Friday, March 11, 2016

Conservative Violence

Isn't it nice?  The Texas Republicans want guns so they can shoot Texas Democrats.
Meantime, at the Trump Rally:
It would seem that the TRUMP camp is trying to ensure the prediction described in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" comes to pass.  Can we bring down Washington in November?  Can we elect someone who will ensure the collapse of America?  M aybe we can cget a modern version of Hitler's Germany -- but who to use as the Jewish Stock Exchange types that Hitler ranted against?  Not the Mexicans ... they don't do securities and exchange stuff ... Muslims?  Possible, but that means going after the Saudis.  ??? HUM ??? 
Fortunately, people will dismiss the violence; they will dismiss the evidence; they will happily vote for a Democrat or Republican who promotes war ... they Voted for Bush -- father & son, three times ... 
COUNTDOWN ... seven and a half months... Then we wait and see what the new POTUS does to destroy America.

You know you want it.  You want America to start a World War ... we know the Evangelicals have be praying for it ... they call it "THE-END-OF-TIMES".  And now they have the opportunity -- will they blow it?  Will you allow them to blow it?  Or are you going to help?

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