Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why The Elections went to GOP

There was a saying in the 60’s:

“To hold a man down in the mud, you need to get in the mud with him.”

Why did the GOP win?  Why the Tea Party?

America might have wanted a Black President – beat the alternative with Palin as VP  and a heartbeat away …

But does America want a Black Man – technically a Malato with an IQ vastly higher that that of the electorate - to achieve historic greatness?  Obviously NOT! 

To bring him down, to ensure he has no noteworthy legacy, they saddled him with GOP idiots.  They made sure that he would need to deal with those who promote “The Most Harm to the Most People”.  Of course, maybe they just wanted a man of genius to put them in their place – I hope that is true.  The alternative is that the average closet racist forgot the lesson of the 60’s – they forgot that, before they could ruin his place in history, they would need to get up to their necks in the mud of economic disaster.

They forgot – or didn’t care – that the economic woes, the mud of economic disaster, was the doubled deficit of the Reagan GOP, and the redoubled deficit of the Bush years.  FOUR TIMES the necessary deficit – and for what?  A lot of dead Arab  women and children, the destruction of nations, and the empowerment of Al Qaeda – who’s leader Bush declared irrelevant in the imaginary war on terror. 

REALITY CHECK: There has been no more “terrorist” activity (domestic bombings by those who hate government institutions) in the past decade than there has been in any single decade within any generation.  The turban on the head, the Weatherman, Oklahoma, Waco – how many murders killing woman & children?  Are they less the terrorist murder because they wear an FBI, CIA, or Whitehouse jacket?  Especially GOP lined jackets.

“The Most Harm to the Most People”

Are you ready for a nation gone?

  That’s what YOUR Representatives want.

Monday, February 14, 2011

More on Right-wing Idiots

Watching “The Collector”

A somewhat idiotic Canadian Drama about a soul collector for Satan who gets permission to try to save the souls of his clients during their last 48 hours on earth.  The problem is the premise and its target audience ... you need to wonder how it survived three seasons on City TV Vancouver, City TV Toronto, AXN/Fantasy (Sky), Canal Z Quebec, City TV Alberta, and City TV Manitoba.  But then, Canadian TV also produced “Da Vinci's Inquest” – which ran seven years, but was no where near as bad.  However, there does seem to be a downward spiral represented by these two shows. Obviously the level of Canadian creative mentality leaves something to be desired.

Have you ever taken the time to THINK about beliefs?  Especially the “catholic (universal)” beliefs that involve a Heaven and Hell – reward and punishment – in a universe created on freewill within the context of survival of the fittest (meaning whatever is most appropriate for both the prevailing, and successor, environmental conditions).  Or do you simply accept the bullshit of Dogmatic – Dogma based – organized western religion?

Guess I’ll need to make it easy for those mindless ones:
1.  Start with a Deity, a God, “The Name” – or, as referred to in Jewish, HaShem.  By definition all things must start somewhere and that place is defined as “God the Creator.”  In ancient religions, this is deemed to be the self-created entity who creates all other things – but, itself, has no creator.  It is the ultimate logical, rational, intuitive and deductive conclusion: The Deity worth referencing is, within our limited abilities, both eternal and self-created.
2.  We can take as a “GIVEN” that all things have a stating point and therefore any who deny the definition, or identifier, associated with that starting point are either irrational, or simply idiots.  If they wish to dispute that point, they need only explain the absolute beginning of all things – without utilizing the definition associated with the “Creator Deity.”

Here it is in a nutshell:
If we are the product of an all-knowing deity, than that deity knows the outcome of our choices.  It does not need to interfere, punish, or reward.  If it is all-powerful, than, by definition, nothing can do anything without its express permission.  That permission is “express” because the deity is all-knowing – and would know beforehand of the intended action and so decide to either allow it, or stop it.

Since the entity is also defined as “perfect” and having “perfect knowledge” – the basic design of the universe was perfect and everything which transpires within it is also a perfect part of the ultimate design and the intended outcome.

If we look at the freewill options available in the context of possible multiple universes which reflect each and every choice being selected, the result is that there are infinite choices and they will, of necessity, create choices that are equal and opposite to “bad choices”.  That is, bad choices create paths which are, ultimately, negated by other choices – no need for eternal punishment for something that has no eternal effect on the desired outcome purpose.

If you consider a perfect (man-made) design (arches, bridges, tunnels, etc):
All forces either combine to achieve the ultimate purpose, or they cancel themselves, or are canceled by other design elements.  We live in a universe where Newton’s Laws apply: ex. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Things at rest, or in motion, continue until acted upon by an external force.

In a perfect design there are no forces which do not serve a purpose – and there is no wasted energy.  What UNIVERSAL DESIGN purpose does the waste associated with eternal reward or damnation serve?  UNIVERSAL DESIGN PERFECTION WITHOUT WASTE.  To have a Hell, the ORIGINAL intent must have been to make those specific creations who suffer, suffer.  To have a Heaven, the ORIGINAL intent must have been to make those specific creations who enjoy, enjoy.  Keep in mind – we are dealing with an all-knowing perfect entity.  The Creator knows who will be where – regardless of the route they take to get there.

If we consider ourselves just elements of the outcome, than our choice makes sense.  Does the blacksmith, forging a piece of iron is to a fine steel sword, really care which atoms are lost to sparks and which to the final blade?  Or is the goal to have the most perfect blade?   Effectively, the blacksmith gives each atom free choice as to be where it is – first when it moves as raw ore in the mining, then again during the smelting, and finally as the atoms become excited by the flames and move to be struck by the hammer – or escape as the sparks to become waste on the floor.

There is no Heaven or Hell – there is only the final perfect outcome and the rules that allow us to get there.  Programs like The Collector are premised on stupidity – the idea that the creator is an idiot who has no idea of what the outcome will be; who has designed a system in which is less than the self-correcting systems any competent engineer could, and does, design.  The Collector, (and the rest of that genre) is premised on the Catholic idea of an idiotic and incompetent Creator – one who has no idea what the outcome will be and so has constantly to interfere (or take advice in the form of response to prayers for action) with the course the design takes.

About the only cheerful thing involved in modern belief system – that idiot DNA, the DNA of those who believe in an inefficient universe, and attribute its design to an incompetent Creator, will be eliminated from the final gene pool.  Who knows, maybe humanity will be eliminated – maybe humanity is only a tool, the hammer, to shape the final universe, or the ore which will be mined.  But, for now, the only certainty is that those who believe in a Heaven & Hell believe in an idiotic deity – it shows in their theology ... it shows in their statements whose premise relies upon asserting the need for lessor deities with the power to alter the design in ways that contractdict the ultimate purpose of the overall design..  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vanessa Williams Ancestry

If you saw the “Who do you think you are” (4 Feb 2011) story about Vanessa Williams, you might be interested in this unmentioned “coincidence”.

Here is an interesting development:  After viewing the show I got curious and went to and did some research.  The 1870 Census which was identified as revealing her ancestor, David Carle (or Carll) identified him as millatto and his wife, Lousia, as white.

I got curious about her family – which was not disclosed – and looked for possible marriages and other connections.  I could not find David Carll (Carle) prior to the Civil War – but the family next door was named APPLEFORD  and the had a daughter with the same name, Louisa, as David’s wife.  Also next door was a Peter Carle – who was Black. 

Interesting fact: Peter was IRISH.  Yep, he was a Black Irish immigrant who appears to have arrived in the USA when he was 16. Here is a sample of the data:

venessa williams ancestor

We have the record Census and Civil War records as they were shown on “Who do you think you are”, and the interesting coincidence of names … Note too the property value is $200 – the amount paid from the enlistment bonus.  My guess, a reexamination of the sales documents and prior titles would show that David bought a section of the property which was owned by his father-in-law – or, more probably, from his widowed mother-in-law “Freelove Appleford”.  And, as a boatman, was working with his brother-in-law, George W Appleford.

As for there being an Irish-African:  Keep in mind that African troops first entered the British Isles with the Roman Legions.   

Friday, February 4, 2011

From BBC News 4 February 2011

Climate mass migration fears 'unfounded'

By Roger Harrabin Environment analyst, BBC News

“Environmentalists would point out that internal migration also presents huge challenges to nations, and that the world has not begun to see the sort of potentially catastrophic changes envisaged under the more extreme scenarios of climate change.”

“UNFOUNDED” and yet the reality has yet to be addressed.

Florida is at sea level.  Many of it highest points above sea level are exceeded by the height of its average resident.  A two meter rise in sea levels near the equator would permanently submerge the average Florida community.  New Orleans faces a similar problem … as do many cities … New York is a great example.  Its buildings might survive … but the subways would become sea water conduits and all the utilities would be a minimum of three meters below sea level.

Fortunately, the Republican Party has declared Global Warming and Climate Change to be a myth … and they are in control of the situation.

Don’t you love how their “THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE” doctrine plays out over time.  Deny and ignore … then hope that the other guy is both in power, and has his hands tied, when it all hits the fan.


it’s your life – support it.

MEDIA IDIOTS report on Idiot Economists


Breaking News Alert: U.S. unemployment rate drops to 9 percent February 4, 2011 8:45:15 AM

“U.S. job creation came nearly to a halt in January, yet the unemployment rate plummeted to 9 percent, according to a new report that gives a muddled picture of the state of the labor market.”


Now this is why the nation is a mess.  The idiots behind major media sources have no grasp on demographics.  They should have read my earlier blogs … the ones saying the unemployment rate was bogus and distorted by the baby-boomers who will be counted as unemployed while making the decision for, or awaiting, retirement.

The baby-boom has distorted conventional wisdom and statistics.  To strengthen the economy, the government needs to increase medical coverage and benefits to those on Social Security.

Every dollar of disposable Social Security will be spent – !DUH!  the retired do not save for their retirement, they accumulate for the next big-ticket purchase, or they spend spend spend.

They spend on small things – like meals at the mom&pop restaurant down the block, gifts for grandkids, small and major stuff to make their lives more relaxing, and hobbies or pass-times,  Every dollar goes into local economies and circulates seven to ten times among the taxpaying providers.  That yields seven to ten taxable dollars … and you only need an effective 14% tax rate to get the dollar back into the Federal kitty … that doesn’t count the 8-12% that gets paid into those taxpayer’s Social Security account.  Basically the workers servicing the retired pay the benefits to the retired and underwrite the Federal spending as well …

Ain’t the math of economics weird?

“Something for nothing and the chicks are free.”

But journalists and the old line economy economists aren’t bright enough to get it.