Thursday, February 11, 2010

GOP Survey

If you want an example of survey bias, check your mailbox for a Republican National Committee survey mailed in mid February.

1. GOP obviously favors private insurers denying care for which you paid for when you purchased your health care insurance -- so they are opposing the system which will abolish that abuse.

2. GOP wants the usury exhibited by sudo-banks and their credit cards to continue. They would like Americans to pay exorbitant interest and credit charges, support ponzi scams and pyramid debit structures ... then bailout those who engage in such practices before allowing them to begin again.

3. In general, the biased wording in the survey -- which effectively makes false charges that Democrats are engaged in promoting activities which were the natural by-product of GOP policies and legislation.

Have fun filling out the survey ... make sure to return it (they pay the postage)... and point out just how un-American the survey sponsors are ...

This nation is doomed ... the GOP is being rewarded for defrauding you and instituting the current recession ... which you will see foretold in previous posts here (many dating back to the very beginning of this blog.


Republicans now back the planned WELLPOINT 39 percent rate increase for some California customers. Imagine a family hit by the recession and struggling to pay $600 per month in premiums -- so that they will at least have medical coverage -- will soon need to pay $840. Where will the $240 come from? What meals will be cut? Will they need to turn off their furnace? What will they need to give up so that greedy insurance executives can get multi-million dollar bonuses and extensive perks?

Well that family get better coverage? Or will WELLPOINT hire another agent whose sole function is to find excuses to deny coverage until the individual becomes critical and dies?

This is the Republican Party at its finest. Their sole doctrine and philosophy -- after they lie about fiscal conservatism while doubling the national debt -- is to seek to inflict the MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.

Of course, the fun thing is: The people will elect them because they want to be harmed ... but aren't quite as obviously suicidal as those who join the Islamic suicide bombers ... doesn't matter ... they will die slower, but they will die and the Republicans will cheer (all the way to the bank).