recognizes the Republican Party

Bob Dole no longer recognizes the Republican Party that he helped lead for years. Speaking over the weekend on “Fox News Sunday,” he said his party should hang a “closed for repairs” sign on its doors until it comes up with a few positive ideas, because neither he nor Ronald Reagan would now feel comfortable in its membership.

Allowing that Reagan doubled the National Debt and didn’t do squat for the people of the nation… one must wonder which of the current Republican positions Dole is opposed to.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reality Hits Tech Firms

May 2013, Motorola Mobility, is opening a smartphone factory in Texas, bring jobs back from China … thus joining a small but growing movement toward bringing technology jobs to the United States.   This follows decisions by major tech firms, including Lenovo, Apple and Google, to add U.S. manufacturing capacity after more than a decade of shipping millions of jobs going to east Asian factories known for low wages and minimal labor protections.

OK… you read about the need for this (right in this blog) and now the question is the effect it will have on the GOP & its outsourcing goals.  Will the GOP continue to seek to bankrupt the nation, or will it boot out Tea Party types & ditch the Conservative bias against educating our people & controlling international commerce from our shores.

Of course, having shipped jobs to China has boosted their economy and might even bring them back to the 1300’s when they gave, and mandated, paper money to the world – along with providing moveable type which brought about the printing press and allowed the west to catch-up.

Hum … five decades ago, we were China, and China was the west of the middle ages… now things are reversing.  Is it possible that the idiots have finally realized their self destruction will not make them richer?   Have they realized they cannot control half the world’s population?   That they really need American Democracy to work?

NAH… GOP isn’t that bright, and they reflect the mind of their corporate backers … who aren’t that bright either… consider… when we had energy problems in the 70’s, Ford made one of the most efficient cars in the world – the Ford Cortina, 35 mpg on regular fuel and city driving … and Ford blew it by pushing crap vehicles as oil prices were on the rise… and continued to blow it.  But so did our auto industry … and Asia moved in.

How did the government – Reagan, Bush, & Bush – act?

DUH, they went to war and doubled the National Debt.   To give the people NOTHING!  Will they now destroy medical care?  Reduce income for a quarter of population (elderly) the people who support the local stores, and the economy … you know, the ones who rise the tide by putting money under the keels of the boats, as opposed to dumping it on the decks and flooding the holds in the idea that the leaks will trickle down and rise the bloated boats.

OH well…  


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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Impeach Deficit Reduction

In today’s news: Budget deficit to plunge to $642B this year, lower than expected

No wonder the Republicans are stretching to find a justification for impeachment hearings… Unlike the GOP, this President has reversed GOP policies … no more deficit growth, no more meaningless military actions and un-Constitutional “Wars”… where are the declarations required, the clearly defined enemy State?

Republicans love to have their “Police Actions” – anything to murder as many people as possible … with the full backing and support of those whose religions advocate Peace.

Another four years of Democratic Rule, and we will be generating Budget surpluses.  Of course, there are the Paul Rand types… with their Reagan Bush role models… who will love the opportunity to double the national debit.

What have the Republicans wrought?  Current account deficits are up more than fourfold since 1989, a year of peak popular angst about the hollowing out of America.  This is a product of “OUT SOURCING” … the GOP baby that ships jobs elsewhere: A report, issued as far back as 2005, documented the transfer abroad — mainly to East Asia – of  most of the U.S. semiconductor industry’s key capabilities and technologies.  The Pentagon, was particularly concerned, a fear widely prevalent in U.S. defense circles, that so-called malware could be hidden in the circuitry of foreign-sourced semiconductors only to be activated at the last minute.

Basically, money guys in the GOP has allowed, fought for, and invested in, sabotaging with terrorist time bombs built into the firmware of our computers.  Keep in mind, the Republican agenda is:



Monday, May 13, 2013

Paul Rand wants you dead!

Seems we have an example of the type of policy Paul Rand (R-Texas) will bring to his “small arms” America:

On Mother’s Day, 12 May 2013, 19 wounded at New Orleans parade shooting.

A 10-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl were grazed by bullets but were in good condition, New Orleans Police spokesman Garry Flot said in a statement. A woman and a man were in surgery Sunday evening, but there were no fatalities and most wounds were not life threatening, police said.

Gee, Paul-baby must be crying because these kids didn’t get killed… after all, he wants nut cases to have free worldwide access to small arms.  New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said there may have been as many as three shooters, and that two different types of weapons were likely used.

I guess Paul-baby is quite because he wanted them to be using semi-automatic weapons … Of course, the GOP will nominate him, and, if America follows its historic path to self-destruction, he will become President; double the national debt, while reducing anything that benefits the average person; he’ll gut Social Security and plunge the majority of Americans (Baby-Boomers) into poverty.  It has been the GOP objective since the Reagan Era… America falls, and the World falls … falls into war borne of desperation and failed governments brought about by global economic collapse.

And remember … because of Paul Rand, terrorists will have unrestricted global access to small weapons, and any semi-automatic weapons they need to engage in an assault on children.

Count the wounded today… Paul Rand will ensure they are dead tomorrow.



Sunday, May 12, 2013

On the home front: Paul Rand

Seems Paul Rand (R-Texas) – the new GOP front runner in causing the most harm to the most people – has sworn to “lead the fight to defeat the UN “Small Arms Treaty” in the United States Senate.”

The idea is basic – make sure terrorists have ample opportunity to obtain as many weapons as they need to kill children, women, and any who seek to go about their daily lives in peace and safety.

Rand objects to the idea he describes as a desire for UN bureaucrats will stop at nothing to register, ban and CONFISCATE firearms owned by private citizens…”  Of course, Rand also believes every child should have access to guns  -- because every parent should own one.  Rand wants more children killing children… so he makes it an issue for you … he really doesn’t care how freely available firearms are to terrorists ... after all, he needs the terrorists in the same way that Bush needed them.  Without terrorists, you cannot double the National Debt, bankrupt the nation, or line you pockets with the money (presented as consulting fees) those who finance terrorism throw at Republicans.

Rand opposes any effort to “BAN the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons.”  After all, a semi-automatic weapon is just the thing you need to kill that pesky raccoon who keeps getting into the garbage bin… especially if you live in a major city…

Rand is upset with the idea that the law should allow authorities to “CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms”

… wouldn’t it be much better – per the Rand Republican position – to allow every criminal to keep their weapons… especially when they are arrested … allow them to keep that gun … take it to jail with them … we wouldn’t want to confiscate a weapon at the time of the arrest, can’t do that before the conviction.



Again “throwing stones”

Amira Hass, a resident of Ramallah, who reports on Palestinian affairs Haaretz, wrote an April 3rd op-ed essay supporting the right of Palestinians “throwing stones” – she declared it as “the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule.”

In Israel, the government is afraid of world opinion – so will allow itself to be destroyed… murders have learned that the nuclear option is stupid – the winning option is low-tech, a return to the primitive … using weapons that meet the intellectual level of their users.  These are people who want to fail … to ensure it, they want to destroy those with a clearly established history of success.

Palestinians have become the tools of those who hate Islam and Jews – so they promote the two destroying each other.  In the years since 1948, what have Palestinians achieved?

They were suppressed and sidelined by Syrians; encouraged by the Saudis, Iraqis, Iranians and Egyptians to die… but not to learn, to live, to prosper and demonstrate their ability to rule a nation of their own.   But the, it would really shame the Saudis, Iraqis, Iranians and Egyptians if these Palestinians – people who have lived in the region since the time of Solomon, and possibly arrived with the people of  the original Exodus …

Palestinians are descendants of the Israelites … their yDNA proves that.  They are not the Arab idiots of the type who are noted for routinely demonstrating an inability to rule themselves.  These are Jews being suppressed by Arabs… so there is a historical reason the Israelites would not wish to harm their own.  But there are limits.

Erez Tadmor quotes a soldier who says that he and other soldiers were ordered not to pursue an Arab who had just thrown a fire bomb at their position near Kiryat Netafim. "For 15 minutes he stood there and cursed us and we could not give chase," the soldier said.
"The orders in this case are clear: throwing a fire bomb at a pillbox is not considered a life-threatening action," the soldier said. "Inside the pillbox compound there is a generator, and next to it there is a gasoline container, and above this there is a net for shade hanging on the side, it is all completely flammable. Now, can someone honestly say that a firebomb on the gasoline container is not life threatening?"

Fire bombs and stones are the hi-tech weapons of the modern age… they are the weapons you use when you do not want your target to engage … after all, any rational targeted response who pit a bullet against a stone…. and that makes for great headlines … “teenage protestor shot by soldier.”  By the time you get to the third link in the web story, or page twenty in the paper, you may come across a simple sentence about the thirty people that teenager burnt alive.  But it is the banner headline that will be repeated.

Stone throwers are murderers – they are using a lethal weapon once reserved for the execution of sinners, or, as in the case of King David, bringing down the invincible Arab giant … now being used by the Arabs as the weapon to promote as the weapon of choice …

Palestinians need to learn that they are attacking themselves … and violating the Koran … the alternative will be for the Prophet to condemn them when he condemns the Saudis, Iraqis, Iranians and Egyptians who scream Jihad before Isa appears, and so are more evil then the evils Isa is to set straight.


Jihadists and Republicans read from the same playbook.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Congressional Idiots need to Focus on Social Security

Gappy Days Are Here Again 10 May 2013 By Bill Maher

Seems Bill Maher touched on something, but didn’t get the significance.  For Maher, it was an increased wealth among the wealthiest moved National wealth up by “a whopping $5 trillion”…

The real story is the active move to decrease the income of the bulk of Americans – the Baby Boomers who are going on, or are on, Social Security.  Pump money into their pockets – not incentives for the rich to waste money in the name of “Stimulus Packages.”

The only real “Stimulus Package” is one which gets spent in diverse communities without any oversight from tax dodging executives.  Social Security money goes to local banks, local stores, and local business.  It pays contractors to improve homes, true, it pays doctors and other medical professionals, but it also goes to all those large and small items which are so often compensated for by entitlement programs.

The idiots who reduce Social Security really seek to increase the cost of entitlements and compensatory payments which underwrite property taxes, or pay for telephones and cellphones.  Put that money into Social Security and reduce the cost of government – as government employees retire, they will not need to be replaced.  The budget will be balanced.

But the goal is to make the rich richer… and create 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

“Grandpa was a Deity” is supported again

Europeans and Indians – divided or united by DNA? June 6, 2012
Rakesh Krishnan Simha

OK this is new … even if it is from last year.  After all “Grandpa Was A Deity” was published a year before that.

In reality, there aren’t an boasting rights here.  The Russia & India Report article does reference many of the research papers used in writing “Grandpa Was A Deity” – though not the detailed genetic studies accessed through the Harvard Library, and connected to the specific, and relatively rare, R1a modal which defines the authors personal genetics and served as the basis for the tribal study and cultural study in “Grandpa Was A Deity”.

Still, it is neat to have the same conclusion being reached by others – even if they are not as detailed and specific in their information.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Memoto Your personal BIG BROTHER

We have heard people scream about cameras on street corners, and invading privacy in the name of security,... NOW there comes a camera one your clothes, in your glasses, worn in a woman's hair, or on a cap ... a picture every 30-seconds ... 2000 in a day... no act, or criminal will be unseen, unrecorded. And developers claim, "the device has an app and cloud-storage platform to ensure that no experience — no matter how mundane — will go undocumented."  The people do away with "Big Brother" exclusiveness by becoming a  "Big Brother" culture.

Oddly, society should welcome this new invention.  It means we can be safer than ever before.  Of course, there will be governments who will be fearful of it.  They would not want their actions seen, and documented by the countless witnesses, each recording and uploading different angles of the same misconduct, or crime.

Granted, we might not have sound, but we will see the actions – the money change hands, the papers passed, the people killed.  Could there ever be another Holocaust that goes unreported?  Could there be crimes against humanity, when humanity is uploading the visuals to cyberspace?

For that reason, after a lively debate on Reddit, a web-based discussion board, the developers dropped plans to have pictures automatically uploaded.  After all, we wouldn’t want the evidence secure from the criminal – now would we?

By-the-by, it’s a 5-megapixel camera that is roughly the size of a lapel pin.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Benedict Subverted Malachy (or tried to)

Benedict XVI is now back in Vatican City.  His new accommodations, situated amidst the Vatican gardens, was built by Pope John Paul II in in 1994 to accommodate a monastic group of nuns and provide them a place of prayer.

Recalling that the Vatican requested copies of Saint Paul’s Joke the summer before it was released, and that it was officially added  to the Vatican Archives in August – with a ‘Thank You’ letter issued the first week of September – it is significant that the refurbishment work on the building started in November.

It would seem, having learned, and considered the ramifications, of the end of the Catholic Church and destruction of Rome being on the immediate horizon, Benedict XVI decided to attempt the subversion of the Malachy Prophecy by resigning – so, unwilling to surrender his life of opulence, he prepared an alternative Palace which would house him for his remaining days.

In theory, Francis I has broken the prophecy – but Benedict is alive and Francis will need to out live him before he can be considered a valid Pope.  Moreover, there is no action of man which can forestall the destruction of Rome and the Vatican – not if the vision Malachy was give, a thousand years ago, was of The Father.

If the end is upon us, then Christians had better read, and study hard, the words of Saint Paul’s Joke.  Remember, the calculations of Sir Isaac Newton allow us only two more decades before the words of Revelation begin to become reality.

Of course… nobody believes!  They do not believe in scriptures – if they did, they would follow them and there would have been no need to write Saint Paul’s Joke.  There would be no anti-Semitism, because there would be no one whose religion was predicated on killing the Man they profess to follow, or denying the Father he said they should worship by worshiping him instead.  Then too, Islam would not exist – for it represents those who will be the army in white mentioned in Revelation … of course, the current Terrorists, and supposed Jihadists, are as evil as those thousands, or millions, who gave us the Inquisition, witch-hunts, and Holocaust.

Saint Paul’s Joke … will it be on YOU!?!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Events Continue to Prove Me Correct

On Saturday, April 13th, I blogged: “THE FORWARD muffles valid opinion”.  It is now May 2nd and articles are beginning to appear in which Israeli citizens are saying the say thing – Stone Throwing is Terrorism, and stones are chosen because the Terrorists know they will be protected by the warped, and self-destructive, morals of the politicians.

Consider the ARUTZ Sheva newsletter for Thursday, May 2 '13, Iyar 22, 5773; specifically article “6. Widow of Terror Victim: If the State Doesn't Respond, We Will”.  Here we are told: “Tzofia Borovsky, the widow of Evyatar Borovsky who was murdered by a terrorist at the Tapuach Junction on Tuesday, is calling on the State of Israel to respond to the terror attack which killed her husband. … It makes no sense that the State cannot guard the residents of Judea and Samaria.”  She also noted that “an official response by the State to the terror attack would be best, but if there is no response from the State, there will be a response on our part."

On Wednesday, May 1st, iconic nationalist activist Baruch Marzel said that the only way to deal with terrorismis to kill terrorists.
“This terrorist should never even have reached the hospital,” he said. “We need to educate our soldiers and police officers that the State of Israel has no interest in keeping a terrorist alive. A living terrorist is a burden – he gets medical treatment, dozens of police officers guard him, the medical system invests in him the amounts of money it doesn’t have to invest in other people.”

Marzel concluded, stating: “This despicable murder was the direct result of inadequate action on rock-throwing terrorism, of opening the checkpoints, and of treating daily terrorist attacks as ‘disturbances.’”

The Terrorists clearly know they are immune from any response.  It is the weakness of the Israeli government –- their political saving-of-face – that is allowing innocent people to be murdered.  They see too stupid to understand that a rock is a lethal weapon … once used by Jews in Israel to enforce the death penalty on criminals.  Therefore, it would appear that the Israeli Government holds its citizens to be criminals warranting execution in the traditional manner.

I’m not opposed to Arabs, nor do I believe them to all be evil.  Those who are asserting Jihad are violating their own Koran.  Jihad can only be launched when ISA returns and leads them against evil doers (generally specified, or identified, as evil Christians of the type identified in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, and willfully violate Paul’s mandate for Gentile converts to either be celebrate, or have sex only in marriage … and, regardless of sexual activities, to OBEY ALL THE JEWISH LAWS!)

Fortunately -- for those who actually read and understand what was said, as detailed in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, most Christians (as Gandhi so nicely acknowledged when he said Christianity was a great religion, which nobody followed) haven’t the brains necessary to read and understand … in Biblical terms, they lack the “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding” which comprises three parts of the Divine Spirit.

Article 7. Terrorists Should be Put to Death, Says Nationalist Activist … the header says it all.  It the Haredi Religious leadership actually read the Torah, they would see that it mandates the death penalty.  But they don’t get it.  They don’t understand “Saint Paul’s Joke”; they don’t know the information (ancient knowledge known at the time of the Second Temple and to the Jewish historian Josephus) in “Grandpa Was A Deity”; they cannot comprehend the data in “The Genesis of Genesis”; and they are too thin witted to even read the short version presented in “Charting the Patriarchs

OK, so, as usual, I have written what others were thinking – and published it before their thought can to the surface.  In “Saint Paul’s Joke”, I announced the end of the Catholic Church, and thus the end to the basis for all Christianity … a prediction made by St. Malachy.

Malachy predicted 112 Popes – the last being a new ‘Peter of Rome’.  The Vatican asked for, and received, multiple copies of the unpublished version of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, and when it was published – within three months, Pope Benedict resigned so that his only competition in the Papal election, Francis I, could be installed.

The obvious goal was to break Malachy’s winning streak.  But that isn’t how prophecy works.  Historically, Francis I can be termed an anti-Pope.  there is a lawful succession of the successors of Saint Peter – it remains unbroken … the previous Pope MUST DIE before his successor can be elected.  When Benedict XVI dies, the Cardinals will need to reconvene and again elect Francis I – or Francis I remains an anti-Pope, and invalid in terms of Malachy.

But, in this instance, Malachy did not just describe the final Pope, he envisioned the destruction of Rome (certainly the destruction of the Vatican which stood for Rome in Malachy’s time).  This brings us back to the Terrorists and Jihad.

The terrorists can destroy the Vatican in the same way they took down the twin towers of the World Trade Center.  The bombing in February 26, 1993 failed, but, the 9/11 attack succeeded.  Neither New York, nor even America, should be the Terrorist Target.  The prophecy of Nostradamus -- which called for the destruction of the man-made mountains of the New City – has been fulfilled.  There are no more prophecies affecting America … unless we consider those natural disasters described by Edgar Cayce and predicted in the Hopi Legends.  Italy, and, specifically, the Vatican, are the only targets remaining for those Jihadist elements who feel they are doing the work of Allah.  As they may well be … though those works are not the positive elements of Islam which are mandated, as St Paul did, that Laws and “The People of the Book”, be revered and respected … with any action taken against the circumcised being forbidden to Gentiles, and subsequently, Muslims.  For reasons dealt with in prior books, and to be specifically discussed in the next notebook in the series, anti-Semites are anti-Christ … and the famed ‘Number of the Beast’ actually refers to the naming description associated with the justification for the name of one of the Patriarchs.  (but you’ll learn more about that when the Second Notebook is published … the first notebook being “Charting the Patriarchs”.

Have fun oh ye faithful … the time of knowledge draws near … or does it?   We’ll see … look to the Vatican.