Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump lives "The Mouse That Roared" to become POTUS-Elect {President-elect}

KAL almost got it right -- it wasn't "what was I thinking" instead it was "I underestimated the stupidity and laziness of voters"
But what can you do? It takes so much space to have him say it was a con and Hillary was supposed to win by a narrow margin -- so he could make money off the new name-brand recognition and status as POTUS candidate.
POOR DONALD he proved to be too good a salesman and that screwed him...

He's living the problem depicted in "The Mouse That Roared"... sometimes the obvious loser wins.

He should have paid closer attention to the prediction in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {March 2014}.  Instead, he simply based his slogan on the key to the prediction timeline location:  "Make America Great Again" = "Make the America-Babylon Great Again" = People will say "Babylon the great city has fallen"

Take solace thou poor Hitler-Republican Simpletons, you are fulfilling the Revelation Prophecy of your own destruction and death -- only you are so much of a simpleton that you don't realize it.   Even when you have been TOLD in accordance with both Prophecy and Talmudic Law.   

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