Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rhetoric or Fact?

“Last week, every Republican senator filibustered President Obama’s bill to put 400,000 educators and police officers back to work.
You read that right: Teachers. And. Police.”

The Republicans have a history – so does it matter if this is Rhetoric?  You and I both know that the probability is that this is FACT!.

The REPUBLICANS HATE AMERICA!  They go out of their way to prove it.  They say Social Security is in trouble … but neglect to point out that it is their deficit doubling that put it there.  Then, of course, they double the deficit again – just to make sure they have an excuse to destroy social programs.

Funny thing is:  The are the party that has Christian Evangelical backing.  Didn’t Christ promote social programs over war?  Didn’t he say we are to help people – take care of the sick, educate people, see that they have lives which are worth living?

OH RIGHT!  Same people who murdered and tortured and raped in the name of the Inquisition and with hunts.

Oh well.

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