Monday, October 17, 2011


Sunday NY Times quoted a wall street manager who correctly declared: “Financial services are one of the last things we do in this country and do it well. Let’s embrace it.”

Well, the “Let’s embrace it” element might be – actually is – totally off base.  But what the hell.  It is a basic fact that the average voter really doesn’t care if the nation is flushed down the toilet – they can’t see further than their TV screen.

If we don’t build it here, we are trapped into the supply lines and whims of foreign agents – al-Qaeda can cut the supply lines … they just haven’t worked out how … mostly because they are too busy being engaged in the business of murder (rather than any Jihadist victory).  Al-Qaeda is the modern form of Inquisition – state religion sponsored murder.

Wall Street – these are the guys who bundled bad debts and sold them as secure investments.  These are the guys who promoted the housing bubble.  these are the guys who commit legal fraud on a daily basis … by promoting the idea that we do not need basic industry and the domestic production of all our consumer goods.  These are the guys who are anti-energy conservation and pro-waste.

These are the fellows who are fulfilling both the Republican and fundamentalist desire for this nation to be destroyed … the former because they will take their wealth and run, the latter because they want the famed “end-of-days” and rapture… not telling the suckers who fund them that the Jihadist are the Army in White and their role is to kill everyone … it is to plunge the world into a Dark Ages in which plague and destruction are all that prevails.

These are not people dedicated to a bright and carefree future.  These are people who desire only


Are YOU on their side?

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