Friday, March 25, 2016

Transgender Law Makes North Carolina Pioneer in UNISEX TOILETS

Gov. Pat McCrory, who signed the bill into law late Wednesday, said it was necessary to undo Charlotte’s ordinance, which included protections for gay and transgender people because it allowed “men to use women’s bathroom/locker room.” 
The  special session on Wednesday cost taxpayers $42,000, and effectively set the grounds for the elimination of Male & Female Toilets ... restricting gender specific use them to those whose Birth Certificat Gender was a match to their physical Gender.  
Why does this create UNISEX toilets?
How many people carry their Birth Certificate and can, therefore, prove the gender match required by law -- at least in time to prevent their pissing on the floor?
As a result, males and females can rush into the nearest Rest Room, and only need to concern themselves with the labels on the doors when their appearance matches that label.
Of course, it might be the North Carolina objective to restrict everyone from using a facility.
But think about it:  A person goes to use a Rest Room.  Are you going to stop and challenge them unless you see their BC?  Are you tracking their RR usage so you can charge them at a later date?  Or, every day, is the transgender individual going to be followed by a government agent to ensure that they use the BC appropriate facility?
The answer is UNISEX TOILETS.  No spying on transgender people, no waste of taxpayer funds for agents to follow, arrest, indict, try and judge the merits of the law violation.  
Then there is the extended cost of Constitutional Challenge!  After all, if the law is valid, it applies to ALL Rest Rooms everywhere in the state.  Which means you bring your BC to the local Bar ... and someone must be stationed at BOTH RR doors to ensure that the collar-and-cuff match is confirmed.  OR.  The public facilities all become unisex and therefore the law is complied with regardless of the match between BC and physical gender.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


It's clear, Republicans LOVE FREE STUFF -- otherwise, they wouldn't live on Food Stamps.
We KNOW, from their campaign rhetoric, that only those who love free stuff are on Food Stamps -- and when you get to a solid Republican District, they live on Food Stamps  and all the related "Free Stuff Programs".

Of course, we also know that the Republican leadership wants these loyal followers dead -- which is why they attack the programs their people depend upon.  How much would you bet -- those few who are working, are working at Minimum Wage jobs ... a wage the Republican Leadership doesn't want to raise.

Kentucky -- it has good White Slaves ... wouldn't want to change that. 
"Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" ... and it begins with those who promote death practicing on their own.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Conservative Violence

Isn't it nice?  The Texas Republicans want guns so they can shoot Texas Democrats.
Meantime, at the Trump Rally:
It would seem that the TRUMP camp is trying to ensure the prediction described in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" comes to pass.  Can we bring down Washington in November?  Can we elect someone who will ensure the collapse of America?  M aybe we can cget a modern version of Hitler's Germany -- but who to use as the Jewish Stock Exchange types that Hitler ranted against?  Not the Mexicans ... they don't do securities and exchange stuff ... Muslims?  Possible, but that means going after the Saudis.  ??? HUM ??? 
Fortunately, people will dismiss the violence; they will dismiss the evidence; they will happily vote for a Democrat or Republican who promotes war ... they Voted for Bush -- father & son, three times ... 
COUNTDOWN ... seven and a half months... Then we wait and see what the new POTUS does to destroy America.

You know you want it.  You want America to start a World War ... we know the Evangelicals have be praying for it ... they call it "THE-END-OF-TIMES".  And now they have the opportunity -- will they blow it?  Will you allow them to blow it?  Or are you going to help?