Friday, October 14, 2011

!!!!! I LOVE BEING RIGHT !!!!!

From the Washington Post: “Rick Perry calls for increased oil and energy production to reboot U.S. economy” By Perry Bacon Jr., Friday, October 14, 12:16 PM

Any excuse to destroy our military – fifteen years from now.

If we increase oil production we deplete our reserves faster.  The faster we deplete them, the quicker we will become totally dependant on Arab or OPEC oil to power our aircraft, trucks and tanks.  So who will have their mobile armies?  Can you say: AL-QAEDA?

They will eventually learn – or implement what they already know – that the way to Jihad is to own the various middle eastern nations and their energy resources.  We only have so much oil, and they know it.  We can turn to alternate energy – wind, solar, bio-fuels, etc – but those only work domestically.  If we need to operate an army on foreign soil, we need a mobile fuel source … we now use oil.  DUH!

Nazi Germany was defeated because they had no oil, Japan – apart from the nuclear option we exercised – had the problem of a lack of iron, oil and coal.  Using nukes just ended the war faster.

Are we going to nuke oil fields?  Will that provide us the fuel we need – after we consume all of our own?

R$ick Perry wants to pump oil for short term profits and long term destruction of America.



it took Reagan doubling the National Debt.

Than Bush doubling it again.

Before we got the current recession.

Clearly: The Republicans are playing the long game for the destruction of America.

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