Thursday, June 19, 2014

REDSKINS … RED skins … BLACK skins …

REDSKINS IS A DISPARAGING TERM – SO whiteskins, blackskins, brownskins, yellowskins are also disparaging terms.

Gee, now we have a range of things which can be insulting – add a color in front of the word ‘skin’ and you create a disparaging term.

What if we drop the word ‘skin’ – or treat it as implied?  Is the race question on various census or other forms therefore a mandate to be self-disparaging?

It would appear that the Patent office might think so.




Monday, June 16, 2014

it could happen, nobody would notice.

writing on prophecy is fun ... there is so much that points to the stupidity of the "average" person.
Actually the average person is rather intelligent, they just get drowned out by the rantings of the idiot one third ... or one quarter.
In today's "all news all the time" world, would anyone really notice the fulfillment of a prophet?
War? Disease? Hunger?
They are,reported daily... once, back in the 70's there was actually an event so impossible to consider that it was actually newsworthy ... a day when there was no war,anywhere on the planet. But it was only a day.
Death over Life ... it is the preference ... if it bleeds it leads ... it's what people want.
The is no GOD!
The point is that there is no humanistic deity who gives a Damon about any individual or even humanity as a whole .... and that is certainly true ... our own scripture supports that argument ... eliminate the mass destruction we know never happened, all you have is a deity telling you to behave or die ...and care about you neighbor, or watch humanity die.
Isn't that,what happens?
That is the sum and substance ....
a new creature will emerge and achieve whatever is to be achieved in existence ... no reason for people to be that creature.
God? the eternal start which had no start, the whatever outside of created time, space, matter ... even energy. God is the name for the eternal, everything else had a beginning. say the universe is eternal and you are just saying the universe is God ... it's a functional definition.
LOL joke ... story of Noah infers we are,all direct descendants of that God ... sons and daughters of the grandchildren of God ... do we care, nah, we still worship our ancestors ... like any good caveman would have done.
We don't think. We reject or assert.
Let's have a war ... disease and famine will join in and follow ... let's work at death over Life, a third of humanity will die, it will be reported, and nobody will notice that that is, ultimately, all that the prophets said would occur ... except REVELATION said it would occur now ... in this era, two thousand years from the time it was written ...
Then, a new religion will emerge ... hot or of horrors, it will be based on Jewish laws we practice every time we clean, watch our,diet, our do an act of kindness to a stranger ...
of course, nobody noticed.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

4 in 10 Americans believe God an idiot and liar.

LiveScience reports “Four in 10 Americans believe God created the Earth and anatomically modern humans, less than 10,000 years ago, according to a new Gallup poll.”

Given that everything which governs science – including that which makes electricity and the internet possible – argues against the 10,000 year history, God must have decided to be a scientific liar  and deceiver of mankind [but isn’t that definition of Satan? so they seem to be arguing they worship Satan, or Satan created all things.]

Those who have read “Genesis of Genesis” know that the Biblical text is a 19-year-cycle calendar related one, and was not intended to be “scientific history.”  The goal was to give the idiots a reason to recall the information.  And to ensure they did so correctly, without loss of the critical period data, the first ten generations were established by a formula which dictated: “born”+”became parent”+”live after ‘X’ years” for a total of ‘Y-years’.

This formula was modified, or changed, with Noah, with the substitution of the Flood for the Parenthood.  The purpose being to mask the “SHEM ERROR” wherein Shem is mentioned with his two brothers, but hos birth year is referenced backward from the birth of his son, two years AFTER the Flood.  That Flood being a popular legend of the time related to The Saga of Gilgamesh.

However, the idea that four in ten Americans are idiots is consistent with “Biblical Prophecy” where,  in the Book of Revelation, we find one-third of population is doomed; it is worth noting that this was reduced from the earlier prediction of destruction associated with the ‘messiah’ in which HALF the population was to die.

Curiously, as shown in  the 2014 book “Biblical Prophecy” and elaborated upon in connection to event in 2015, The Tea Party, the 2014 election, Climate Change and global pollution – in the 2014 book, “Death Over Life” – the dating of the prophetic elements does coincide with real world events [Hitler, World War 2, and even the 2007/8 economic collapse].

Fortunately, people do not have to believe there can be truth in scripture – they can continue to believe that God is a liar… thus, as predicted, ignore the warnings.

But those warnings MUST be made, even if they are to be ignored by the very people who need them the most – those who have fallen victim to “Saint Paul’s Joke”.


The goal is to get you to vote, “The Most Harm To The Most People”, and in so doing condemn yourself.  God doesn’t waste time with trials, better you confess through your actions.  Remember this too, you were told you would be judged on your deeds and not your words… it is “Saint Paul’s Joke” … you are subject to the letter of THE LAW and not the teachings of St Augustine and those who would kill Jews in their effort to ensure that they kill The Messiah before he can manifest himself.

[That was the real purpose of the Inquisition and if they seek to find the Rapture, … that was The Holocaust … it was the time when, unnoticed, 12,000 of the 12 tribes, could be removed without drawing undue attention.  OK, so a lot more were also included.  But the 144,000 was a minimum, not a maximum.]