Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 Election – View from Maine

Back in 2008, I wrote that would “be interesting to see just how historic this year proves to be.” Well, once again America has the opportunity to make things “Interesting”; it seems to me there is a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” I wonder how many wish to dispute the fact we might be living that curse.

LePage is doing exactly what you were told he would do, and the State is suffering the way you were told it would – the cost of living, and lack of jobs for our children, is chasing people away; the Baby-Boomers are retiring and the Republicans are fielding a residential candidate who wants to cut the benefits they were promised – and paid for with forty years
plus years of the Social Security related taxes. At a time when health care is the one of the most important considerations for them, LePage, Romney, Ryan and the rest are devoting their energies to violating the contract which promised it would not be a concern.

I could be wrong, but I will predict that Americans are smart enough to elect candidates who keep Government promises – so Romney/Ryan will get about 40% to Obama’s 52%. Yes there is a margin of error of 5 points in that prediction and there is also an 8 point factor for voters who decide their lives with a toss of a coin, but Obama will get his second term. I refuse to believe America has become [that] suicidal as to turn Republican and, once more, seek to double the National Debt so that the rich can ship their resources to the Cayman Islands, or some other place where Romney already retains his assets.

There is little we can do about Governor LePage – other than elect solid, thoughtful, and intelligent people like Ann Perry to legislative positions. Granted there are those who wish to see the State destroyed, they did, after all, vote for LePage. Well, we have ten weeks until the election and less than eight until my next book, “Saint Paul’s Joke”, is released and available through Amazon and the various other online outlets. Until then, there is always “Genesis of Genesis”, which came out last May – but that is really for those who want to  understand the ages assigned the Biblical Patriarchs, why our Calendar is really the Hebrew  Calendar reset, and how that Calendar connects to Stonehenge and other great megalithic structures of Britain.

As to “Saint Paul’s Joke”, as some of you already might have heard, the Vatican requested two draft copies – which they received last July. Obviously, the book deals with the origins of Christianity and the future of the Papacy – a subject I dealt with over thirty years ago, and which allowed me to report to you the name the Pope would take ... and have in print in these pages ... fully six days before anyone was elected. But then, as you know from my  warning about electing George W. Bush, I enjoy predicting both election outcomes, and aftermaths. Let us see what the next ten weeks reveal.

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