Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saint Paul's Joke -- KINDLE version

Well, Saint Paul's Joke -- KINDLE version -- is live on Amazon
With that, the chapter on Saint Paul is concluded ...
Just as the Chapter on Genesis Dates, and Hebrew Calendar, was concluded with Genesis of Genesis.

Christians, especially fundamentalists, are going to hate this book – it explains why they haven’t a chance at salvation … in fact, based upon Gospels, as explicitly quoted, their outcome is exactly the opposite of Salvation, and Resurrection.  But there is still time.  The closing chapters explain the various prophecies and how they all have begun to congeal within the lifetime of Millennial Generation.

Starting Date: 21 December 2013; Ending Date is no later that November 2064, and probably as early as April 2064.

Finally, the end is in sight for all the Inquisitors and anti-Semites.  Yea!  Team!

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