Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally somebody gets it

I’ve been writing about it for years – the military needs oil!  DUH!

Now BBC News reports (17 October 2011): “Several officers admitted that armed forces were "the gas-guzzlers of the world" - and while that was sometimes necessary in operations, reducing fossil fuel use and adopting renewables wherever possible made sense from economic and tactical points of view.  “Rear Admiral Morisetti recalled that when commanding an aircraft carrier, it took a gallon of oil to move just 12 inches (30cm), while as many as 20 tonnes per hour were burned during a period of intensive take-off and landing. "You can do that [with oil prices at] $30 a barrel, but not at $100 or $200," he said.”

Of course the Republicans have always been Hawks and promoters of military expenditures – so they KNEW that we needed oil to run our military and they knew exactly how dependent the military is on oil … which is exactly why they want to drain our reserves and make us totally dependant on the Arab world.

Remember: After 9/11, the first thing GW Bush did – with the full backing of those same Republicans – was to attack our only allies in the Arab world Iraq and Saddam Hussein.  It was, after all, EXACTLY what Osama Bin Laden said he wanted done.  To do it, Bush stopped all efforts to attack and capture of Bin Laden.

Now it takes the British News Media to report what America Journalists have worked so hard to hide – as soon as we run out of oil we are defenseless.  Renewable energy?  Reagan pulled the solar collectors from the Whitehouse roof, he and his party blocked every effort to create a renewable energy base, they blocked legislative attempts to make cars more efficient – while supporting the export of the manufacturing  facilities and related jobs.

There is a clear pattern of anti-American conduct evidenced by the Republican Party.  Of course, 30% of the nation hates America and so can always be counted upon to vote Republican.

No biggy.  These same people hate everything that is positive and beneficial.  But they do “Believe” in spirits and deities that are so screwed up that they must constantly but in to human activities.  They also believe in ensuring


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