Thursday, July 26, 2007

‘Osmosis Effect’ Obesity is contagious

Date Line July 26, 2007

Well, a new Harvard Study. Why is it always a Harvard Study that makes the news, and important pronouncements? Don’t you wish your kids went there; went where all the intelligent people seem to be?

Anywho, the news appears to be that Obesity can spread from person to person, much like a virus. Seems wise to pick thin friend, or hand with those who do not gain weight.

The study was just published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and covers twelve thousand people over a period of thirty-two years; no question it has the data to support the finding.

Not that the finding should come as a surprise. Not when considered it in terms of other ‘osmosis’ effects which are well documented. OK, the term ‘Osmosis Effect’ is mine; at least I think I just coined it.

‘Osmosis Effect’ is not mentioned in the study, or any other studies I am aware of; but it is a good term. When women live together is close proximity, or are close friends, they tend to bring their menstrual cycles into synchronicity; they bleed together.

The ‘Osmosis Effect’ for obesity is fifty-seven percent. The ‘Osmosis Effect’ for close friends, even when separated by great distances, is one hundred seventy-one percent. If that dear friend in California gets fat, it will not save you to be in New York; you’ll gain weight.

Interestingly, the reverse is also true. Let a close friend lose weight and you will find your own weight falling. The researchers refer to this as a form of ‘social cognition’ which, by their hypothesis, is based on psychological changes toward acceptance and rejection of excess weight. I prefer my ‘Osmosis Effect.’

What has this new study shown? Well, we know of husbands who experience sympathetic pregnancy along with the real pregnancy of their wife. We know of the menstrual synchronicity changes. How can we examine these? How can we explain them? ‘Osmosis Effect.’

What would be interesting is to see what factors can be controlled. For example, Downeast Maine women are known for their obesity, for, as the joke goes, being shade in the summer and warmth in the winter.

Just imagine what would happen if a community, or a county, were used for a study on weight control. Would the friendship networks reveal themselves in random weight changes experienced by the study participants? How could such a study be structured?

America is an obese nation. Did that have an effect on the study? Is it just a matter of normal aging and the generally poor diet of Americans; a diet which has gotten seriously worse of the period of the study?

Are we moving in a direction where we see without seeing? Where the causal effects are not associated with the constraints of our studies?

Or are we headed towards recognizing the broad implications of the ‘Osmosis Effect’? That we tend to drift into a common attitude and behavioral pattern which evidences itself in our physiology and quite possibly in our psychology?

Obviously I am a believer in the ‘Osmosis Effect’ and that of an imposed behavioral shift which has resulted in the acceptance of George W Bush and the Right-wing Evangelical nonsense which threatens to destroy this nation. Ah the humour of it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Islam is for killers

Date Line July 25, 2007

Why am I not a great writer? For starters, I cannot write. But, let us be a little real, most writers cannot write worth a damned.

Why am I not a great writer? Could it be because I always seem to want to cheer the bad guys?

Take today as an example, as if I haven’t gone there before in earlier blogs, take Bagdad “football.” OK Soccer to Americans, but football nonetheless.

Seems people go to soccer matches to kill other people. It has to be the world champ in spectator violence. Why would anyone be surprised that a Islamist suicide bomber would use the Asia Cup as an excuse to kill other Islamists?

Hasn’t anyone gotten the message? This terrorist crap is just an excuse for idiot, ignorant, Arabs to kill each other and themselves. It seems that some brain told them they get to heaven by killing innocent people in the name of Allah.

OH RIGHT! It has to do with infidels and all that rot! Bet you that’s the real reason why George sent our guys and gals over there, to give the Islamists an excuse to kill each other. That is, aside from the fact that Osama Bin laden said it was what he wanted George to do.

Fifty innocent people killed. Why? Because they went to a football game; oh right, soccer match.

Look! Let us get this message out there! Let us get a clear statement of reality! Arabs are idiots who happen to be sitting on oil. They have never contributed anything; but are fast to take credit, however minor, for things that intelligent people did in the middle east before the jerks immigrated from Africa.

These jerks just go around killing each other and believing it will get them into Arab heaven with a flock of virgins. Virgins who, will either retain their virginity or turn into a passel of nagging crones belittling the jerk who killed himself so he could claim their virginity.

Arabs are idiots! They are crazy! They deserve to be locked up in some mental institution.

Think about it. Look at Israel and the Palestinians. What Palestinian has done anything over the past sixty years be cry about having to move twenty-five or so miles north. In America it would be called moving to the suburbs.

Of course, those who move to the suburbs have intellectual or social skills which afford them the opportunity to live well. The Palestinians appear to be mental deficients who devote their time and energy to seeing how they can make their lives worse.

What Palestinian has built a nice home? We are, after all, talking of two generations beyond the one which made the initial move. We must recall that for most, the move was also one of choice.

Jews came to the United States, were tested around 1900, and found to have IQs which qualified them as retarded. The next generation tested as normal and became professionals. The generation after that were accused of owning the world.

In three generations even the retarded can produce children who are brilliant and powerful; that is, unless they are Palestinian Arabs. In that case, the best they can home to achieve is a death by suicide, or at the hands of a suicide.

Look at this middle east stuff. They are actively chasing away anyone who might be productive. If you can improve the lot of the Arab people ... OH NOT QUESTION! If you can improve the lot of the arab people, you are the kind of Arab who must be killed or chased away.

Islam is a great religion. Like Western Christianity of centuries past, it prides its on killing people. Cut their heads off, murder them as they shop, or cheer the national team to victory. Islam is a great religion ... if you are a murderous or suicidal idiot. Any evidence to the contrary?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beauties of Belief Structures

Date Line July 17, 2007

It is one of the beauties of belief structures, they all, eventually, predict their own demise in favor of a new age ... one which will emerged after the current belief structure plays out under the weight of new facts ... belief is the realm that is one step past the limits of understanding within the physical/mental world.

Christianity is based on a teaching in Judaic thought which predicted a messiah who would come to fulfill the laws and prophecies. In turn, Christianity has the Revelation, which predicted a thousand years and then a period of judgment followed by a new kingdom.

The thousand years began with the first real pope and the identification of the Christian age as being above the kings. It ended when it was recognized to be a realm of corruption.

We can pick the ending dates, the start of the period of judgment; but we must put it back in time.

It most certainly existed for Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales.

It most certainly existed with Martin Luther and the nailing of the parchment to the church door.

It most certainly existed when the new world was found, occupied, corrupted, and in the end recreated, by the Europeans.

Pick a starting date, and you can select the events of the ending date.

For Christians today, the evangelicals who we know from their actions to be fools and hypocrites, the age of judgment has yet to come; they do not realize that we are, by any impersonal objective evaluation, in it. This two can last a thousand years; what we are told is a divine day.

A day in heaven, a thousand years on earth. An hour in heave? Is that just forty-one, or forty-two, years; is that the age of man judgment? Is it possible we are judged on, or within, the first forty years of our life?

Each day, each night, in the Brahmin tradition, is a thousand divine years long. A hard concept to get ones mind around.

When did that come into being? It was reported in Christianity; not in the Judea texts, as the reverse of the Brahmin.

For Brahma, a divine year is twelve thousand years of man. For a Day of Brahma twelve million years of human growth is seen; for a night of Brahma twelve million years of reabsorption.

Time concepts for creation between divine and human? Does any of that matter within the realm of beliefs? Do we care about food in our stomachs and shelter from the elements? Or do we care about the lives of the divinities we have invented?

We have invented. We have invented! We have invented? Have we really invented these deities, or have they invented and informed us? If the latter, why?

Could it be that birth, death, rebirth, are the very same process the deities experience? Could it be? Is it possible? Could we be the fetus from which the deity will emerge? Can that be the true meaning of life?

Is it possible? The impulse is to reject it. We, the mighty human race which is destined to stand with the divine, we are only a fetus?

We are in fact only the divine? We are the supreme deity reproducing itself after it died giving us conception?

We are the true immortals who are working so hard, so diligently, to destroy ourselves? To destroy our environment? To what?

To What? To destroy the womb which will give us divine life?

Are we a cancer in the divine fetus? Is that what we are and shall we, as such, be destroyed by natures immune system? Our planet can vanish without its absence being noted.

How significant, or insignificant, are we really? Are we the center of the universe? Do the stars revolve around us? Is this speck of matter of all that importance when seen in the larger context?

How important are any who destroy themselves in the name of belief?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Shreknangst as incarnation of Shiva

Date Line July 12, 2007

As the search, the quest, continues, it is both depressing and elating to find that there are footprints on the path ahead, and alongside. These wondrous markers are cited on the internet, and incorporated in these words:

Flavious Josephus said in his History of the Jews: "These Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calani."

Megasthenes, sent to India by Seleucus Nicator, also said that the Jews were called "Kalani" and that they were an Indian tribe.

Clearchus of Soli said: "The Jews descend from the philosophers of India. The philosophers are called in India Calanians and in Syria Jews. The name of their capital is very difficult to pronounce. It is called Jerusalem."

The Indian Abraham (A-Brahma) suggests Brahmin whose consort and sister was named Saraisvati; in the Biblical Sarai or Sarah.

It is a stretch; and yet it finds the reality which associates the Chenchu with an ancestor who was the Hindu deity Shiva, and whose DNA has both the J2 and R1a1 Haplogroup; and not at all akin to any haplotype which we can assert to be native Indian.

The Brahmin are of Northern India; a priestly warrior class, or caste, which is associated with the Indus Valley; but carry markers associated with two tribes: the Middle Eastern J2, and the R1a1 of Central Asia.

Our problem, the problem associated with the sources cited above, is the dates of those sources. They are simply too recent. At the same time, the Hittite Laws and Rig Veda of 1500 BCE argue that there was a commonality of teachings in the period of Abraham.

Then too there is the Egyptian connection, the biblical assertion that both Pharaoh and Abraham shared a common deity and laws related to the taking of a man’s wife. And too, there is the circumcision issue to contend with; and why, in the time of Herodotus, only the Egyptian and the people of Colchis (by the Caucasus mountains along the Black Sea) near the Anatolia location of Eden’s rivers and Mount Ararat.

Connection upon connection. How ancient are the people of the book and the people of wisdom. How ancient those who prize wisdom, knowledge and understanding in a world which favors superstition?

“Path of the Serpent”, a poor work which traced the history of the world by the appearance of the serpent as a figure of devotion, first in the Cromagnum caves of Europe, and later across the world, has a cousin here. Mahadeva, the incarnation of Shiva from whom the Chenchu claim their descent, is represented with a snake entwined around his neck. What power has a serpent that it is to be feared?

Shiva is depicted seated upon a lion skin, his available trident, a cow at his back. How much does such a depiction invoke the drinking of milk, the power over both the sea and beasts of the land; how much does it depict the authority of the Aryan, the Scythian, those for whom there were no territorial limits?

Fumbling around with facts and thoughts.

Where do they go? There is not sufficient data to really make the trip back through time.

We know what exists for test now. We have origin hypothesis based upon apparent groupings. We know, or think we know, many things; but what of the ancient graves; what of the bodies cremated; what of the bodies placed out for the vultures, the sky-gods, to devour?

What of all that we do not have?

We see research which returns the mtDNA of history, we can argue this body connected to that mother and so to that father; but what do we know of the men?

The quest for the deities of yore, the quest for the source of ...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Evolution is Biblical

Date Line July 4, 2007

How do we rationalize, or reconcile, scripture and evolution? Why would we want to? It is so much easier to denounce the stupidity of Creationists as their Evangelical leaders lead the nation, and the world, into the deep abyss of global disorder.

Terrorism can be a joke, acting out by those same insane classes of individuals who believe, even insist upon, Armageddon and ignorance as guiding forces of world culture. Fundamentalists, Christian or Islamist, are people who worship irrationality and deny reality.

However, today we wish to reconcile the presentation of facts, and see if it is possible that they were gotten right, or wrong, within the context of what we now know to be the process of universal evolution.

We turn to Genesis and we are confronted with evolution. Beginning with an entity, a starting point, there is a word, a noise, which yields in the proper sequence the evolutionary structure that contains, and lead to, the creation of the earth.

We read and see right up to the point where humanity is born. Before the birth of man, there is no real time; there is no framework for time as we know it.

Here is where the fundamentalists make their first mistake; they insist that a day, based on revolutions around the sun, be the unit of measure when discussing movement relative to the center of creation. That is, they continue the mediaeval concept of the Earth as the center of the Universe. Talk about the denial of reality.

Once man is born, there is the man of beasts; we are specifically told that his companions are beasts. Creatures of X and Y chromosomes, one of who is primate, know only each other.

Then, during the universe day in which man appears, man sleeps and awakens to a mate. She has double X chromosomes and, clearly, from a genetic science viewpoint, could only have evolved from man.

Shall we fault the writers for believing surgery was the source?

Woman, these creatures of hunter-gatherer tribes, must determine that which is poison from that which is not. One plant, which apparently belonged to a class of plants that was known to be poisonous, existed.

Now the man acted out of custom and “common wisdom” style belief. Woman, read the signs. She observed other creatures eating of parts of the plant; and doing so without harm to themselves.

Humanity evidences a universal insistence on conformity. Humanity, or shall we say men, insist on regimentation of both mind and body. It is nonconformist to challenge established wisdom; nonconformity is a sin which leads to certain death. To foolish men, it is original sin.

Fundamentalists thrive on conformity to the point of suicidal stupidity. Fundamentalists lack “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding”; they lack what scripture declares “three parts of the spirit of God”.

Shall we conform to the point of our own death?

Energy, Nuclear or fossil, pollutes for generations; shall we conform to the insistence of fundamentalists like (Bush or Bin Laden followers) that we promote these energy sources and give them special economic support? Unlike a fruit of Eve fame, if you do so, you will surely die.

The poison fruit proved to be the “Tree of Knowledge.” Humanity did not die, but neither did it continue a life of animal ignorance and blind drives toward reproduction. Humanity could control its own future.

Marriage laws, evolution controlled by custom. Read the laws, understand that they not only believed in evolution, but had learned to master its primary tool; it introduced, to humans, selective breeding.

The peak of the breeding chain was the rabbinical, the priestly scholar who was to be supported; the goal which was to be attained, the master of knowledge, basin of wisdom and understanding.

Biblically, the Levites were the nobility warriors and priests. All other tribes were menial workers and support who provided a source of worthy genetic diversity.

Those who were scholars within a base tribe could marry into the class of leadership (early Brahmin and Levite). Due to limited numbers, most of the time, the new arrivals would “Daughter Out.”

Gender based genetic markers for new male lines would eventually lead to all daughters; the male marker, the yDNA would vanish into a sea of mtDNA; they would “Daughter Out” and quickly learn the importance of having sons.

Evolution, every step of it, permeates the scriptures and cultures which gave those scriptures to us. The calendar of these cultures begins with the wisdom; the self-realization, that came with Levant Farming .