Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

So!  Now we have protests against greed – motivated by money, or the desire to acquire it.  The current movement – and it is just another current movement – is no different from the ones associated with the cliché Shylock & Fagan images  of old.  The vocalization is a stand against corporate greed, social inequality and other disparities between rich and poor.

But the proper way to service the poor is to remove basic needs and allow them to function.  The only restrict is that they should not infringe upon the working of the rest of society.  But that would mean that society would need to avoid infringing upon the activities of those deemed “non-productive” – these individuals are, in a historical sense, generally the only truly productive members of any society.  It is from their numbers that the new leaders arise.

In scripture there were two tribes – one the worker merchants and the other the scholars who devoted their life to though.  The mandate was that the merchants use their money to support the scholars.  The other ten tribes were basically little more than passive occupiers of space.

“Occupy Wall Street”?  Wall Street does nothing that Congress does not allow – or instigate.  The idea that we could borrow and raise the National Debt was based upon Federal Reserve Chairman testimony before Congress:  Apparently debt was unconditionally good – so it was OK for everyone to go into debt.  The housing bubble came about because nobody (who was noticed) said that there were no people to buy the houses… that the baby bust and aging population would mean a housing glut matches with a desire to downsize after the children have left the family home.  But even there, they were matching up, pairing-off, and the number of apartments they needed was being divided in half.  But without the need for the extra space a family would demand – because they were not having families.

Also, we were anti-marriage … a reality of being anti-gay marriage.  The Rightwing made it very very clear: Couples did not deserve marriage if they were not having children.

As for jobs and wealth.  Where were all these idiotic protestors when we were outsourcing jobs?   Where are they today – when we are depleting all our oil reserves and will, in fifteen years, find ourselves on our knees before al-Qaeda and the Arab states … on our knees begging for drops of their oil and not able to fuel our planes or power our armies when they decide that we don’t deserve to live.

Where will these protestors be then?  They will be kneeling beneath al-Qaeda scimitars awaiting their beheading.  They will be prostrate, kissing terrorist feet, licking the soles of terrorist slippers, they will wishing they could rise up to the level of being less than nothing before their al-Qaeda masters.  Why?  Because they are playing games on Wall Street and ignoring the true cause of their problems – the Conservative Congressmen and Tea Party politicians who are promoting the slow disarmament of the nation – not by denying the military weapons today – they will provide as many as the debt will carry - but rather they are disarming us by depleting the energy resources the military will need in the future, and by increasing the debt through spending on outdated military systems – many of which the military has made very clear it does not want or need … either now or in any foreseeable future actions.

Debt depletes Social Security.  Debt also depletes medical care and education.  Debt, combined with anti-immigration policies, depletes our economic base … and there is no amount of greed or financial self-interest (of the kind which powers investors) that can alter the reality of the total STUPIDITY of the protestors and their blatant disregard for reality.  If they really wanted to help, if they wanted to achieve a positive outcome, they would ensure that every conservative politician in the nation was kicked out of office and consigned to the deepest hole in the dirtiest coal mine in the nation – there to slave away until they die.

But hey!  Reality dictates this nation will continue on its path to find new ways to bring:


It is what the protestors really want.

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