Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pope Francis is Fulfilling 900 year old prediction.

AH YES.  SAINT PAUL'S JOKE {22 September 2012} once again proves to have supported a correct prediction. 

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are real and God is not 'a magician with a magic wand'

As many might know, Francis became Pope on 13 March 2013.  What few know, his predecessor ordered a retirement villa prepared in September 2012 -- after the Vatican spent nearly a year reviewing multiple pre-publication copies of SAINT PAUL'S JOKE.

The book details the historic timeline of Jesus and Paul -- that is the DOCUMENTED period timeline, matched to known events that corres[pond to those described in the Biblical Story, in which they fit.

The GOSPEL TO THE GENTILES is the "Joke" on modern Christians.  Jesus told us who to look for -- the false prophets who, along with their followers, he would deny knowing, and refuse to defend on Judgment Day.  We know them as the Evangelicals and Televangelists who continually use the identified trigger phrase "In His Name".  It is required that evil self-identify; in that way its followers become personally liable for their actions.

Francis is the 266th Pope of the official sequence -- the 112th in the Prophecy of the 112 Popes.  Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, on 17 December 1936, in Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina ... Francis is the Pope who, while he travels, will witness the destruction of Rome -- probably due to a volcanic eruption which buries the city (like ancient Pompeii).

Pope Benedict XVI formally resigned on 28 February 2013 -- many hold that his historic action of retirement -- rather than death in office -- was actually an attempt to manipulate the prophecy.



Monday, December 19, 2016

"UnPresidented" -- Pun or spelling/grammar Mistake?

Of course, we cannot expect Donald to reveal anything of his private personality and tween mention of the fact the use of UNPRESIDENTED was a play on his being the next POTUS. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

OBAMA repeats what was in my 2013/14 books

Obama to Republicans: You make Trump possible

OBAMA is doing a "last Minute" pre-holiday quote and/or paraphrase of the things I have s aid for months on QUORA, in my books, and on my Blogs ...
Trump is the product of the GOP training its simpleton base (to use Hitler's phrase) to self-destruct.
This is why my test of Revelation dating in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {March 2014} -- where " Babylon the great city" was taken to be a reference to modern America & Washington -- has proved to be disgustingly accurate ... even though it was published fully 18 months before we even knew who the candidates would be (and therefore could not specifically reference the technique Donald would use).
DANG ... just wish Obama had had a copy of one of my books on the podium .

This, however, is not from the books:
It deals with Trump whining about a rigged election ... 
As we now know, he was whining just in case the Russian Rigging did not work for him.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Does America have “36 righteous men”

Trump claimed he won“one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history.” However that’s his normal braggadocio and, as usual, objectively false.  Actually, look at the past century of Electoral College results, his 57% was rather low – though it was  consistent with our research into 57 and 49, where Trump when we exclude the third party votes, received 49% of popular vote.  Over the century from 1900 to 2012, of the 29 elections 22 had wider margins.    And that’s even before statehood was granted to Hawaii and Alaska (1959) or Arizona and New Mexico (1912).  The seven which had lower margins were: 1900, 1916, 1948, 1960, 1976 and 2000.
In terms of playing with numbers, the 19-year Metonic Cycle is related to 57 (3x19), and 49 is the 7-squared, the mystics in the population could do an “OH WOW” when they realize the Electoral College meets on 19 December to cast the ballots which actually declare the winner of the presidency.
Only the District of Columbia and 29 states require, by law, that their electors to cast their ballots consistent with the popular vote.  In the other 21 states and American Territories, Electors are charged with acting according to the Constitutional intent behind their creation.  The simple act of abstention could deny a candidate  the 270 vote plurality needed to become POTUS.
There is a Jewish tradition which says that in every age, there are “36 righteous men” (Lamed Vav Zaddikim) appear in times of turmoil or danger and exercise the ‘mystical power’ which will save the chosen people.  Were they to be among the electors and know, or simply believe, their vote must be withheld, they would reduce Trump to the lowest margin in history – and leave him with exactly the 270 votes necessary for him to become POTUS, but without an electoral mandate to justify his platform or Cabinet nominees.
Would their vote create a Constitutional Crisis?  Clearly, given he would have the 270 votes necessary, Trump would be the victor -- one who lost the popular vote by 2. 6 million ballots and therefore has no mandate and scant credibility as a leader ... much less as the "Leader of the Free World".
Were he denied a critical 37th vote, he would be a loser and the nation would have no POTUS-elect.
Would it then fall to the Republican Controlled Congress to decide upon the winner when the Republican lost the popular vote should be the President?
Would the winner, or governing political party, have any credibility if appointed by his own party after losing the popular vote?
Russia skews the election toward 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Donald Trump just sold America out to the Saudi Muslims.

The Rachel Maddow Show did an  interesting piece on Trump's boast of bringing 50,000 jobs to America.  Seems United States Security -- about a decade from  now -- will be in great danger.  And he hasn't been formally elected by the Electorial College voters -- YET!
If Maddow is correct, the Japanese firm SoftBank represents Saudi investors.  That is, Muslim Islamic money is being invited into America, at the same time Trump is spitting out a lot of anti-Muslim refugee rhetoric.
But, as contradictory as that might be to some, the real problem comes when we realize that Softbank OWNS the telecommunications giant SPIRIT.  And Sprint wants to take over T-MOBIL.
Hey, say what -- who cares?  Right?
Telecommunications that are owned by Saudis controlling the  network across which all cellphone traffic goes -- plus anything internet that is on a Smartphone.   The Saudis pushed (bribed) George HW Bush into attacking Saddam Hussein when Hussein moved on Kuwait; they bribed George W into declaring Osama Bin Laden (whose brother was W's Oil partner and closely related to Sadis Royal House) irrelevant to the "War on Terror" -- even though Bin Laden planned 9/11 and was the leader of al Qaeda.  
Now, thanks to Donald John Trump, the Saudis will be in a position to capture and scan ALL CELLPHONE COMMUNICATIONS.  No warrant needed -- they control the airwaves.  
Imagine what happens if a Saudis backed group becomes a formally recognized Middle Eastern governmental entity (an Islamic State in a recognized form).
 How easy would it be for them to spy on America via anything that goes through the air (as almost all our communications does) via one of their satellite uplinks or cell tower networks?
Donald is now boasting of giving the ability to openly create and install the necessary technology.
Why put off for a decade?  Actually, it is a long-game and the kickoff could be as soon as 2022, or as far out as the War of 2033  which the Evangelicals have been waiting and praying for. But that evangelical fun is mysticism and Biblical Prophecy  or the type spoke of in ...   

And related to the tested prediction -- which has now proved accurate to the point that Trump even took a variation of the key phrase as his slogan -- as presented in ...
Oh the fun ... and more to come.

Friday, December 2, 2016

NBC Suppresses NEWS AND TRUTH by suppressing The Apprentice Footage Of Trump Degrading Women

NBC Suppresses NEWS AND TRUTH by suppressing tapes of Donald TRUMP Degrading Women on The Apprentice.  They have the footage of Trump mouthing off.

At least, it appears the are suppressing valid news -- or so it appears on 7 October 2016.
Last Monday, the Associated Press published a story about Trump's TV show -- The Apprentice.  Having spoken with nearly two dozen crew members and producers and former contestants from The Apprentice, the Associated Press got a few of them on record with their full names, while others spoke only on the condition of anonymity (a matter of not violating  standard Trump nondisclosure agreements used routinely to conceal his dishonesty by concealing instances when he actually slips and is honest those exposing his own lies and frauds)
Not that it matters -- Republicans investment stuff and lie, while the AP makes sure to get its facts straight.
It appears NBC has Donald ON TAPE.
Given that he is running for POTUS office, the people have a right to know what those tapes show -- but NBC seems to want to conceal the Truth ... are they also telling lies about Clinton, which would mean they are telling lies to their viewers.
What kind of network lies to its viewers?
Who are they ??? FOXNEWS ??? have they become a similar right-wing organization seeking THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.
Are they seeking the destruction of the American economy, the denial of healthcare to Citizens/taxpayers?

Well, we are on track to prophesy fulfillment.

Trump lives "The Mouse That Roared" to become POTUS-Elect {President-elect}

KAL almost got it right -- it wasn't "what was I thinking" instead it was "I underestimated the stupidity and laziness of voters"
But what can you do? It takes so much space to have him say it was a con and Hillary was supposed to win by a narrow margin -- so he could make money off the new name-brand recognition and status as POTUS candidate.
POOR DONALD he proved to be too good a salesman and that screwed him...

He's living the problem depicted in "The Mouse That Roared"... sometimes the obvious loser wins.

He should have paid closer attention to the prediction in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {March 2014}.  Instead, he simply based his slogan on the key to the prediction timeline location:  "Make America Great Again" = "Make the America-Babylon Great Again" = People will say "Babylon the great city has fallen"

Take solace thou poor Hitler-Republican Simpletons, you are fulfilling the Revelation Prophecy of your own destruction and death -- only you are so much of a simpleton that you don't realize it.   Even when you have been TOLD in accordance with both Prophecy and Talmudic Law.