Saturday, June 30, 2007

Which Body in Spacetime?

Date Line June 30, 2007

Einstein, Spacetime, the quest for a unified field theory, or shall we quest for a unified creation theory?

In a mind experiment, Einstein envisioned spacetime as a sphere upon which the surface inhabitants had no up or down dimension. This was a structure which allowed the prediction of a Black Hole, and defined infinity in terms of a finite realm.

Now consider religious structures, including reincarnation, in terms of Einstein’s spacetime construct.

As each entity reincarnates as a different life form, or incarnation of a recently deceased (ala Dali Lama and Buddhist monks), it enters upon either a new path or a continuation of an established one.

Leaving aside discussion of continuation along a single path around the spacetime sphere; one which leads back to the beginning point, and is thus an infinite circle consistent with Buddhist and Hindu belief.

Let us consider the changing of a path, or a modest deviation from a previous life path. Of necessity, as that new path travels the sphere it will cross the old at some points. The overlap might even be sufficiently close as to effectively coincide (at the margins) for a brief span. We can define brief span as a lifetime, and allow recognized contact as presenting itself as shadows of things to come.

At such times, under such conditions, the more enlightened soul would be able to see, and express their seeing of, the previously traveled path. The future of the old line would then parallel, or approximate, the new line as it traverses the adjoining surface area of the spacetime shere.

In effect, the reincarnated entity would know the future because it was their past in the earlier lifetime represented by the adjoining path being touched.

Obviously, proximity allows for strong similarities in possibilities and outcomes. To picture this, imagine two people walking a dirt road. One might trip on a stone, while the foot of the other might fall next to it. Similarly, one might see a stone and comment on it before the other actually has the opportunity to trip over it.

Prediction, prophecy, foresight, is little more than observing another’s path from the vantage point of a place slightly to the side of their line of travel; or from the vantage point of a view they do not have. Yet both would be knowledgeable of the same pathway, and there is no “magic” to it.

The key element, given that Theory of General Relativity is correct, and that quantum physics has a joining point withing the realm of the constants which define the orders of magnitude, precognition is nothing more, or less, than an observer’s previous experience, under roughly identical circumstances, being expressed knowingly.

When we pass, when our reincarnated selves cross, a point we have crossed before, we each have a sense of deja vu. But, it is only when we cross a spacetime continuum we have previously lived, while traversing on which is closely related, or briefly parallel to, that prior incarnation.

The delight of this metaphysical version of Einstein’s Relativity is that it can be seen in the predictive forces we experience daily. We each have a time when “we know” something is going to happen. We have a feel, and when we change of behavior to accommodate that feeling, we will speak for days, months, or even years of it, providing that feeling proves demonstrably correct.

Of course, doubters will assert the changes do to a feeling which they assert “proved” to be wrong. Of course, they do not know who else had a similar feeling upon which they too acted; nor can they assert that the act of altering their plans was not sufficient to alter the even.

How is that possible? The person who feels a plane will crash, so does not board it; that person changed the weight of the plane; certainly altered the stress patterns at the quantum level; and so altered factors which might have been responsible for the foreseen crash.

Hence they actually prevented the crash and saved all the related lives which would have otherwise been lost. The beauty? They will never know for sure. We only know that which is not altered by the very act of our observing them; that is the only truth we have.

Spacetime physics becomes metaphysics, and validates some religious beliefs at the cost of others. Yet, it also validates, or could be held to validate, those which were seemingly invalidated.

A Buddhist reincarnates, Jesus resurrects, the difference? Only the existence of a woman and a birth canal. Why different over same?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ethanol Deception - Bush Consistent

Updated June 18, 2007

Ah the wonder of it all. The push for ethanol has an interesting side bar: The fuel is 10-15 percent cheaper than gasoline.

You actually save cash money on each tankful of ethanol that replaces the equivalent amount of gasoline. YEA! You are going to hear a lot about that. Ethanol is Cheaper ... and politicians never lie.

Seems there is a catch; well, several. The ethanol needs special engines; flex-fuel engines; the alcohol will probably fry your regular engine. WOW! Now, to save money, you need to spend money on a brand new car.

OH right, and there is another great thing about ethanol; it is less efficient than gasoline. Seems ethanol E85 is fifteen percent less efficient, you get worse milage, need to fill the gas tank more.

Hum, I wonder? If you did the math. Would you be buying more, or less, gasoline when you adjust for the fuel efficiency factor?

If I get fifteen percent less efficiency, I need to buy fifteen percent more fuel; but the additional fuel is fifteen percent less efficient; so does that mean I need to compensate for the inefficiencies by buying twenty percent more fuel?

On a milage basis, I pay the same whether I use gasoline or ethanol; that is, it costs me the same number of dollars to drive a given number of miles. Does not matter in the least which fuel I use, the per mile cost remains the same.

On top of that, I needed to buy a new car. But that car had to be manufactured; and the cost of manufacture consumed fuel, or energy from some form of fuel. The materials, unless they were recycled, had to be mined, so that cost more energy.

The most harm to the most people doctrine has now kicked in with a vengeance. In order not to put a gallon of gasoline into my car when I fill the tank, I need to burn multiple gallons to produce and transport a new car, and I need to fill my tank more often to compensate for the new, or alternative, fuel inefficiency.

Every gallon of ethanol used, therefore, increases the real amount of gasoline used. The difference is that I see less gasoline pumped at each visit to the service station.

OH! Almost forgot, it takes special pumps to pump the E85, and, until every vehicle is E85 compatible, there will be a need for separate storage tanks. These will also need to be manufactured, transported and installed. More fuel wasted in the drive to lower fuel efficiency by fifteen percent.

To compensate, new car fuel efficiency requirements will need to be raised by EIGHTEEN PERCENT. Yep, all those E85 flex fuel cars will need to get not 30 mpg, but 35 mpg just to keep to where we are in terms of gasoline consumption.

AH! Now! Do you love how “The most harm to the most people” really works, and understand why George Bush has gotten aboard?
FOOTNOTE: In case you had not noticed, the E85, which is 15 percent less efficient than gasoline, costs fifteen percent less per gallon than gasoline. So, effectively, on a per gallon basis, the gasoline costs the same and the ethanol is free? Can that be right?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day - but not the day for your father

Date Line June 17, 2007

Ah well, sure and it be Fathers Day; the power went out at 3:20 and stayed off for nearly three hours. That was the high-point of the day.

As of today, Seth Alexander Lipton and Sharon Noella Denning are husband and wife, after five or so years of living together; and they have reached the age where it is doubtful there are any children in the offing.

William Lawrence Lipton is messing with the family genealogy. Being part of the R1a1haplogroup has proved to be a very curious, and intellectually interesting position. Fathers upon fathers within that group and they all date back to Biblical, and before that to Rig Veda, periods in history.

What is the connection between the J2 and R1a1? Why do they appear together in Jewish and Hindu cultures? J2 is the Semitic, it is the holder of the J2-CMH associated with the priestly class of Judaic tradition. J2 is Brahman, it is part of the priestly class of Northern India.

If we ignore the claimed Aaron connection of the CMH, or introduce a Moses connection to the R1a1, both appear in tandem, for some five thousand years.

What is this? Why? What is the connection? Who the farmer, who the warrior, who the pastoral, who the priest?

There are clear connections in the blood, in the history, in the people. It is these two who are the Brahman and the Levite. Why? What moved them into this position of authority? What is the association to the White? Who were the Red and who the Black?

Did the classes have colors? We know a Christian Priest by a black outfit, the Pope by a white, Cardinals by Red. Purple was a noble color derived from snails. What colors depicted what occupation, rank, class, or status?

Did color transcend cultural groups? Is the status by blood or deed?

What is the connection between the J2 and R1a1? What connection is there to the mtDNA grouping into which each married? Why? Why do the religions carried the tale of the Sons of God looking upon the daughters of man and finding them fair? Why the common mythology wherever these two Hg, this J2-R1a1league of power, appears?

Samantha Bryl Lipton calls herself a Jap Squared. A Japanese mother, a Jew ish father; is she a Jewish American Princess, or is it that she has daughtered out of an ancient line of Indo-European Scythian-Aryan nobility? What of that ancient Asian blood? To whom does it flow?

Pick oou a family. Pick out a line. Find a haplogroup, or haplotype, and see where it leads. The numbers befit three percent on top, and ninety-seven percent below. Can it be that those below flow to ensure the top remains there and evolves?

If you believe there is a purpose to this blog, there might well be.

If you believe there is no purpose to this blog, think about the origin, the direction, the evolution. Would that you were of the three percent, and not the ninety and seven? Or are you?

Is the being in the blood, or in the raising? Is the class of ones own making, or was it made for them in ages long past? Is it nature, is it nurture, is it some combination?

The quest for history tells us of our past; not as individuals, but as a people. But what happens when the individual and the people are of a group connected by direct blood?

Is there a superior race? Hitler believed so. He believed the Aryan race was superior to all others; but also believed they were marked by eyes and hair. Now we know a bit different.

We know that the Aryan and Teutonic are different peoples; that the Teutonic failed because they attempted to exterminate the Aryan.

Or do we know that? Are people so frightened of who they are that they will hide in the myth that they are not of those people? Who are “those people”? Look into your heart, seek into your soul, who, to you, “are those people”?

I’ll bet you are scared to look, scared to face the reality, sacred to be of, or apart from “those people”? Those who are the most scared are those who can never see themselves as being the people of history.

Names. Name the names. Place them in sentences; place them within paragraphs; place them within the hidden meaning of euphemism and obsequious denial. Serve the would be masters, as they mislead and distort the lessons of history; as they mislead and distort the lessons of science; as they mislead and distort the lessons of of your own soul. _____________________________________________________

Thursday, June 7, 2007

WiTricity - an old story

Date Line June 7, 2007

Todays News an old story:

WiTricity, as it is called, exploits simple physics and could be adapted to charge other devices such as laptops.

"There is nothing in this that would have prevented them inventing this 10 or even 20 years ago," commented Professor Sir John Pendry of Imperial College London who has seen the experiments.

"But I think there is an issue of time. In the last few years we have seen an exponential growth of mobile devices that need power. The power cable is the last wire to be cut in a wireless connection."

Professor Moti Segev of the Israel Institute of Technology described the work as "truly pioneering".

That is the story, and the tale of yesterday; a tale of forty-five years ago; maybe a touch more; but certainly not more than fifty years.

I was a student in High School.

OK, it was Brooklyn Technical High School and everyone there was special, we had to take a test, and only the top thousand made it in. That is the top thousand of the roughly two million baby-boomers in New York.

I would guess at the test and acceptance rate; but of two hundred students maybe twenty would risk taking the test; of them, maybe three would get an acceptance, or a provisional acceptance; so, shall we guess, maybe, ten percent of ten percent; or the top one percent.

I think my daughter beat those odds when, at 16, she was accepted at Harvard on an expense paid basis.

OK, enough boasting within a boast. The point of this was, and is, that I had designed such a system based on radio waves. The idea that one could convert the power received by a razorblade receiver; could filter it, with a diode bridge, to produce DC current power for a low energy load.

Of course the idea didn’t go anywhere. At the time the loads were vacuum tubes and transistors were the size of three stacked dimes; and had three “thick” wires.

Compare that to millions of transistors on a quarter; or whatever the comparable size is as of yesterday.

Compare that to DNA, or bio-computers, and the hair thick circuits of machines being made, or tested, today.

Razorblade radios were used in World War II; every kid knew how to make one. Now we have the breakthrough of a lightbulb over two meters. When will some idiot, with a minuscule knowledge of radio transmission history, realize that multiple small computers can be constantly on using the WiFi carrier frequency as power?

When will someone realize that the only larger power source needed is to power the user interface? When will they realize that existing systems can be “always on” wherever Wireless is provided? When will we see computers storing, processing, and replying, through use of what is now deemed wasted heat from user interfaces?

Green machines. As they said at the hog slaughter house, “we use everything but the oink; everything but the squeal; and are working on a commercial use for that.

OK, for the techies out there. This is the “Theory” for what you will construct (my idea, send a percentage check): Rather than filter static, the ambient static of civilization, or appropriate portions, or frequencies, thereof, are received by pure circuits designed to be batteries. Each circuit becomes a cell, and each cell boosts the power to the levels needed for an application. Thus, even the user interfaces could be powered by their own dedicated power converter and storage circuit. (Why dedicated & storage? So power would be gathered while system is off and charge the storage medium so as to amplify the available power when the user interfaces are operating.)

The circuit design should be relatively simple. We are looking for a DC output, and not concerned with the actual specifics. Once there has been an optimal output level for ambient power determined, it is a minor design element to adjust power to the etched circuit needs.

So, be nice, after you have done the grunt work; as I have already done the brainwork, just have the bookkeeping department issue a modest, but meaningful, residual royalty check to me or my heirs.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Real Terrorist Treats

Date Line June 5, 2007

Russia and United States discuss Iran and Iranian nuclear power. Is there a threat? Could Iran get a nuclear bomb and use it?

DUH! That is a distraction from reality. The answer becomes cute; there is no real threat from nuclear bombs unless a nation wishes to flag itself from nuclear destruction.

OK. We are faced with suicide bombers; individuals who care so little for their own lives, and the lives of others, that they will die at their own hands.

What is a suicide bomber? At their highest psychological state, and within an appropriate social context, they are soldiers willing to attack gun emplacements straight on. They are “heros” of the kind we seek our children to be; if we are stupid enough to want to have children so they can die.

And therein lies the problem. There are parents who will sent their children off to war. There are parents who care so little for their own seed that they will cheer its destruction. And there are people so stupid that they do not get it. Instead they yell, “support the troops.”

“Troops” are children, yours and theirs, who are sent out to die in a cause which will enrich those who stay behind, or avoid death. There is no meaning in death for those who are not victorious.

The victor is the one who enjoys the spoils; and, not always, is the one who won the battle. Economics is funny that way. The United States “won” WWII; our factories were in place and safe, the Japanese and Germans lost; they were forced to build all new factories.

Within a generation, America was faced with the need to replace all its antiquated factories and the Germans and Japanese were producing products which dominated world markets; The losers had modern, economical, production systems, and the winners were antiquated.

Who will win?

In the current battle, as I have mention and alluded to, before, those who own the Middle Eastern oil that is NOT in production due to this conflict, are the winners.

That oil will be pumped. Eventually production will resume and it will be when our domestic supplies have been depleted. Only when our domestic supplies are depleted will it be worthwhile for al-Qaeda types to focus on their own domestic conquest.

We will win by paying twice for the oil. First we will pay to delay its recovery, and second we will pay the premium which accrues to a scarce, but necessary, commodity. Iraq will win; those who rule Iraq will win; and we will be their servants.

Who are these suicide bombers? They are the same criminals who rob banks and risk death; except that they go out knowing they will die.

Who are these suicide bombers? Are they not people who have no purpose, no love, no justification, no true intellect? They might be educated; but they lack the intelligence needed to survive; they lack the spirit needed to endure life; they are drug addicts lost in some drug haze of “spiritual” stupidity.

Terrorists are Creationists. The two are the same. Creationists argue that they serve a deity who is a liar. They argue that, while everything argues for a billion year old world, the world is six thousand years old.

Creationists argue that nuclear science is wrong. That half lives which produce stable metal from radioactive are false; that the stable and radioactive were produced together as they are. Creationists support nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power? Thirty years of use, a thousand years of radioactive danger from the waste. Calculate the economics on the thirty years; ignore the thousand years. Why would Iran, or any hostile force, want nuclear power plants?

Not for bombs. They want the waste.

The waste requires no fancy delivery system; requires no launch which can be tracked back to its source; it requires a small quantity of explosive material, which is always locally available (google “improvised explosive device”), and a cubic inch, less than 10 cubic cm, of waste. BINGO! Dirty bomb; and slow death for thousands.

Note George Bush promotes nuclear power; but never discusses the waste problem. George Bush talks of nuclear bombs; but would never discuss the availability of terrorist tools on our own soil; tools which include all the nuclear waste awaiting “permanent” storage.

For that matter; think about our great leaders, those who would take power in 2009, they all talk bull and ignore real threats. Love it!