Monday, October 31, 2011

Idiots Abound

ABC News reports this statement: “’Reagan was the most successful president of the 20th century,’ Reagan Legacy Project Chairman Grover Norquist told Devin Dwyer of ABC News earlier this year. ‘He took a country that was in economic collapse and military in retreat round the globe and turned it completely around.’”  Thus they wish Reagan to have a place as the fifth president to be honored on Mt Rushmore.

Reagan doubled the national debt, and attacked alternative energy – factually and with the symbolic removal of solar collectors from the Whitehouse.  Both of these actions weakened, and now threaten to destroy, the United States.

Consider “The country was in economic collapse” – after GW Bush, that is really where the country lay.  If that qualifies someone for Mt Rushmore, than Obama has already earned his place – first for turning around the Republican decimation of the economy, and second for being the first president of Afro-American ancestry AND – given that his father was not native born, the first, first-generation child  to attain that status.

Who deserves an honored place on Mt. Rushmore"?

Is it the actor whose brain was slipping away, who managed to act semi-presidential while damaging the nation’s future?  Or is it a man who has honestly achieved greatness?

Reagan served two terms; a year from now Obama stands for his second election.  Sculptor Gutzon Borglum, expressed of the men he honored, a desire to “show posterity what manner of men they were. Then breathe a prayer that these records will endure until the wind and the rain alone shall wear them away.”  Would any American be proud of Reagan, when we run out of oil and are decades behind Europe in the production of wind and solar energy – so far behind that we need to beg OPEC for oil while buying the alternative technology from the United States of Europe – a European Commonwealth?

Of course – Americans have gone out of their way to prove they will buy whatever the Republicans sell.


being their primary product.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rhetoric or Fact?

“Last week, every Republican senator filibustered President Obama’s bill to put 400,000 educators and police officers back to work.
You read that right: Teachers. And. Police.”

The Republicans have a history – so does it matter if this is Rhetoric?  You and I both know that the probability is that this is FACT!.

The REPUBLICANS HATE AMERICA!  They go out of their way to prove it.  They say Social Security is in trouble … but neglect to point out that it is their deficit doubling that put it there.  Then, of course, they double the deficit again – just to make sure they have an excuse to destroy social programs.

Funny thing is:  The are the party that has Christian Evangelical backing.  Didn’t Christ promote social programs over war?  Didn’t he say we are to help people – take care of the sick, educate people, see that they have lives which are worth living?

OH RIGHT!  Same people who murdered and tortured and raped in the name of the Inquisition and with hunts.

Oh well.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

American “Do unto Others”…

Here’s an Associated Press Story about how much we care about our own – especially our real HEROS:  WE DON’T … at least if you live in Missouri.  Those slim-balls at Worker’s Comp are obviously true examples of fundamentalist Christian Evangelical Republicans.

Who else would care so little?  Who else would violate Scripture so blatantly?  Obviously only those who are heirs to the Inquisitors!  Those who in Islamic Nations would be Terrorists … but here … they practice the Most Harm to the Most People … a person at a time.

Come-on GOP … prove me wrong.


JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — By all accounts, Mark Lindquist is a hero, an underpaid social worker who nearly gave his life trying to save three developmentally disabled adults from the Joplin tornado. Both houses of the Missouri legislature honored Lindquist, the Senate resolution calling him "a true hero and inspiration to others."

But heroism doesn't pay the bills. The tornado's 200 mph winds tossed Lindquist nearly a block, broke every rib, obliterated his shoulder, knocked out most of his teeth and put him in a coma for about two months.

Lindquist, 51, ran up medical expenses that exceed $2.5 million, and the bills keep coming. He requires 11 daily prescriptions and will need more surgery.

But he has no medical insurance. Lindquist couldn't afford it on a job paying barely above minimum wage. He assumed workers' compensation would cover his bills, but his claim was denied "based on the fact that there was no greater risk than the general public at the time you were involved in the Joplin tornado," according to a letter to Lindquist from Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, his company's workers' comp provider.


One Republican, state Rep. Bill Lant, R-Joplin, did say: "I think they need to take another look at the circumstances and revisit the claim. What he did went beyond heroics."

Two things could be done: 1) Cover the medical and other costs; 2) Fire the slim-bag who sent the letter, along with his immediate supervisor (the smuck had to approve the finding).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandpa Was A Deity


On sale through

and in e-book form, with a look inside, at

Event observations get Research support

IQ 'can change in teenage years' (BBC News Story). Give time devoted to Ashkenazi IQ, this is interesting. as they say, "Until now the assumption has been that intellectual capacity, as measured by IQ, stays quite static during life."

... "But here we have shown that their intelligence is likely to be still developing.
... We have to be careful not to write off poorer performers at an early age when in fact their IQ may improve significantly given a few more years." Not Bad when taken in Context of Book & 1954-58  information :-D It seems to be documentation of experience described.

The real fun will come when additional R1a1 links and origins are revealed – then associated with finds in archaeology and possibly literary sources (like ancient scrolls) … which should be emerging in the next few years.

Editing be damned – content remains solid.

Only thing I have going for me is that the SHEM ERROR and the ORIGIN of OUR COMMON CALENDAR -- explanation as to why our initial calendar date does not match the history it supposedly is linked to -- holds up. Creationists be damned, and with them a thousand years of illogical assertions.

Grandpa Was A Deity – Editing PATHETIC

OK -- Five Book ... first without a Publishing House ... and I screwed the final editing process.  Can't blame anyone but me -- when just was unavailable, I should have found an editor ... especially after storm change so many quote-letter combos into Chinese characters.  OH WELL as the book concludes PATHETIC

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally somebody gets it

I’ve been writing about it for years – the military needs oil!  DUH!

Now BBC News reports (17 October 2011): “Several officers admitted that armed forces were "the gas-guzzlers of the world" - and while that was sometimes necessary in operations, reducing fossil fuel use and adopting renewables wherever possible made sense from economic and tactical points of view.  “Rear Admiral Morisetti recalled that when commanding an aircraft carrier, it took a gallon of oil to move just 12 inches (30cm), while as many as 20 tonnes per hour were burned during a period of intensive take-off and landing. "You can do that [with oil prices at] $30 a barrel, but not at $100 or $200," he said.”

Of course the Republicans have always been Hawks and promoters of military expenditures – so they KNEW that we needed oil to run our military and they knew exactly how dependent the military is on oil … which is exactly why they want to drain our reserves and make us totally dependant on the Arab world.

Remember: After 9/11, the first thing GW Bush did – with the full backing of those same Republicans – was to attack our only allies in the Arab world Iraq and Saddam Hussein.  It was, after all, EXACTLY what Osama Bin Laden said he wanted done.  To do it, Bush stopped all efforts to attack and capture of Bin Laden.

Now it takes the British News Media to report what America Journalists have worked so hard to hide – as soon as we run out of oil we are defenseless.  Renewable energy?  Reagan pulled the solar collectors from the Whitehouse roof, he and his party blocked every effort to create a renewable energy base, they blocked legislative attempts to make cars more efficient – while supporting the export of the manufacturing  facilities and related jobs.

There is a clear pattern of anti-American conduct evidenced by the Republican Party.  Of course, 30% of the nation hates America and so can always be counted upon to vote Republican.

No biggy.  These same people hate everything that is positive and beneficial.  But they do “Believe” in spirits and deities that are so screwed up that they must constantly but in to human activities.  They also believe in ensuring



Sunday NY Times quoted a wall street manager who correctly declared: “Financial services are one of the last things we do in this country and do it well. Let’s embrace it.”

Well, the “Let’s embrace it” element might be – actually is – totally off base.  But what the hell.  It is a basic fact that the average voter really doesn’t care if the nation is flushed down the toilet – they can’t see further than their TV screen.

If we don’t build it here, we are trapped into the supply lines and whims of foreign agents – al-Qaeda can cut the supply lines … they just haven’t worked out how … mostly because they are too busy being engaged in the business of murder (rather than any Jihadist victory).  Al-Qaeda is the modern form of Inquisition – state religion sponsored murder.

Wall Street – these are the guys who bundled bad debts and sold them as secure investments.  These are the guys who promoted the housing bubble.  these are the guys who commit legal fraud on a daily basis … by promoting the idea that we do not need basic industry and the domestic production of all our consumer goods.  These are the guys who are anti-energy conservation and pro-waste.

These are the fellows who are fulfilling both the Republican and fundamentalist desire for this nation to be destroyed … the former because they will take their wealth and run, the latter because they want the famed “end-of-days” and rapture… not telling the suckers who fund them that the Jihadist are the Army in White and their role is to kill everyone … it is to plunge the world into a Dark Ages in which plague and destruction are all that prevails.

These are not people dedicated to a bright and carefree future.  These are people who desire only


Are YOU on their side?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York Times Misleads Readers

From “It’s Not Just the Currency”, October 15, 2011, “For China to develop further, it must rely more on its own consumers to buy its products and services. To get its citizens to spend more, the government must go beyond undoing the financial distortions — like artificially depressed interest rates that encourage huge savings. It should invest more in social goods, like its pension and health insurance programs, to encourage families to reduce their just-in-case savings and spend more.”

Basically, the argument is that they should go up to their eyeballs in debt and screw themselves the same way we have – in the way the outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman to Congress that “Debt is good.”

In China, people who have no work receive a pension and so continue to be consumers – in America, Social Security pensions are cut so that money can be wasted on tax breaks for companies who are actively reducing our oil reserves and depleting the natural stockpiles our military will need in the future.

Of course, it is done with the argument of cheaper energy now – to hell with the safety of our children and grandchildren.

Our energy is, and has been for fifty years, artificially lower than all the other industrialized nations.  Yet we do not enjoy the highest standard of living – that seems reserved for the Scandinavian nations that have none of the resources we have and a harsher climate.   Yet they have free medical care and total citizen security – in all aspects of that term.

Note that the unemployment pension is a compensation for a system that the Times describes with the words: “For all these costs, China gets remarkably few jobs from its export-led strategy, which increasingly relies on mechanization to produce more sophisticated goods. Employment has grown by only 1 percent per year since 2004 despite G.D.P. growth of 10 percent.”

Think of the jobs we created by outsourcing – factor towns and retail communities destroyed as we shipped manufacturing jobs to third world nations and decimated our general tax revenues.

Let’s look at the line: “China’s exports fell in the third quarter, suggesting foreign consumers are too spent to keep buying even China’s artificially cheap goods and keep sustaining China’s growth.”  Thus China is dependant on keep the rest of the world healthy enough to buy its goods.  This explains why they underwrite the gross mismanagement of the American economy – evidenced in Reagan & Bush each devoting their time to doubling the National Debt.

In reality, so long as China has no large scale, or active, military conflicts, it can allow us to destroy ourselves in favor of its current growth.  If we default on our debt, First Social Security Funds vanish (they are deposited in Treasury Securities); then we drag down the rest of the world as our default undermines any & all unstable regions and their governments fall.

Terrorists will cause unrest – our depletion of our domestic oil reserves will make us dependant on the OPEC nations and terrorist controlled regions for the fuel needed to power our military system – the Nazis ran into that problem and had to siphon fuel in order to retreat – they abandoned the war machine.

Let nature defeat your enemy.  The Russians used that against the Nazis, and against Napoleon.  Their ancestors, the ancestors of the Rus -- the Scythian who were called Royal -- used that tactic against Cyrus The Great … Herodotus reported on it in his Histories.  Any power can fall to its own weight – it is the logic behind Judo and Karate … with the exception that Karate also emphasizes speed as a form of power.

The Times just doesn’t get it – the problem is not with China, it is with us.  We are, and have been, actively working against our own best interests.  We are on the road to destruction.  Fortunately for me and my contemporaries, it is our children and grandchildren who will feel the damage.  Fortunately for my children and future grandchildren, I began preparations for that day – I began over forty years ago – and will continue them until I die.


Will not catch my family in its horrors.

How Congress Supports Terrorists

New York Times 16 October 2011: “The Occupy Wall Street protesters in Lower Manhattan have also jumped on the debit card fee as one more example of corporate greed. And activists are calling on account holders to switch to nonprofit credit unions en masse on Nov. 5, which they have named Bank Transfer Day; a Facebook page devoted to the effort has drawn more than 38,000 supporters.”

Seems they might be turning their attention to true representation of the people.  Personally, I’m lucky enough to be dealing with an old time Maine bank that actually respects and supports its customer base.  But, obviously, many aren’t that lucky.

Than again, I come to it having dealt with New York Banks in the 1960’s and 70’s – something which left a bad taste in my mouth.  In addition we have the “Credit Card Banks” – institutions formed as banks which actually perform few, if any, real banking functions beyond their credit card  business.

These institutions are the ones that “Occupy Wall Street protesters” should really focus on.  For starters, they serve to launder and transport money for criminal organizations by both establishing bogus accounts and allowing bogus retail accounts to access the bogus accounts with what are equally bogus transactions – a process that utilizes unreported, or unidentified, identity thief.

It is actually rather simple:  You open an account with them, and, eventually, tired of the fees, you pay and close the account.  However, while they stop issuing statements – even acknowledge the closing by issuing a closing statement – they actually keep the account active.  This allows them a valid Social Security Number connected to a real person, with valid supporting account documentation to be used to launder money and eventually shield income from taxes.

The laundering involves charges and payments – when done from overseas “merchants” with funds to pay those charges exported in a manner that allows all the National Security & Exchange audits.  Locally, they pay the account immediately from drug money or other illegal sources.  As far as the records are concerned, an audit shows there was no “income” – other than the “normal merchant transaction fee.”

Thus the transaction is untaxed and moves funds to the foreign parties.  The merchant fees can then be made mute through the declaration of other bogus accounts as non-performing.  Having made charges to those accounts for interest and non-payment, the accounts are turned over to a collection agent … ideally “sold” at a deep discount.  The “Loss” is than deducted against other income – the merchant fees associated with the money laundering operation.

Of course, it is possible to move funds from foreign terrorist or drug related sources into the country - through bogus merchant accounts here.  Cash can than be distributed as charges to the identity theft cards and paid through the false merchant account or ATM’s (which provide a nice way to pay terrorist cell members without anyone knowing who they are).

Of course, the fees for nothing that are utilized allow the money laundering firms to claim that their operation conforms to “industry standards.”

Any auditing these operations is made difficult by members of Congress whose election is funded by these firms, and the terrorists who are their hidden owners.   The simplest means utilized to hamper the auditing process is to restrict funding ear-marked for that purpose.  This allows Terrorist groups to be condoned by “Act of Congress,” and the Nation to be attacked economically during the extended periods between physical attacks.

The physical attacks on America – the World Trade Center Events – are NOT intended to be meaningful.  They are intended only to create shock waves and distract our attention from the “Bank Fraud” being implemented daily by “Credit Card Banks.”

Of course, the Republican Party is composed of, and supported by, experts in Finance.  They are well aware of this fraud and the fact that they are facilitating both the drug trade and terrorism – while defrauding the treasury of money needed to pay off the National Debt they are intent on doubling whenever they can gain control of the Whitehouse.

The Republicans will do nothing – beyond ongoing obstruction – to address the situation.  Unless they can focus their efforts on placing responsibility on those who, objective evidence indicates, are responsible for our troubles, “Occupy Wall Street” is, to rely upon an ancient expression: “Pissing into the wind.”


When pitted against GOP Criminals

“Occupy Wall Street” … a waste of effort.

Friday, October 14, 2011

!!!!! I LOVE BEING RIGHT !!!!!

From the Washington Post: “Rick Perry calls for increased oil and energy production to reboot U.S. economy” By Perry Bacon Jr., Friday, October 14, 12:16 PM

Any excuse to destroy our military – fifteen years from now.

If we increase oil production we deplete our reserves faster.  The faster we deplete them, the quicker we will become totally dependant on Arab or OPEC oil to power our aircraft, trucks and tanks.  So who will have their mobile armies?  Can you say: AL-QAEDA?

They will eventually learn – or implement what they already know – that the way to Jihad is to own the various middle eastern nations and their energy resources.  We only have so much oil, and they know it.  We can turn to alternate energy – wind, solar, bio-fuels, etc – but those only work domestically.  If we need to operate an army on foreign soil, we need a mobile fuel source … we now use oil.  DUH!

Nazi Germany was defeated because they had no oil, Japan – apart from the nuclear option we exercised – had the problem of a lack of iron, oil and coal.  Using nukes just ended the war faster.

Are we going to nuke oil fields?  Will that provide us the fuel we need – after we consume all of our own?

R$ick Perry wants to pump oil for short term profits and long term destruction of America.



it took Reagan doubling the National Debt.

Than Bush doubling it again.

Before we got the current recession.

Clearly: The Republicans are playing the long game for the destruction of America.


Obama will be defeated, the economy will be destroyed, al-Qaeda will overthrow OPEC and we will consume all our oil and then bow to al-Qaeda and beg for fuel.

that sums it LOL

more excessive rain on way in the decades to come.

Prediction about Prediction:

Half correct ... nation would not like the signal that would be sent if Obama defeated, so GOP will run an idiot candidate (another Sarah Palin type) ... GOP really only wants the Congress -- that's where they can do the most harm ... while Democrats will take blame because they have Whitehouse.  Basically it is the same as putting the recession caused by GW Bush on Obama – while also ignoring fact that Clinton left a surplus and declining National Debt (but bush reversed that and doubled the debt so as to bankrupt the reserves for Social Security – which is in Treasury Securities).


It IS the Republican way of life.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buy Grandpa Was A Deity

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Occupy Wall Street

So!  Now we have protests against greed – motivated by money, or the desire to acquire it.  The current movement – and it is just another current movement – is no different from the ones associated with the cliché Shylock & Fagan images  of old.  The vocalization is a stand against corporate greed, social inequality and other disparities between rich and poor.

But the proper way to service the poor is to remove basic needs and allow them to function.  The only restrict is that they should not infringe upon the working of the rest of society.  But that would mean that society would need to avoid infringing upon the activities of those deemed “non-productive” – these individuals are, in a historical sense, generally the only truly productive members of any society.  It is from their numbers that the new leaders arise.

In scripture there were two tribes – one the worker merchants and the other the scholars who devoted their life to though.  The mandate was that the merchants use their money to support the scholars.  The other ten tribes were basically little more than passive occupiers of space.

“Occupy Wall Street”?  Wall Street does nothing that Congress does not allow – or instigate.  The idea that we could borrow and raise the National Debt was based upon Federal Reserve Chairman testimony before Congress:  Apparently debt was unconditionally good – so it was OK for everyone to go into debt.  The housing bubble came about because nobody (who was noticed) said that there were no people to buy the houses… that the baby bust and aging population would mean a housing glut matches with a desire to downsize after the children have left the family home.  But even there, they were matching up, pairing-off, and the number of apartments they needed was being divided in half.  But without the need for the extra space a family would demand – because they were not having families.

Also, we were anti-marriage … a reality of being anti-gay marriage.  The Rightwing made it very very clear: Couples did not deserve marriage if they were not having children.

As for jobs and wealth.  Where were all these idiotic protestors when we were outsourcing jobs?   Where are they today – when we are depleting all our oil reserves and will, in fifteen years, find ourselves on our knees before al-Qaeda and the Arab states … on our knees begging for drops of their oil and not able to fuel our planes or power our armies when they decide that we don’t deserve to live.

Where will these protestors be then?  They will be kneeling beneath al-Qaeda scimitars awaiting their beheading.  They will be prostrate, kissing terrorist feet, licking the soles of terrorist slippers, they will wishing they could rise up to the level of being less than nothing before their al-Qaeda masters.  Why?  Because they are playing games on Wall Street and ignoring the true cause of their problems – the Conservative Congressmen and Tea Party politicians who are promoting the slow disarmament of the nation – not by denying the military weapons today – they will provide as many as the debt will carry - but rather they are disarming us by depleting the energy resources the military will need in the future, and by increasing the debt through spending on outdated military systems – many of which the military has made very clear it does not want or need … either now or in any foreseeable future actions.

Debt depletes Social Security.  Debt also depletes medical care and education.  Debt, combined with anti-immigration policies, depletes our economic base … and there is no amount of greed or financial self-interest (of the kind which powers investors) that can alter the reality of the total STUPIDITY of the protestors and their blatant disregard for reality.  If they really wanted to help, if they wanted to achieve a positive outcome, they would ensure that every conservative politician in the nation was kicked out of office and consigned to the deepest hole in the dirtiest coal mine in the nation – there to slave away until they die.

But hey!  Reality dictates this nation will continue on its path to find new ways to bring:


It is what the protestors really want.

Monday, October 3, 2011


As of 3 October 2011, “Grandpa Was A Deity” is available in both Hard and Soft cover at – Kindle version should be there soon.

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