Saturday, January 31, 2015

Satanic Tea Party revealed by Measles Epidemic

Amid growing vaccination debate Measles spreads.  But the spread of measles is minor – a test, a roadmap, a warning.

Measles? Those of us who are of an age have all had it -- annoying as it is, like anything "minor" people have died from it.
But writing about Prophecy - and wondering how, when done in Bible or by the likes of Nostradamus and Malachy, it can seem so accurate -- I would be amiss not to point out that the spread of disease is do in this era, and the spread of measles from Disneyland in California to New York State only serves to show the degree to which really serious crap can spread.
Fortunately America has the Republican Party and their strong OPPOSITION to Health Care on the levels where the predicted spread will be the greatest.
So ring-wing supporters, as people die in the streets in the fulfillment of YOUR prophecy (literal Bible stuff) remember ... you wanted it to be so, and all those will lives which you denied access to care count against you on the Judgment Day you so dearly want to have happen.

Not to worry, you’ll soon be headed SOUTH.
Enjoy the eternally warm weather.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daily Thoughts on whatever.

2016 THE BABY BOOM HIPPIES TURN 70 ... and the last of them turn 50 ... the prophecy, and they were in to prophecy, says they are effectively dead by 2034, and the population is cut by a third ... no war needed. Those they opposed still promote war. In the last great hippy protest against the man, which side will win? The outcome being the same.…/…/1497427169

GOD is the explanation when you run out of the knowledge for the real explanation. The real place to look is how something (Everything) emerged from absolute nothing, and functioned according to rational, definable, physical laws. Scrap the interventionist deity crap, and deal with the reality that everything belongs ... keep it,, and you assert your DEITY is a total screw-up.

Love the way the Right-Wing treats Obama …love how the media treats them.

Michelle gets noticed for doing what every First Lady has done – not bow to the Saudis and Islamic idiotic violations of the Koran (which teach respect and protection of women against godless Arab men).

Barack has gotten Obamacare – a Republican program promoted by Republicans since the time of Eisenhower – named after him.  VERY HIGH PRAISE from the Right-Wing, spitting on Ronald Reagan and Reagan’s privatization over National Health to give credit to a Democrat.

The Economist “Both the robber barons and the silicon sultans helped to create a very different America, divided by class and obsessed with money. In “The Theory of the Leisure Class”(1899), Thorstein Veblen showed how an egalitarian society was becoming an aristocratic one. In “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” (2013) Thomas Piketty made similar claims for the past 40 years.”

The true leisure class today are the intelligent poor.  They are, like the Monks and Apostles, content with doing their thing, and living off the kindness of others.   As with the Monks and Apostles, it is those who complain about the reality who will eventually be consigned to any religiously inspired hell and damnation – for they are also the ones who would rather spend $60,000 to incarcerate a person, rather than $4,000 to educate that person and make them a productive taxpaying member of society.  The stupid crock goes to jail, the intelligent one becomes a Congressman or Senator and can be seen among the ranks of the Republican Party.

The Washington Post: “Just fewer than half of U.S. households were married couples, the median age Americans wed is 27 for women and 29 for men, and most children under the age of 18 don’t have a stay-at-home parent.”  Why wed – Republicans oppose love and marriage – it shows when they work to stop gays from marrying, just as their predecessors opposed interracial marriage.  Republicans oppose abortion, but also object to unwed mothers.  They love to give moms exclusive custody in the divorce – so promote the idea of the absentee father and single parent household … then they say workfare should be the rule, so mom needs to be absent too … in order to keep the benefits that keep her kids alive and healthy.

LiveScience: “Money, Not Marriage, Makes Parents Better … When it comes  to good parenting, having money matters more than being married, a new study concludes.”  Therefore the Republicans want to stop the money … minimum wages need to be below poverty to ensure that the parenting is bad.  "The major issues were that some families are really resource-poor, resources led to bigger differences in parenting than family structure."   So if you want  to hurt people, if you want a doctrine that inflicts THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE, be sure to attack the resources … deprive them of educations, healthcare and wages that are above poverty levels.

If you support the Right-Wing Conservatives, the absolute goal is to bring down the society.  You do that by inflicting harm upon the grassroots individual – it helps if you can do it to military families and veterans as well.

Climate Change Ice
Caps Melting. Is man responsible?
Who cares.
Are we adjusting to it and depleting fossil fuel reserves? NOPE.
Do we really want to return things to the way they were before
the Industrial Age when
climate change began? NOPE!
Do we want the Ice Age that would be necessary to recreate the
glaciers and Polar Ice Capes ok
how stupid are you really?
The conditions were predicted ... how? Who knows? But they
were predicted in Revelation and
that is weird and scary. A
third of life is to die (plant, animal, marine, human) the
death of
the Global Baby Boom population will achieve that goal for
humans beginning in 2034/36; climate change is doing the same
for the rest (plant, animal, marine).
We can NOT change that reality. So who cares if the deniers
deny human contributions? What are we doing to adapt? Nobody
seems to be discussing that. In Europe they have wind farms
and solar becoming a solid replacement for most uses of fossil
fuels. In Japan they are producing a hydroxide powered car
which emits oxygen and water rather than poison gas.
What is America doing? Why it's pumping more oil and talking
about how to use more coal ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cannabis, Hemp, Pot, Marijuana–and alleged Christians

Funny these.  Biblically mandated plants are outlawed by those who wave the Bible around and proclaim it the literal work of God – which is to be obeyed without question.

Yet another item for the archives of "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE"

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Terrorists ??? Really ???

About the same number of Americans are killed by dogs each year than have been killed by Muslim-American terrorism since 9/11. You are also more likely to be killed by lightning.

Americans forget the al  Qaeda Bin Laden objectives were to kill Saddam Hussein (Bush 43 did that and started the longest war in American History), and to bankrupt America – Bush 43 gave the Nation the Great Recession of 2007/8.

Now, if America keeps wasting money on alleged threats across an ocean – stoppable by NOT giving them the VISAs that Bush 43 provided – the second al Qaeda objective will soon be achieved.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The USA Constitution is Dead ... NULL & VOID

When America selected to attack Iraq, and murder Saddam Hussein -- based upon lies, which were clearly lies -- the Confess nullified the American Constitution.
America invaded a sovereign nation and murdered its legally designated leader. In the process America opened the door to those,who will eventually destroy it.
To attack a,sovereign nation requires a form DECLARATION OF WAR, not an alleged war powers act aimed at using the military against a criminal force that is operating without a national identity.
Having nullified the Constitution, the Republican Party is now setting its,sights on the destruction of America ... having associated al Qaeda in its desire to kill Saddam Hussein, the Republicans are now setting out to destroy the economy, as was also the al Qaeda goal.
Granted, the Great Recession was a step in that direction, but failing to elect a president who would finish the job,in now falls to the Congress to complete it.
DEATH OVER LIFE ... the prediction of Babylon the great city falling ... 2015/16 ... fact or fantasy ... we shall know in 2017.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wages and America’s Destruction

wages Capture

NOTE where wages when when America was in a Boom Era – and where they are now, with the Republicans  fighting to make them lower and tax whenever is left (while exempting the rich.

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Fortunately for the Tea Party supporters, American education has fallen along with wages.

In 2015/16, the new Republican Congress will continue to give tax breaks to the rich, and deprive the poor of the needed necessities of life that will, or could, enable them to get out of poverty and become contributing tax payers.

Cheer them on, live in denial – but watch the news (the real news, not FoxNews lies and right-wing propaganda).

You will see that ‘our’ Congress is willfully in a process aimed at undermining America and all the Liberties and Freedoms it once stood for.

But don’t sweat it – ignore it … they are, with a mandate from you, doing exactly what you wanted, and what you will be willing to live with when they have completed their task. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fall of World Economy Possible

“It happened to the Roman, Han, Gupta, and Mauryan empires, and now University of Maryland researchers Safa Motesharrei and Eugenia Kalnay, and University of Minnesota’s Jorge Rivas warn that utter destruction could befall our global economy as well.”

New Study Predicts Impending Collapse of Industrial Civilization

“Scientists and social activists have warned that income inequality, resource depletion, and unchecked population growth.”  But that population growth is due to nosedive after 2034.  When that happens, the climate damage will be in full swing and certain nations will prosper, while others – like America, assuming it stays the Republican Tea party course – will be consigned to history.

America will probably push the course it has since the Korean and Vietnam era – the course dictated by Bush 41 & 43 – and move toward a Jihadist War/Crusade that will justify Evangelical scripture and the Koran.  As a result, India, China, and Russia will emerge the victors … how things will play out for Europe?  The Viking Nations will continue to prosper, the “Holy Roman” ones will fall – that is the New Testament Prophecy, and evangelicals will insist it be fulfilled.

This is picture reveals where the winners will be – the losers are nowhere to be found.

earth, nasa, space, moon

Watch the Temperature climb:

It’s official: 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history

Toss away the future

New York Time 16 January 2015

“Those who oppose granting residency to these immigrants argue that it would deny resources to existing residents and citizens. But we’ve already invested in these students all through elementary and high school. Why not continue and get a return on that investment?

“There is rising demand for the talent these students possess. We grant roughly 85,000 H1B visas, for immigrants with special skills, to engineers to fill jobs here. In doing so, we overlook a generation of students who are deemed foreigners but who grew up here and plan to stay. When their visas expire, a majority of H1B visa holders will leave, and take the skills they developed with them. At a time when science and technology prowess will be critical to this country’s growth, we can’t afford to squander the homegrown brainpower of students like Oscar, Lorenzo, Luis and Cristian.”

OK, let’s chase Americans out – after investing in them … and train foreigners to bring the knowledge back to their countries and undermine the national economy from their homeland.

Republicans are working all angles to ensure the fall of America.  It’s going to be fun watching the deniers crash and burn in the vehicle they knowingly built.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Threat to Homeland Security Noted in 2014–now a reality for American Taliban (know as republican Party)

“Republicans have only been in control for a week and already they are picking an unnecessary political fight that risks shutting down the Department of Homeland Security,” said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader. “This is not a game and it is time for Republicans to take their responsibility to govern seriously, instead of playing to the most extreme voices in their party.”

time for an earthquake

April and December into January are the appropriate times for massive destruction.
It is,time for American to feel the alleged divine wrath which its Christians So desire.
They love to destroy other nations, it is time theirs is humbled, brought to its knees for its callous disregard for the poor, the sick, the elderly, the huddled immigrant masses it once welcomed without (unreasonable) restriction.
America is now,a nation of hate.
American is a nation with the largest imprisoned criminal population in the world. It loves its criminals - spending $42,000 a year to provide each with food, clothing, shelter, and complete medical care ... while working long hours to find ways to deny the same levels of loving care to its elderly, it's widowed, it's poor, it's children ... clearly it denies those it hates and disposed, but showers care on those it Truly loves and admires ... it denounces those it hates, accusing them of not working, but provides exercise and entertainment to those it loves -- with no dem as nd that they work, or support themselves.
America is a nation of criminals,surpassed only by the nation of murderers know as the Islamic Nation ... ISIS, and al Qaeda. murderers all.
shall we see them destroyed? if so, let it begin NOW, IN 2015/16.
Bring down these evil lovers, destroy them and all their kind.
It is time... or so they believe ...let them be proved right and consigned to the first pits that they So love to speak of.
the time is now.

Conservatives Are Destroying Our Future

This page on Facebook is supposedly for Americans who are tired of right wing bigotry and hate that's filled the air waves lately. Civil debate welcomed. #CADOF

However, in reality they are actually for Americans who are tired of free speech, have no concept of the damage that is being done to America – thus express things which are obvious, and nothing which is meaningful to keeping America functional.

Their “LEFT-wing” [????] bigotry and hatred of the very freedoms which make America strong are ANTITHEIST to any concept of “Civil debate,” and represents exactly the forces which make the alleged conservatives powerful.

They will assist in the destruction of America.  In part, because of individuals who pass themselves off as groups like this, the Republican organization will be empowered to destroy the nation and the Terrorists are  empowered to do their damage.

It is wise to look at their  posts – note the absence of any real content.  Do they speak in terms those conned by the Tea Party and Evangelicals understand and accept?

Of course NOT!  They support the CURRENT Right-wing agenda, and want America to falter and fall.





Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Terrorists like distracting Publicity

“Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria committed a massacre of unbelievable proportions in Borno State, killing more than 2,000 people in the town of Baga, as well as 16 neighboring towns and villages, burning entire communities to the ground.”

On 9/11, al Qaeda announced its arrival with the killing of 2,996 people.  So 3,000 dead, when accompanied by the destruction of costly New York real estate, is worth covering.  Attacking a media outlet, and the killing 17 of its people, naturally gets media attention.

But 2000 Africa lives are meaningless.  But let one aid worker bring back a possible Ebola infection from the same country, and it’s front page news that gets Congressmen screaming to close the border (and keep Africans out – after all, to them, it’s bad enough there’s an African descendant in the White House).

The next decade promises to be fun – racism and bigotry has its consequences.  The Republicans apparently will welcome them.  

Oil and OPEC

That little line on the left chart shows USA oil production moving up – beginning with the dip in 2008.  That promises to deplete reserves more quickly that the pre-2008 estimates.

OPEC needs to suppress prices for three years – and America need to continue the upward curve.  The result will be America run dry at the same time the ISIS groups unite.  That means the USA will be totally dependent upon them for military fuel in excess of short term needs.

The right hand chart shows the price of oil between 2000 and 2014.  Note how the Bush Administration forced a rise in oil prices – and keep in mind that Bush is an oil man.  Again, the crash is clearly visible.

Prices at 2000 levels will kill off America – it will encourage the continued avoidance of alternative energy development.  The death of America.     

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Furture: “pre-destined" or “Free-will”

The following was my response to a YouTube query on the video commentary entitled “Pat Robertson: Beat Non-Religious Kid On Christmas”

In many ways things are "pre-destined" -- spin a roulette wheel, cast the ball, the ball is going to land on a number -- that's pre-destined.  That you picked that number, or even chose to bet at all is not.  You have a degree of free will in terms of the realities of events.
If a comet follows a trajectory which brings it across the orbital path of a planet -- it is pre-destined that the time will come for the two to be at the same place at the same time.  Given the technology, you have the free will to be on one or the other when the impact occurs ... your being there is not pre-destined, even though the event is.
In showing "How a Tribal Assertion Created Modern Culture " we are dealing with religious superstition (really the lack of practical science) being used to gain control and evolving to the point where it is no longer functional -- modern society where the explanation for something emerging from absolute nothing is default shelter for religion (storm deities [etc] are no longer valid, because we know what causes storms [etc] and that they can be predicted).
The "infinite possibilities" are mentioned as the basis for asserting an all-knowing deity -- a deity that must know all the possible possibilities and therefore would NOT be interventionist (would have no reason to answer prayer, or even care about them), even though the act and effect of intervention is a possibility.  An all-perfect deity would design a system that achieves the desired outcome without the need to intervene, because some combination of free choice and probability will yield the desired outcome.
"WE" have a future -- we will go extinct as every other creature has in the evolutionary cycle.  "WE" will cease to exist, because all things known to exist eventually cease to exist -- even stars burn out or go supernova.  Thus the answer to "there are NO other possible futures for us? " is an obvious YES there is no future for us -- depending upon how far into the future you select to set the deterministic boundary.
In today's world, right now -- the world of the "End-Of-Times" televangelism Pat Robertson types -- we have their "Book of Revelation" prophecy ... which MUST be fulfill, or debunked by it's failure to come to pass, in this century.
The fun part: Using the Hebrew Calendar methodology of those who wrote the prophecy, and assuming four starting points (they made it a point not to set a starting point so as to allow the actual dates to be hidden) we can show that it has begun, that it began in 1929 and ends prior to 2070.  Given the symbolism of Babylon the great city, what if they were talking about modern Washington DC and all the prophecies required American involvement?  That yields
"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"
(eBook is FREE to  Kindle Unlimited subscribers)
Can Americans escape of modify the prophecy -- it's the story of The Monkey's Paw -- the words have meaning and interpretation ... what does it mean for a great city to "fall"?  When it comes to death Robertson etal declare their  "End-Of-Times" means total annihilation, when the prophecy says a third of life ... but predictions for global warming also say a third of life ... and the UN Population Study has the global population deceased by a third in the year 2070  (no war required).
So given this very long answer to a short query -- given that the prophecy can be fulfilled with everyone living happily and adjusting to climate change, or by having the global holocaust the Televangelist and right-wing republicans want so much, which do you want to chose?  Which will the majority chose of their own free will?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

If You Hate Socialism …

If you don't like "socialism" stop using money - treasury is government corporation, manufactures it, distributes it. All you do is decide what to do with it. But money is all government sourced for the common good... pure socialist gimmick, silly pieces of metal and paper with heads of former government leaders (or animal "deities") on it. The ultimate pagan socialist invention.

Monday, January 5, 2015

American Stupidity on the Rise

Look at this:


Supposedly this reflects whatever you want to read into it:

welfare, corporate subsidies, even Social Security – maybe National Defense? How about government paychecks?

In reality,  it is a totally asinine FoxNews Tea Party Republican logic post/statement/relationship.

Everything in you exchange goods for services or other goods, what you receive came from somebody else.  It comes from their sweat and labor – you don’t like your labor going to others?  Than don’t batter it or exchange it for the product of the labor of others.

But ALL MONEY STARTS WITH THE GOVERNMENT... so all money comes from the government ... unless you take the US Treasury out of the money printing business.

Thus this is a FoxNews quality relationship and does not reflect reality.

Americans are getting really really stupid.