Monday, September 24, 2012

Book is on Sale

Print of Saint Paul’s Joke is live and available at
Amazon and other outlets should follow soon

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Christian Problem

Christians are self-identified as unworthy of salvation, and possibly beyond redemption.

The premise of Christianity is the idea that Jesus will be their Savior; he will represent his people on Judgment Day, and they will make it past those Pearly Gates.

Their problem is their own doctrines, and Canonized Gospel:
1. When Mary is pregnant, Joseph himself acknowledges that the child is not his – thus branding Mary a fornicator and adulteress.  It doesn’t matter whose baby it is, it is not the one belonging to her fiancĂ©e/husband.
2. We are taught that Mary remained a virgin – never had sex with Joseph – which is consistent with Joseph marrying her so she would not be disgraced [again Canon Scripture], but refusing to have sex with her.
3.  Joseph has more children, by a woman named Mary; she cannot be Mary, mother-of-Jesus, because that Mary is a “Virgin”.  Or, they are also the children of the Divine Spirit.
In any event, official doctrine has no sex between Mary & Joseph, so Joseph, a good Jew, probably has another wife [in accordance with law].
SO!  Major problem: Christian hold that, and officially call, the mother of their Lawyer, and only hope for salvation, adulteress... therefore a sinner.
There’s no escaping it, it is official Christian Doctrine.

Jesus Doctrine.
They same that Jesus, like St. Paul, was celibate all his life.  Yet Gnostic Gospels talk of him kissing Mary [presumably Mary Magdalene] on the mouth.  Apparently Peter is really disturbed by such a public display in front of the Apostles.
Official Catholic, and Christian, Doctrine states that Mary Magdalene was a whore.  Therefore Jesus is kissing a whore – and not platonically.
On 18 September, news of a verified 2010 archaeological find was released: a papyrus fragment in which Jesus refers to HIS WIFE!  Now, was this wife Mary Magdalene?  Or was Jesus cheating on his wife with Mary Magdalene? 
Hum... Either Jesus was an adulterer, or his wife was a known whore.
SO!  Major problem: Christian hold that, and officially call, the wife of their Lawyer, and only hope for salvation, whore... therefore a sinner.  And therefore, not only was Jesus NOT celibate, but his wife was the community whore – way to insult your only hope of Salvation. 
There’s no escaping it, it is official Christian Doctrine.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saint Paul's Joke -- KINDLE version

Well, Saint Paul's Joke -- KINDLE version -- is live on Amazon
With that, the chapter on Saint Paul is concluded ...
Just as the Chapter on Genesis Dates, and Hebrew Calendar, was concluded with Genesis of Genesis.

Christians, especially fundamentalists, are going to hate this book – it explains why they haven’t a chance at salvation … in fact, based upon Gospels, as explicitly quoted, their outcome is exactly the opposite of Salvation, and Resurrection.  But there is still time.  The closing chapters explain the various prophecies and how they all have begun to congeal within the lifetime of Millennial Generation.

Starting Date: 21 December 2013; Ending Date is no later that November 2064, and probably as early as April 2064.

Finally, the end is in sight for all the Inquisitors and anti-Semites.  Yea!  Team!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SAINT PAUL'S JOKE new supporting evidence

This NY Times news story, 18 Sept, underscores elements in SAINT PAUL'S JOKE and begins the first stage of the book's prediction that new evidence is going to emerge:

In my book (2012) GENESIS OF GENESIS, I indicated that supporting evidence for various things would begin to emerge toward the end of the year, and in 2013.  Well, it has begun.

In this instance, we have a document in which Jesus is specifically quote as identifying Mary as his wife.  That has long reaching implications for Catholic, and Christian, Doctrines of Faith which require him to have been single and celebrate (like the Essene); it also opens the door to a broad multitude of other possibilities.

In case you haven’t heard,  I’ve arranged a rather substantial, two month, discount against the Cover Price for SAINT PAUL'S JOKE at
Pricing on SAINT PAUL'S JOKE has been set: Cover Price is $24.95, but it will be discounted 40% until December -- so until 1 December, listed price is $14.95 ... Available Saturday 22 Sept.

This discount !MAY! be carried over to other online retail distributors… but it will end on 1 December.  But given that there are those who think the world will end on 21 December – when the Mayan Calendar concludes – it doesn’t really matter … still for the rest of us, a chance to save $10 on a book anyone who believes in a Universal Spirit, or God, MUST READ, if they hope to understand what is expected of them – or wants to know what Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) expected of his followers – not something you want to miss.

Monday, September 17, 2012


SAINT PAUL'S JOKE will be available on Amazon and other online outlets Saturday 22 Sept.

Initial Buyer's will receive                        a substantial discount against Cover Price

Pricing on SAINT PAUL'S JOKE has been set: Cover Price is $24.95, but it will be discounted 40% until December -- so until 1 December, listed price is $14.95 ...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Internet Bullshit?

Facebook is posting this:


Falsehood? I Googled it and found this:

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
20 states have it as a misdemeanor, 13 have it as a felony. The other states have it as animal abuse. If you’re asking because someone took a snapshot about gay marriage being legal in 6 states but having sex with a horse is legal in 23 just say that stupid you cant legally have sex with any animal in any states. Its just how each state writes their laws.

IF THEIR ANSWER IS WRONG, POST THE NAMES OF THE STATES. The issue is too significant to be bogged down because of bullshit… we can leave that to the Heathen Evangelicals and Republican lackeys who believe the commandment reads: “do to your neighbor anything they will find hurtful if done to you.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Romney Plan for America

It isn’t any different than his plan for the Auto Industry: When the auto industry was on the brink of collapse, and Governor Romney said, ‘Let’s let Detroit go bankrupt.’

In November, we will discover how many Americans HATE America… just count the Romney-Ryan votes.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stupid, Is It REALLY the Economy?

“It’s the economy stupid!” was once a battle cry, and if we believe the implications of a recent Time Magazine article, it should be the one Romney will yell. But there is a reality which, some ten years ago, was pointed out in these pages: It’s all about demographics.

For a generation, the Baby-Boom generation has shaped our culture and economy. It said no to Viet Nam, but yes to education and Rock’n’Roll – and it also demanded an end to discrimination and sexual repression. Those who are now define the core of the Republican value system were on the other side of each of those issues; before that, their parents were on the wrong side of other issues, issues which actually helped create the Baby-Boomers.

We are now at the dawn of a new era, one in which the Baby-Boomers are beginning to retire – which has placed our economy in transition. If you hear a call for job creation, it is from those who are ignorant of, or intentionally ignore, reality. The Baby-Boomers are “jobs”, they are occupations whose slots are filled – but soon to be empty. They out number the unemployed and recent college graduates; they are, in essence, an economic factor
which made the idea of Outsourcing so attractive to so many businesses. Once the biggest portion of Baby-Boomers retire, there will be more employment opportunities than there are available applicants.

The issue of unemployment will evaporate, and we will begin a generation marked by employers seeking qualified immigrants to fill vacant slots. This is basic demographic reality. There is another reality, the traditional Republican assault on education, and educational funding – which passed the burden of a national benefit to local taxpayers – is about to have its effect. When those jobs are vacated, will we have young applicants who have the educational background needed to competently fill those positions? Well those jobs requiring intellectual training also be outsourced to China – whose cultural heritage has always, despite the brief ‘Cultural Revolution’ under Mao, prized scholars?

When you hear of Social Security going broke, or this and that program lacking funds, it is important to keep in mind the projections assume NO Immigration – because we have, at Republican behest, actively created anti-immigration policies. Of course their logic is beautiful: they want to deport 11 million, most of whom have been here over a decade and have become productive members of society, and replace them with “guest workers.” Now, if we assume al-Qaeda like groups have minimal intelligence, guess who will compose, or define, the most significant element among those “guest workers.” In the meantime, many of those Romney would deport will be leave behind American families who will be forced into the welfare system – a bi-product of removing their sole means of support. But that is precisely what the right wing voters wish to achieve – a three-fold attack: remove taxpayers, thus reduce related Social Security contributions, and finally increase AFDC costs, so as to provide fuel to attack the ‘welfare state.’

These are the same people who ran ahead of the curve in promoting, and funded at taxpayer expense, the outsourcing which transferred 10,000 Maine jobs to China. In that reality, there is an ironic element: the Republican States are the ones which suffered the largest percentage of jobs outsourced, or transferred, to China. The GOP is managed by people
who destroy their own home – the rest of us suffer when the uncontrolled, and intentionally accelerated, blaze spreads to ours.

Back before the 2000 election, I wrote that you should vote for Bush – because I wanted to see if my predictions would be as bad as I believed they would be. You voted for him, and now it is just a matter of the degree to which you are enjoying the Recession, and welcome the doubling of the National Debt. Given the Romney-Ryan position on Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, it may not be too much to ask: Well you enjoy the bodies in the streets?  The bodies of those who died for want of affordable health care.

If you are concerned with the economy, you might want to look at a recent Federal Budge Office analysis: there it shows, if we make retirement attractive, and properly fund it, the unemployment rate will plunge and the economy will soar. But if you don’t like that idea, once again I’ll suggest you vote Republican – just so I can see if things will be as bad, or worse, than I am projecting.

2012 Election – View from Maine

Back in 2008, I wrote that would “be interesting to see just how historic this year proves to be.” Well, once again America has the opportunity to make things “Interesting”; it seems to me there is a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” I wonder how many wish to dispute the fact we might be living that curse.

LePage is doing exactly what you were told he would do, and the State is suffering the way you were told it would – the cost of living, and lack of jobs for our children, is chasing people away; the Baby-Boomers are retiring and the Republicans are fielding a residential candidate who wants to cut the benefits they were promised – and paid for with forty years
plus years of the Social Security related taxes. At a time when health care is the one of the most important considerations for them, LePage, Romney, Ryan and the rest are devoting their energies to violating the contract which promised it would not be a concern.

I could be wrong, but I will predict that Americans are smart enough to elect candidates who keep Government promises – so Romney/Ryan will get about 40% to Obama’s 52%. Yes there is a margin of error of 5 points in that prediction and there is also an 8 point factor for voters who decide their lives with a toss of a coin, but Obama will get his second term. I refuse to believe America has become [that] suicidal as to turn Republican and, once more, seek to double the National Debt so that the rich can ship their resources to the Cayman Islands, or some other place where Romney already retains his assets.

There is little we can do about Governor LePage – other than elect solid, thoughtful, and intelligent people like Ann Perry to legislative positions. Granted there are those who wish to see the State destroyed, they did, after all, vote for LePage. Well, we have ten weeks until the election and less than eight until my next book, “Saint Paul’s Joke”, is released and available through Amazon and the various other online outlets. Until then, there is always “Genesis of Genesis”, which came out last May – but that is really for those who want to  understand the ages assigned the Biblical Patriarchs, why our Calendar is really the Hebrew  Calendar reset, and how that Calendar connects to Stonehenge and other great megalithic structures of Britain.

As to “Saint Paul’s Joke”, as some of you already might have heard, the Vatican requested two draft copies – which they received last July. Obviously, the book deals with the origins of Christianity and the future of the Papacy – a subject I dealt with over thirty years ago, and which allowed me to report to you the name the Pope would take ... and have in print in these pages ... fully six days before anyone was elected. But then, as you know from my  warning about electing George W. Bush, I enjoy predicting both election outcomes, and aftermaths. Let us see what the next ten weeks reveal.

Doctor Who (series 7)

This show has been going forever, but seems to have boxed itself in to a conclusion.  We already know two things:

ONE is that Dr Who dies when he is 1100 years old – and does not regenerate.  He is played by Matt Smith – so that indicates Smith is the last person who will play the Dr.

TWO is that the person who kills him is probably River Song – who died and was saved in the library computer … before the Dr. is killed.

We therefore have an interesting temporal structure developing.  We also need to discover who actually kills WHO …