Monday, December 27, 2010

You Were Warned – Marriage Decline

Pew Research dated November 18, 2010 - “The Decline of Marriage and Rise of New Families”

Marriage rates are declining among those most attracted to (the solid base of) the Evangelical Right.  It is now being determined that there is a  new "marriage gap" in the United States, and it is increasingly aligned with a growing income gap.

While the marriage is still the norm among the educated – those least likely to align with the Christian Right and most likely to be pro-same sex marriage – marriage “is markedly less prevalent among those on the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder.”

You were previously warned (in this and related blogs) that the anti-marriage stance of the Religious Right would devalue the importance of marriage among their constituency – those masses for whom religion is the traditional “opiate”.

If marriage is no important enough to support among those who want the right to marry, than it is not important enough for them to want.

Note that the evangelical does NOT support education – it is, after all, the promoter of Creationism and the literal interpretation of a Bible that is basically traditional mythology hung on a framework of astronomy.

That last part, along with the basis of both the Romulus Roman Calendar and our own Calendar, will be fully explained in my book, “Grandpa Was A Deity” – currently in the hands of its second draft editor.

For now, the Right-wing is, once again, learning the lesson of “The Monkey’s Paw” – your wish will be granted, so you had better concern yourself with what you ask for.  For the Right-wing, the request was to disavow the importance of a spiritual commitment to another person.  In days gone by, the Bible Belt disavowed the importance among interracial couples; now they are doing so among same sex ones.  In the process, they are violating the Pauline Doctrine of Faith and so disavowing the salvation of those who believe in such things.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Forced Conversion

A December 26th news story mentions that Egyptian Christians have accused Muslims of abducting the women and forcing them to convert.  Now this is something that Christian and Muslims have been engaged in for around fifteen centuries.  If we put aside the abducting of women – which is a direct violation of the Koran and therefore proves the Muslim’s are just criminals born to the Islamic religion - What’s the big deal?

Forced conversion is a bit of a joke.  You cannot force conversion – from a religious viewpoint it is irrational and therefore makes it clear that those engaged in the practice are themselves irrational.

Consider this: if two individuals, who wish to reach a common destination, are, by chance, walking down a road and come to a fork in that road … one looks to the left, one to the right, and both BELIEVE they are looking down the proper/correct fork … what is their proper action?

Should they argue over which road leads to the desired destination?  Should one force the other to take and travel THEIR fork?  Or should they each journey as they will with the one who was right achieving their goal of arriving to the destination?  What if the general destination is the same, but different specific locations are sought?  (Two Egyptians heading to the Americas – one to North, the other to South. Or to the United States and one to Maine the other Florida – same government, different state jurisdictions.)

What if both roads go to that destination – and neither has made the wrong choice?  What if neither road gets them there and both their beliefs were wrong?  But to keep it simple, let us assume one is right and the other wrong.  Will the one who is forced be grateful that they have been brought kicking and screaming to the destination?  And what if they have been brought, kicking and screaming, down the wrong road – what response are they entitled to, what punishment can they bestow upon their abductor? 

Now, what if that destination only admits those who came willingly, and what if it also bars admission to those who force others to come there?

In terms of theology – is it valid to bring someone where they do not wish to be?  If so, could not Satan grab souls off the street in the same way the Muslims grab Christian women?  Or the same way Mormons retroactively seal deceased ancestors into a religion which, during the ancestor’s life, the ancestor did not know, nor would have had any interest in knowing?

It is interesting that Al-Qaida in Iraq turned the desire of the women to revert to their faith into a cause celebre when it cited the women as the reason behind a Baghdad church siege.  NOTE that Al-Qaida murderers – those who violate the Koran by killing innocents – are championing the validity of forced conversion.  Those who, by their nature and base doctrine, violate every basic tenet of every known religion, are the ones who are at the forefront in the support of forced conversion.  Just goes to show what the true purpose and value of the underlying religion is … pure evil and mutually assured spiritual destruction.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MasterCard Attack Constitution

YAHOO NEWS reports: “MasterCard's website was shut down for much of the day on Wednesday as a group calling itself AnonOps organized a "Denial of Service" attack on the credit card giant, which had stopped processing donations for WikiLeaks after the United States criticized its release of sensitive diplomatic cables.”

Factually, MasterCard has attacked Freedom of Speech – it has effectively censored the rights of those who utilize there service … that is NOT one of their reserved rights within the service contract.  In effect, MasterCard has taken it upon itself to act as censor on behalf of subscribed financial institutions.

By rights, MASTERCARD should be sued by its users; it should be charged by a Federal  Regulatory Agency and its franchise suspended until such time as it pays restitution and putative damages … and those making the decision to deny payments are fired and, ideally, imprisoned.

Of course, it would require a just society and Federal employees who honor the United States Constitution – does anyone really believe they exist?

Most Harm to the Most People … chip away at the basic laws and foundation of the world’s leading democratic nation … it starts with institutions being allowed to censor free political speech.  (NOTE: Supreme Court has already ruled money/donations to represent protected speech).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Saudi+Bush=Al Qaeda

Opening line from “1. Wikileaks: Saudis, Gulf States Big Funders of Terror Groups by David Lev” Published by Arutz Sheva

Despite its ostensible position as one of the West's key allies in fighting Islamic terror, it turns out, via Wikileaks, that Saudi Arabia is the source of the lion's share of funding for the world's worst terror groups – including Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hamas, and others.


After first President Bush told Saddam it was OK to protect Iraq’s oil interests, the Saudi’s screamed, and Bush initiated the Gulf War.  After Bush left office, the Saudis funneled millions in no-show “consulting fees”, into Bush’s pockets, through a Canadian shell organization.  How many thousands of Americans died because Bush took “a bribe” from a terrorist financier?

Of course Saddam embarrassed Bus #1 and so Bush #2 (probably hoping to receive his own no-show income) used al Qaeda as an excuse to attack Iraq – more soldiers died through Bush’s actions that civilians died on 9/11.   More important, Bush #2 declared that Bin Laden was irrelevant to the war on terror … the leader of the Saudi funded terrorist attack on American and Europe is “irrelevant”.  The Saudi Terrorist Organization is “irrelevant”?

How much has Bush #2 made from Saudi related organizations?  How much has been funneled through his “oil business”?  How many millions have been paid “off-the-books”?  How many more Americans will die because the Saudis want us dead and our GOP leadership is on board with it?

To achieve “THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE” demands that the GOP oppose all medical coverage to an aging population; it demands that we reduce the disposable income available to those on Social Security (hence reduce the money in circulation and, through the effects of the “economic multiplier”, create a negative effect 7-10 times as large).  To create HARM requires a unity of action designed to achieve that end in a way that is “below the radar.”  Convince people that it is in their short term interest and the  will go out of their way to destroy themselves -- or their children.

In 1974, short term thinking demanded lower energy costs over conservation – to the extent that Reagan removed the symbolic (but practically effective) solar collectors from the White House.  We should have encouraged the same fuel efficiency demanded today by those nations that are NOT suffering from the economic bubble that we just witnessed bursting.  Look to the GOP and its supporters to oppose LNG ports, Wind Farms and anything else which offers long-term economic benefits.  Also look for their actions to be “backdoor” and “below the obvious, popular-media, radar.”  Anything which will HURT the Social Security recipient (approaching half the population), deny us workers for entry level positions (left vacant by the baby-bust), or reduce our competitiveness by reducing educational funding and opportunities (from kindergarten to grad-school), will be top on their agenda.  Also look for them to win win win … Americans must be proved stupid and nothing p[roves that better than voting against ones own children, or long-term interests … HENCE look to an increase in the deficits combined with, and amplified by, tax reductions.  Why not buy another Starbucks coffee today so that your grandchildren can live in poverty because they “owe-their-souls-to-(foreign)-company-stores”?   

Friday, December 3, 2010

Governor LePage ….

Does LePage want to be the Governor, the Governor who destroyed Maine, or the Governor who Moved Maine into 21st Century Leadership? Convictions will tell. What he said before election will destroy, what he says now is bland ... will he step up and actually make decisions that generate honest heat?

The name alone is enough to tell you this man will be a failure … but … as he has yet to take office, there is hope for him.

If he comes out forcefully for LNG in Calais – and if he moves to make the state self-sufficient in energy -- promoting wind, tide and LNG so that we will provide the rest of New England with power through the next century – Then he will become an historic figure in Maine history.

Otherwise, he will become a joke, an historic a-hole, another Republican bent on destroying America.

Ah the beauty of it.

Sit back and watch.  As is, Congress is now facing a debate & vote on an Energy tax.  If defeated – America will be defeated.  It is that significant.  It is framed (by the Manufacturers  Association as a jobs destruction plan … but job will be lost anyway.  They must be – demographics demand it.  The Baby-Bust demands that the number of jobs created will turn negative, as the workforce is reduced through retirement.  ONLY THE GOP are so stupid as to deny reality … only those jobs that are real – the ones that MUST be American – will continue … anything that can be outsourced shall be … we simply do not have the population to support job creation.

Moreover, the GOP is anti-immigration.  Thus there will be no workers to fill any jobs created – that’s a simple demographic reality for a shrinking population … only those jobs which are justified by the actual population are going to survive – all others shall vanish as the population shrinks.

But wait!  The average American is far too STUPID to grasp that simple reality … so politicians and the economic elite can continue to play the jobs card for at least a decade … and, in so doing, screw all those who are under 45. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tax Deduction or Tax Credit (Refundable)

I love thinking in terms of “The Most Harm to the Most People” – it introduces an “outside of the box” viewpoint for governmental and political decisions.

Consider a Tax Deduction: You earn money and deduct something against it – paying taxes on whatever is left.  If you pay no taxes, a deduction has no effect.

Who pays no taxes?  Those who don’t earn anything; those who don’t earn enough (reach an arbitrary minimum amount required to trigger tax responsibility); those who are deliberately avoiding taxes by “flying under the radar” and operating within an “underground economy”; those who are outright criminals.  Keep in mind: Filing a false tax return, or failure to file, is a crime.  Also, voluntary participation is the most efficient form of economic redistribution – either: willing participants ensuring the social welfare of their neighbors, or dominant classes finding a covert means to defraud their neighbors.  When originally proposed, Social Security was intended to be an additional tax which (1) people would be happy to pay, and (2) they would never benefit from (get their money back from) – which is why the age was set to 65 at a time when half the world population was dead before they reached the age of 35.

In the matter of Deduction verse Credit, those who pay taxes at the HIGHEST rate gain the greatest benefit from a tax deduction – therefore we can expect the ruling elite to favor tax deductions, and that those deductions will comport with the usual expenses common to the elite.  As the elite have fewer children, they would NOT favor increasing that deduction to reflect real costs.  The elite buy expensive homes and subsidize them through mortgages on which the interest is deductible – a thirty-five percent tax rate reduces a ten percent mortgage rate to 6.5 percent (other taxpayers, the poor and middle-class, pay the difference through an effective increase in their taxes).  If the elite can earn seven percent on the borrowed money (that is, the money they have invested which could have been used, without affecting their lifestyle, to pay cash for the home) they are actually earning a profit while enjoying their home.  Most investors look for a return-on-investment which is three points ABOVE mortgage rates – they seek a return which includes compensation for the historic rate of inflation.

Looking at the example of a ten percent mortgage rate: The rate of return sought would be thirteen percent; they earn $13 on every hundred borrowed, deduct $10, which saves $3.5 (paying net $6.5 from earnings) and get an additional net of $2 from the inflation return adjustment.  Thus, the true interest on the mortgage is 10-2-6.5 or $1.5.  If the investment (stock value, etc) increases at inflation, it yields an unrealized, and compounded, gain of $3 per year – a real profit of $1.5 per year in the first year which is compounded every year thereafter for the life of the mortgage and then,  when the mortgage is paid off, yields an INFLATION ADJUSTED mortgage interest amount as profit thereafter.

If you have no cash reserve to invest in place of using the funds for the outright purchase of your home, or your income is insufficient to require payment of taxes, a tax deduction serves no purpose – yields no economic benefit.  With a graduated income tax, each deduction adds to a cumulative reduction of gross income and therefore has the effect of reducing both the applied tax rate and income to which it is applied.  This introduces a quadratic equation effect into the analysis which escapes easy description – however, the effect is to increase the subsidy to rich along a bell curve at which the peak is the optimum level of compensatory investment.  There is a point at which the benefits granted to the wealthy are counter productive – top down stimulation does not work to generate economic growth, when the wealthy are already at, or have retraced over, the optimal point.

On the other hand, refundable tax credits work from the bottom up.  They subsidize the poor, while  yielding an equal dollar-for-dollar benefit to the wealthy.  Universal Healthcare is a form of credit which only hurts the private insurance companies who benefit from the same demographic effects which motivated the Kaiser to introduce the original Social Security – all insurance is something the majority are not intended to benefit from.  Note that the wealthy oppose Universal Healthcare – the cost of private care is the same for rich & poor therefore the poor pay more of their real income for it ... it is, like tax deductions, regressive – benefitting the rich while increasing the cost to the poor.

NOTE: You will not see this in the media.  At best, there is a passing reference to it.  The members of the mainstream media are in the income brackets which benefit from regressive programs and therefore will not play their proper role of informing the masses of the realities of a situation.  In fact, they will often find secondary excuses to oppose any politician who speaks for credits.  If not for the leverage (borrowing to invest) aspect in the above mortgage example, insurance companies would promote refundable credits for Healthcare and other insurance payments – this would open their customer base.  However, in terms of most non-age based insurance, the poorer the person the more likely it is that they would require payments and therefore reduce insurer profits.

Tax CREDIT – especially refundable ones – are the most socially responsible approach to taxation.  The framers of the constitution determined that those who could afford property should pay taxes – all others should be exempt.  They also determined the tax rate should be fixed and therefore progressive in the amount paid – based upon the voluntary choice of the wealthy to acquire additional taxable property.  We have a system which pays the wealthy to increase their income – by increasing the burden on the less wealthy.  This is the essence of “The Most Harm to the Most People” – the elite few benefit by inflicting hardship on a less fortunate majority.

Those who care about their neighbors; those who honor the Golden Rule; those who will do for others as they would hope others would do for them, if roles were reversed, favor refundable credits and oppose deductions.  The side benefit of this is to make it more costly to partake in criminal activity or an underground economy – because any attempt to collect the credit would expose the filer to an audit, and provide law enforcement with an additional tool in the war on drugs or other criminal activity (through granting access via another enforcement agency).

Friday, November 26, 2010

ALL STATE INSURANCE targets dummies.

I remember a Johnny Carson show … where comments were made about “The Good Hands People” and how they failed their responsibilities to customers.

That goes back a ways…. but some things never change.

I’ve been watching an inordinate amount of TV … and seeing a wealth of the  current Alls State commercials … the ones that describe your teenage son as a self-absorbed dimwit who will destroy your property.  Given the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, their target audience is IDIOT PARENTS … like you.

Then there are the commercials about deep fried turkey … and burning the house down.  Once again, obvious focus on incompetent idiots … which, again, tells us their target client.

The deer hitting the car – hold it, that’s car hitting the deer that’s just standing there … driver too dumb to hi the breaks or swerve out of the way … YEP!  All State is targeting the idiots.  The ones that will need insurance and, because it is clearly their fault, will NOT be able to collect.

There is a good reason NOT to utilize an insurance company whose unwillingness to honor claims dates to the early days of Johnny Carson & the Tonight Show.  Especially one which apparently overcharges for their policies (or they would emphasize low rates and fast claims adjustment – rather than your stupidity and the stupidity of your kids).

Prove you are the idiot All State is targeting … become a client. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It’s Demographics -- STUPID

Politicians have taken credit for demographics, and, as I have mentioned before, they prefer to ignore demographic realities now.  Case in point: the realization that the Bush Tax Cuts did nothing to improve employment and job creation – as shown in these Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Number of Jobs Added [millions]
Bush, Feb. 2001- Jan. 2009: 1.1
Clinton, Feb. 1993- Jan. 2001: 22.7
Reagan/Bush, I Feb. 1981- Jan. 1993: 18.7
Carter, Feb. 1976- Jan. 1981:10.3
Nixon/Ford, Feb. 1969- Jan. 1976: 11.3
Kennedy/Johnson, Feb. 1961- Jan. 1969: 15.7
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Seasonally Adjusted Nonfarm Payrolls

We all know about the baby boom, baby bust and related realities – but when was the last time they were a part of the Political Economic dialogue?

The Baby boom is the post WW2 period defined by the years between 1945 and 1966.  That is, in 2011, those who are between the ages of 45 and 65.  That is, we are discussing the Social Security shock which Bush 43 loved to rant about – the people he wanted to privatize so their savings would be destroyed by the current economic downturn which he caused. It is fortunate that the nation – THE DEMOCRATS didn’t buy into Bush’s stupidity. … But that’s another previously discussed issue.

The current discussion is about those job creation figures.  Let’s express them in terms of Baby Boom ages.

Number of Jobs Added [millions] by age of Baby Boom starting with the Vietnam era:
- Kennedy/Johnson, Boom in Progress and five years to go - 23: 15.7 new jobs added
Those who haven’t been drafted, or who have served, are now entering the job market.  The draft for Viet Nam actually served to slow the necessity for job creation – military aren’t counted, and many headed to college to avoid the draft & hence never entered the job market, thus no pressure for job creation.

- Nixon/Ford, Boomers are 3 - 30: 11.3 new jobs added as the Viet Nam era slows and some returning military transition into college where they join those who already entered, or are prepared to enter.

- Carter, Boomers are 10 - 35: 10.3 new jobs added …with the baby boom employed and starting families, in college or still in grade school.
- Reagan/Bush(41), Boomers are 15 - 47: 18.7 new jobs added … The bulk of the baby boom, the statistical hump, enters the work force and are employed created by the boomers who came before them.
- Clinton, Boomers are 27 - 55: 22.7 new jobs added … NOW we have the baby boom out of college (even those who when for PhD’s are in job market). The baby boomers are working, spending, and a baby bust has begun – with the resulting increase in discretionary income to squander.

- Bush(43), Boomers are 35 – 63 (working and retirement vested) : 1.1 new jobs added … Gee, retirement is a reality for the majority of the Boomers.  Need to put money aside in those last 20 years before Social Security … some have even opted for early SSI retirement at 62, or have retired at 55 (as teachers and others serving the younger Boomers – through choice or having accepted early retirement packages).

NOW REALITY SET IN.  Under Reagan/Bush America turned anti-immigrant.  There are no workers entering the economy seeking employment and those in the system are retiring and the nature of the remaining jobs has changed.  Consumer products are now imported – hence no  need for a domestic work force and therefore job creation is contracting to meet available workforce requirements.

This is where we return to “COLA” Cost of living adjustments for Social Security recipients.  We are seeing a GOP move, being considered by the Obama Whitehouse, to reduce the income needed to feed the economy … which is to say, the income that goes to the Baby Boomers who are now retiring as they turn 65.  This is a process which will continue for the next twenty years and which will peak within the next ten years.  Deprive COLA and surplus money to retirees within that period and the economy will collapse.  Pay attention to giving SSI recipients basic funds for the next twenty years, and a new generation will emerge that will carry the country forward with higher incomes and achievements.

One other reality which you’ve read here before: DO NOT LOOK TO NEW CONSTRUCTION as a measure of economic growth!   That worked until Reagan/Bush and even into Clinton, but there are no people to buy homes – the resale and renovation markets are going to prevail over the next decade.  After that, the Baby Boomers will be dying off and the housing markets will be glutted – housing prices will fall for structures that are not energy efficient and convenient to necessary services.  That house in the country will become very very cheap.  More so because there will be no young families, no schools – because we are in a baby bust.

In case you missed the point: Those born between 1967 and 1987 are NOT going to need to buy retirement homes. They will inherit them!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kosher, Halal, or High Cholesterol

The first – contained in a Catholic Synod statement issued Saturday, 23 October 2010 – declared the covenant with Abraham “abolished by the presence of Christ.”  This statement was then clarified by the American archbishop, Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros, heading the commission which issued the statement:  "For Christians, one can no longer talk of the land promised to the Jewish people… There is no longer a favored people, a chosen people; all men and women of every country have become the chosen people.”  To this was added that "chosen people" does not symbolize Judaic superiority, but  rather a right to inherit the Land of Israel and an obligation to the 613 commandments in the Bible.  As we know from the Pauline Peter/Paul doctrinal declaration, the archbishop has declared  that Jews follow Peter – the foundation upon which the church was to be built – and the Roman Catholic Church follows Paul.  Therefore as I proposed earlier, is prohibited from following any of the health codes – which brings us to a news story which appeared 24 hours later.

Consider the flood legend – and the fact that both our tribe, and the parental lineage which gave rise to the CMH, came from the Indus Valley region which is now Pakistan; now think about the devastating 2010 floods and consider a past version as a cultural memory which was used as the model for Noah.  Aside from the calendar we continue to use, Genesis tells humanity that the fruit of the trees shall be your meat – why not have meat be meat?  If we address that in the context of symbolism, where the eating fruit could result in their gaining god-like knowledge and wisdom, people, who apparently know what meat is, are told to turn vegetarian – or vegan, if the knowledge of sin is symbolic of avoiding the use of animal skins for clothing.  However, if we put aside the symbolic to focus on the factual, the introduction of fruit into the diet, and the de-emphasis of meat, meat fat – hence the introduction of dietary guidelines which reduce LDL cholesterol – is consistent with medical knowledge being both accumulated and demonstrated throughout the tribal journey.  In the  1972, when segments of American were becoming concerned over the chemicals and additives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was allowing in process meats a  kosher food producer, Hebrew National, began a highly successful advertising campaign.  The crux of the campaign was an itemization of some of the additives allowed by the FDA – including sawdust in frankfurters – followed by the statement, “we cannot, because we answer to a higher authority.”

The “conversion” of Paul has been seen as a change in tactic to achieve a consistent, and clearly stated, initial goal – to stop non-tribal members from acquiring an understanding of that archived knowledge, and so prevent them from benefitting from it.  If we examine the dietary laws – laws which Pauline Christians are expressly prohibited from following – it becomes clear that they are consistent with a diet which lowers LDL cholesterol, reducing the material from which arterial plaque develops, thereby reducing the risk of atherosclerosis – with the benefit that healthy arteries increase the flow of oxygen rich blood throughout the body.  In terms of building the neural connections associated with the acquisition, storage and utilization of knowledge, an unimpeded flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain is paramount.

The medical evidence now shows that arterial plaque begins to develop during childhood and adolescence.  While there are uncontrollable factors associated with the development of clogged brain arteries, diet is one of the most easily controlled factors.  In that context, a paper published in “Psychosomatic Medicine” (Vol. 49, No. 2 (March/April 1987)) made a high correlation in men between LDL cholesterol, plasma lipid variables, Type A behavior and hostility – the correlation in women, while still there, was significantly lower.  Another paper, in “Epidemiology and Infection” [(2010), 138:174-182, Cambridge University Press, doi: 10.1017/S0950268809990306], established “a correlation between national pig-meat consumption and mortality rates from chronic liver disease (CLD)” and determined that there was “a 10 kg higher national annual average per capita consumption of pork meat was associated with an increase in mortality from CLD of between 4 and 5 deaths/100 000 population.”  Of course, there is no way the Royal Scythians could have known this when, thirty-five hundred years ago, they barred all swine from their territory.  But with these facts in mind, let us consider this second news story – which deals with the closing of the kosher  division of an English meat packing firm whose major customer is McDonald’s.    

In response to queries as to their influence in the closing, a spokesperson for McDonald’s stated, “It is McDonald’s policy not to use meat that is religiously slaughtered, such as kosher or halal.  Following concerns that halal meat had been mistakenly used for some McDonald’s chicken products, the company asked all suppliers to ‘reiterate that their meat was not slaughtered in that way.’”  In fairness to the McDonald’s menu, it should be pointed out that the report was explicit in stating that beef consumption was not shown to be a factor in chronic liver disease mortality rates.  But there is still the issue of public health and exactly where McDonald’s stands on the use of pork, or pork products, which do adversely impact the liver.

In a related news story, the Auckland Hebrew Congregation and the Wellington Jewish Community Center issued a A statement pointing out that, “New Zealand recently became the first country in the world to outlaw kosher slaughter since the Nazis enacted similar legislation in Europe over 70 years ago. New Zealand Jews may soon be the only Jews in the world who can no longer eat chicken. Your children or grandchildren may never experience a Passover with chicken soup and matzah balls, or ask the meaning of the lamb shank on your family’s Seder plate.”

Taken together, it would appear that both New Zealand and McDonald’s have come down on the side of St. Paul and declared against the “higher authority” referred to in the 1972 advertising campaign; in the same way they have declared against slaughter standards which are certified to remove fat, and so remove a primary source of LDL cholesterol – which goes to secular, not religious, issues of public health and the joint contribution of government policies, and food industry practices, to growing obesity rates in industrialized nations.  It is also an issue which raises the also goes to the issue of why our genetic tribe chose to adopt dietary laws and practices which have been revealed to be scientifically and medically rational.  In terms of commerce, and free market decision making, our tribe has been linked to the creation of both the Silk Road to China and the Amber Road – which passes through the Russian Pale to Scandinavia.

In September 2010, Quick, a French hamburger chain trying to compete with McDonald's, began serving halal hamburgers in 22 of its 367 restaurants.  The decision by the French  franchise operation to go halal, or kosher, was made as means of raising its market share – which is one-third that of McDonald's – and was made after a six-month, eight restaurant, experiment in Muslim neighborhoods showed a doubling of business followed the hanging of certificates guaranteeing that their beef was halal.  Obviously, certified restaurants fall into the “higher authority” category with menu selections that are lower in LDL cholesterol.

In terms of available French cuisine, the Quick decision was simply emulating souvlaki shops and pizzerias which, for years, have been offering a halal guarantee.  Yet, it is  interesting that Rene Vandierendonck, the Socialist mayor of Roubaix in northern France, charged Quick with discrimination when it turned its Roubaix restaurant into a halal-only  – no similar charge was leveled at McDonald’s for its explicit refusal to cater to a potential clientele amounting to eight percent of their potential customer base (roughly five million in a total French population of sixty-two million).

In our journey we have seen socio-economic decisions based upon tribal identity, and how one of our tribe, Paul, set down a rule which had the effect of fulfilling his stated objective – to keep gentiles from being integrated into his orthodox Hebrew bloodline.  That rule, as expressed in 2010 by Archbishop Bustros, makes it clear that the “Church of Peter” follows Pauline doctrines.  Effectively, and explicitly, consigning the Ten Commandments, along with the other 603 which include health laws integrated into secular medical practices, to the Hebrews and denies them to those seeking Pauline salvation – unless, in addition to the faith requirement, all are adopted.

The heterozygote mutation which bestowed superior brain capacity, or process capacity, on the Ashkenazi, is believed to have occurred, or become evident, around the ten century.  In certain terms, it could be seen as establishing a new “Chosen People” – a genetic tribal lineage marked by increased cranial capacity, or data processing capability – in accordance with the thousand year period cited in The Book of Revelation.  In random terms, we could propose the period to extend from Paul’s death in 66CE to the 1066CE Norman Invasion of Britain under William the Conqueror.

In evolutionary-religious terms: A thousand years after the death of Jesus, evolution (the Creator) bestowed a heterozygote mutation upon the Ashkenazi-Levites.  In part it might have been due to their avoidance of pork, which would have increased blood flow to their brain and allowed additional synapse to grow.  Certainly they utilized what was available to develop their wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  In evolutionary terms,  nature chose the Levites (Ashkenazi Hebrew) to receive this mutational heterozygote advantage above all others in their genetic tribe and in the world.

It is easily explained in terms of the evolution and nature of the Yiddish language – and evolutionist could explain it in terms of event transpiring along the Roman German border region where the Jewish merchants were settled.

The cost of the heterozygote variation, if shared by both parents, was a twenty-five percent chance of a child receiving a double dose and dying from runaway neural development – conceptually, cancer of the neural pathways.  This was offset by a fifty percent chance of inheriting the beneficial mutation – with its higher intelligence potential – and a twenty-five percent chance of only average  Ashkenazi-Levite intelligence.  When, as we have seen, forced conversion was used to assimilate the Ashkenazi into the overall Germanic population, the first gentiles to experience inter-marriage received the benefit that their half-Jewish child had a chance to inherit the mutation – as high as twenty-five percent if one parent were a carrier.   Even with conversion and intermarriage, the sedentary patterns associated with gene flow would have served to retain remnants, or traces, of the mutation within a geographic region or community.   Thus, the Germans – particularly those in the eastern regions – would be expected to have higher IQ’s than other Europeans, or the Russians to their East. 

Archbishop Bustros is an idiot – and one of St. Paul’s pagan suckers – forever bared from the Salvation promised by those faithful to Peter.  And the European McDonald’s franchises are headed for serious trouble.  Not that the Jihadists are going to be any better off!   They have forgotten that the “People of the Book” are Islam’s brothers and within the Koran their equals – possibly superiors.  To attack them is to attack kinsmen and innocents – must the same as attack a mosque (which we all know Jihadists are prone to do). 

--- boy this was a long one ---

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Murders caused by Geo. W. Bush

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Note the peak deaths illustrated by this chart from “THE ECONOMIST” (online) and note the sharp drop in civilian deaths which followed the election of Obama.

On November second, the voters will decide if the party of murderers (GOP), or the party of those who treasure life (DEM) will control one, or both, Houses of Congress.

Readers of my blog – or newspaper column – will already know that I am betting on the murderers being the rulers & law makers of choice for the people of America.  The most Harm to the Most People – has always been the guiding force of the modern Republican Party.  It is now, as it has been for centuries, the guiding force of Evangelical Christians who now control that party, and the TEA PARTY.

If the GOP wins on Tuesday, you can be sure that you shall be the loser.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leaked Papers – reality exposed

On the infamous Sept 11th, 3,000 people were killed and the World Trade Center destroyed.  This was an act of criminals – professional murders who have no regard for innocent life, and who support the murder of their daughters by what they refer to as “honor killing”.

President George Bush decided to use this criminal act in two ways – first (under the cover of clear lies) he attacked a nation, Iraq, for the sole purpose of murdering its leaders … who he felt had insulted his father.  In December 2006 Bush authorization resulted in the murder of 3,800 civilians – who, like those in and around the World Trade Center, were innocent of any wrong doing.  In total, (as revealed by recently leaked government reports) Bush ordered the murder of “more than 100,000 dead from 2004 to 2009”.

Americans can be very proud of the President they twice authorized to murder innocent people.  Those who authorized (voted for) this murderer are themselves morally responsible for those deaths.  To compound the matter, they fully support Bush – and continue to support his elected backers - when Bush specifically declared the 9/11 murders to be irrelevant with regard to both their own actions and the actions taken in Iraq & Afghanistan.  It now turns out that the Bush Administration and GOP leaders knew full well where Osama Bin Laden,the criminal mastermind behind 9/11, was and that he – along with his criminal leadership - was the living in secure luxury.

Bin Laden is happy, Bush is now collecting his Presidential Pension (and also happy – laughing all the way to the bank protected by the personal security guards America provides at a cost sufficient to provide medical care to a significant number of the people paying the bill), and nobody cares.

How many more innocent people will Americans murder?  At what point do the historians decree that America entered the twenty-first century as the ultimate terrorist nation?  Do you even care?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MORE STUPIDITY – ignoring reality

On Sunday, 12 September 2010, a George F. Will article declared “Americans have good reason not to believe in Obamanomics“.

Interesting!  After the Bush deficit rocketed up, Will declares Obamanomics has achieved this: The American people “owed slightly more when the recession began, when household consumer debt was $2.6 trillion. The painful but necessary process of deleveraging is proceeding slowly: Such debt has been reduced only to $2.4 trillion.”  So the deficit has ceased its increase and been reduced by a very real $200 Billon.  Think about the percentage rate of deficit increase needed to get it to double in eight years – when the starting point was a projected surplus (thanks to Clinton) which would go for decades and eventually make the nation debt free and an unstoppable global economic powerhouse with the credit available to buy any nation.

As Will said, “Never have so many of us owed so much” – of course he fails to credit Bush and Reagan for this.  Instead he bemoans the fact that Obama’s view of economics has actually begun to reduce the national debt.  Obviously, Will just doesn’t get it!

Obamanomics seems to be working.  There is a bad housing market; much unemployment – and a total disregard for the fact that anyone with an ounce of brains knew this was going to happen at this time – and knew it forty years ago when we recognized the Baby-Boom was turning to a Baby-Bust. 

FIRST:  The Baby-Bust generation has no need to expand the number of housing units created for the Baby-Boomers … They are inheriting the homes of their parents, occupying the city residences while their parents retire to their country vacation) place.

Then there is the many houses that are simply empty – empty because they should have been filled by immigrants (like those who entered the USA after WW2) who the GOP wants to and has successfully kept out.  In addition, because the GOP has downplayed the need for conservation and underwritten the drilling for domestic oil – artificially depressing energy costs, and setting us up for disaster in fifteen years or so – there is no need to demolish the older housing stock and build new energy efficient housing.  We will – there will be a housing boom – but it will over a decade before it begins, and longer before the idiots notice.

SECOND:  The Baby-Boomers are retiring or dying.  the economy and economic models are bound to change – this is a period of adjustment which will continue for five years before it stabilizes.  Then we will see a period of fifteen to twenty years  before the first Baby-Buster creates a need for a new model to accompany their retirement.

If we don’t get our economic house in order –- if we don’t reduce the deficit as a percentage of GDP to the levels it was at prior to Reagan – we can happily look forward the the failure of the Great experiment.

The right-wing evangelicals will get their war, and their KING, and their slavery … but they will be dead and it will be our great-grandchildren who will have to endure and correct.

There is one eternal truth: Those who wish the Most Harm to the Most People will not cease in their efforts – because they are helped by intellectuals like George F Will.   Intellectuals who refuse to use their mental capacity to recognize what is being done, and needs to be done.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why Obama is President…

Obama Understands – GOP hasn’t a clue:

WASHINGTON, 10 September 2010 — President Obama gave an impassioned call on Friday for tolerance and better relations between Muslims and non-Muslims at home and abroad, defending the “inalienable rights” of those who worship Islam to practice their religion freely.

“We have to make sure that we don’t start turning on each other,” he said. “And I will do everything that I can, as long as I am president of the United States, to remind the American people that we are one nation, under God. And we may call that God different names, but we remain one nation. And, you know, as somebody who, you know, relies heavily on my Christian faith in my job, I understand, you know, the passions that religious faith can raise.”

“This country stands for the proposition that all men and women are created equal, that they have certain inalienable rights,” Mr. Obama said. “And what that means is that if you could build a church on a site, you could build a synagogue on a site, if you could build a Hindu temple on a site, then you should be able to build a mosque on the site.”

Our Troops are “out there putting their lives on the line for us,” Mr. Obama said. “And we’ve got to make sure that we are crystal clear for our sakes and their sakes: they are Americans and we honor their service. And part of honoring their service is making sure that they understand that we don’t differentiate between them and us.


American extremists (Inquisitor and Nazi want-a-be’s) want to promote ignorance.  They want Creationism to replace science; they underfund education and reduce taxes for the nobility (wealthy merchants of fraud who ship American next generation hi-tech energy producing jobs to China).

Wait for it – American will soon decide if they wish to implode or return to another five decades of prosperity.  It all depends on how many GOP victories there are in November.  Ideally, the pendants will be wrong and the Democrats will gain seats.

On the other hand, the first step in the destruction of the USA is to extend the Tax Cuts for the wealthy. With a deficit of 13 Trillion, the cuts have contributed 1.7 Trillion. Reagen doubled the debt (which was a a century low when Carter left office), Clinton stopped the hemorrhaging of money out of the nation (China was buying the debt) and started to get our fiscal house in order; Bush came in and doubled the debt again and added to that a costly military action which targeted the wrong people, and on top of that, added a major recession. Now Obama is getting a tourniquet on that newest GOP economic hemorrhage -- and the GOP is doing all in its power to both remove it, and cut open a major artery.



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pastor Terry Jones -- any relation to "Jonestown" ;-D

Washington Post report: “KABUL - Gen. David H. Petraeus on Tuesday denounced plans by a Florida church to burn copies of the Koran this weekend, … It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems”

Yep and it is also the kind of action which is consistent with the Nazis, and which marks the history of Inquisitions, Witch Trials, and burning people alive – typical for their ilk. Also consistent with those who eventually vote Republican … watch … listen … take note of how quiet the Florida Republicans and Bush family will be on the matter.

Watch … listen … take note of how quiet the National Republicans and RNC will be on the matter. Watch them turn their attention to the destruction of our economy … Watch them focus on saying NO to jobs and improvement of the nation.

The roads in this nation are a disgrace.

As reported in a NY Times article, Obama recently indicated, “Republicans are betting that between now and the Nov. 2 elections, Americans will forget the Republican economic policies that led to the recession. He said Republicans have opposed virtually everything he has done to help the economy, and have proposed solutions that have only made the problem worse.”

SPEAKING IN MILWAUKEE, Obama stated, "That philosophy didn't work out so well for middle-class families all across America. … It didn't work out so well for our country. All it did was rack up record deficits and result in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression."

The GOP, and Nazis running that Florida Church, work on a simple basis: people are to stupid and evil to really care about their fellow man or the dictates of their religion …

Try thinking, DO UNTO OTHERS.

Burn their scripture and sit quiet because you have authorized them to burn yours. Burn their people alive and remember, by doing so, you authorized them to burn you alive … the dictate is simple: do not do to another that which you would find hateful if done to you.

The corollary is basic – what you do to another you are authorizing (& welcoming) their doing to you. The people in Florida want a war with Islam … they want it to be a Holy War … and they will die … die because the followers of Islam out number these pitiful sects of disbelievers … these anti-Christ types who want death, destruction, hardship and poverty to rule the world.

Three cheers for Florida … it’s setting the course for a history that will bring about the end of America … that Americans want to follow that course will be proved in the November mid-term elections.

Nice to identify the NAZIS in Florida ... seems there is one for every state in the union -- plus a leader.
From the NY Times:
"Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, which has about 50 members, said he understands the government's concerns but plans to go forward with the burning Saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of the attacks.

"He left the door open to change his mind, saying he is still praying about his decision, which was condemned Tuesday by an interfaith coalition that met in Washington to respond to a spike in anti-Muslim bigotry."

What's neat -- the Vatican, which was quiet during the rise of Naziera (which effectively was working on the Vatican agenda) has now, through Tuesday's Vatican newspaper, published an article in which Catholic bishops, including Archbishop Lawrence John Saldanha of Lahore, Pakistan, criticized Jones' plan. Of course, given the prophecy (by a 12th century Monk who has yet to be wrong) that this Pope is the last-but-one, the Vatican needs to play it safe -- otherwise they would again be calling for a Holy Crusade (Christian Jihad). Poor babies ... doomed to see the last in their line -- sometime around the spring of 2013. LOL Just to pick a time out of thin air)
From Washington Post: September 9, 2010 5:15:16 PM
"GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- A Christian minister in Florida is canceling plans to burn Korans on Sept. 11, heeding an international outcry that drew criticism from President Obama and religious and political leaders across the Muslim world.

"Rev. Terry Jones of the Dove Outreach Center also said that the leader of a Muslim group that wants to build a 13-story Islamic center and mosque near Ground Zero has agreed to relocate the center. The agreement could not immediately be confirmed."

YEA TEAM -- another Hitler wan'ta'be backs down (for now) ... but look for more saber-rattling from those who want to return to Inquisitions and Witch burning ... A PEW STUDY, comparing income and religious intensity across nations, found that there is an inverse relationship between the personal incomes (and GDP) and the religious intensity of the nation. The more religious the poorer the nation. At the moment, the United States is on the borderline -- we are still weal;thy, but our religious zeal has yet to cross the 60% threshold where nations turn "third world". We are getting there, and the current economic problems are the first signs of the "Evangelical Effect" on income. SHALL WE PRAY -- LOL
AH the fun of it:
YAHOO NEWS 8:45 Pastor says Quran-burning suspended, not canceled
By ANTONIO GONZALEZ, Associated Press Writer Antonio Gonzalez, Associated Press Writer

"GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The anti-Muslim leader of a tiny Florida church says he was lied to and is rethinking his decision to cancel burning Qurans to mark 9/11."

"Pastor Terry Jones earlier Thursday had backed off his threat to burn the Quran after he said he was promised that a planned Islamic center and mosque would be moved away from New York's ground zero. Muslim leaders denied there was such a deal.

"Later outside his church he said that the imam he thought he made the deal with "clearly, clearly lied to us" about moving the mosque."

AH THE WOULD-BE-HITLER continues his papal move to initiate a global Crusade to surpass those of the Catholic leader. The real move is the one that wants to build a Christian Center smack dab in the middle of the WTC ruins. But you knew that was in the cards ... I pointed out thae possibility in earlier posts ...

9/11 is a Christian holiday ... bow down and worship their lord and master ... SATAN.

I assume you'll happily devote yourselves and your children to the death march in foreign lands `... poverty ... third world existence ...

OH DID YOU READ ABOUT SOLAR POWER? Remember when Jimmy Carter put collectors on the Whitehouse? Wanted to get us energy independent ... Reagan make a big show of taking them down -- before he doubled the national debt. Any case ... Seems China is now the world leader in the production of Solar cells! We, and everyone, are buying the collectors from China ... China is the leader in jobs related to is self-sufficient power -- which also means they will be the self-sufficiency leader.
GEE the GOP answer is to ship jobs to China and fund the transfer with tax breaks for the wealthy -- so they can also ship there money out before our economy goes bye-bye.

ON YOUR KNEES -- !SUCKERS! ... in November you'll vote them the power to destroy your families.
Breaking News: NAZI PASTOR, Terry Jones, RUNS FOR COVER ... tiem isn't yet right for the new Inquisitions ... wait for it ;-D
Breaking News Alert: Fla. pastor says his church will never burn Quran (Saturday) September 11, 2010 8:4:18 AM ... In an interview with MSNBC on Saturday, Florida Pastor Terry Jones said that his church will never burn a Koran, even if a mosque is built near ground zero.

New Mexico – Honor, or Dishonor

Again from the New York Times: “BILL RICHARDSON, New Mexico’s departing governor, is known for his studied sense of theater. But when he recently declared that he would hold a hearing to consider a posthumous pardon for the state’s most notorious resident — William Bonney, a k a Henry McCarty, a k a Billy the Kid — a lot of us wondered if he had lost his mind.”

Why the pardon?

“At issue is a deal made in 1879 by one of Mr. Richardson’s predecessors, Lew Wallace (later the author of “Ben-Hur”). Wallace promised to grant Billy the Kid amnesty for murders he committed during the so-called Lincoln County War if he would testify about a killing he had witnessed; the Kid testified, but Wallace’s men reneged on the deal. Two years later Pat Garrett, the sheriff of Lincoln County, shot and killed the outlaw.’

OK – short answer … it is NOT what folk legend William Bonney did, or did not do -- that’s just smoke and mirrors by those who, today, are imposing their immorality upon the nation and are thus destroying it.

The real issue here is: Can someone trust the Government – be it State or Federal – to honor its own statements, and, by extension, its own laws?  Or are government officials immoral and corrupt?

The answer will be made clear by the actions of New Mexico.  If New Mexicans are honorable and worthy of trust, the Pardon will be granted -– as originally negotiated and promised.  If New Mexico is dishonorable and its people unworthy of being called Americans, they will reject the Pardon that their predecessors agreed to … Bonney kept his part of the agreement … given the time that has passed, and the fact he was killed before the State acted, it is not a purely symbolic act. 

Symbolically, New Mexicans are either lower than dirt and doomed to exist in the deepest  levels of Hell, or are honorable people worthy of national respect in other matters reflecting their current ability to render just and honorable judgment.

Wonder where they stand on the Arizona Immigration Law?  The Washington Post concluded an article on that bit of fluff with the statement: “Either Arizona lawmakers will have to learn that constitutional and moral principle, or they will have to take the Golden Rule off our license plates.”

Yep New Mexico is faced with a GOLDEN RULE choice: If their state made an agreement with them, and they fulfilled their part of the bargain, would they want the state to renege?  How would they feel about that?  As they do to Bonney, so the state, and nation, will henceforth be free to do to them.

As to them enjoying an eternal vacation in Hell –- Golden Rule happens to the the only criteria agreed to by ALL the world’s major religions.  It is the single criteria of faith … and has been for at least six thousand years … it is stated in the ancient tombs of the first Dynastic Egyptian period; in the ancient Sanskrit texts and traditions going back to 3125BCE; in the ancient first dynastic era in China …

This is not about Bonney – it is about New Mexico and New Mexicans … they give the pardon or accept damnation.  And how you decide … the position you take on the issue … determines how you generally decide … and that attitude determines your fate.

Arianna Huffington: Third World America: Why I Wrote the Book and What We Need to Do to Save America's Middle Class : Growing up in Greece, everyone knew someone who'd left to find a better life in America. That was the phrase everyone associated with America: "a better life." When I came to live here in 1980, I knew there was no other place I'd rather live. Thirty years later, I still feel that way. But something went wrong -- terribly wrong -- and put our country on a very dangerous path that threatens to transform us into Third World America. It's a jarring phrase, I know, but I decided to make that the title of my new book, which is being released today, as a warning -- to make it clear that if we don't change course that could very well be our future. But the book is not just a critique of the many ways things are broken -- it's a practical guide for how to fix them.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Palestinians & Republicans – both camps are populated by idiots


Gleaning words from  the Jewish Daily Forward article: ”Boycotted, Bothered and Bewildered Good Fences” By J.J. Goldberg (Published September 01, 2010, issue of September 10, 2010.)  We find that there is a reason the Israeli IQ is significantly lower than the general IQ of Jews.  (And now are displaying behavior I have routinely associated with the American Republican Party)

“Israel … now faces a concerted effort by Palestinians under its rule to isolate the Israeli settlers living among them in the West Bank. … The weapon of choice is a boycott of settlement-based products, services and jobs.  And Jerusalem doesn’t have a clue what to do about it.”

OK There you have the first problem – The Government is too stupid to bask in the stupidity of the Palestinians.  If the products are worth producing, and therefore worth having,  the Palestinians will need to replace their sources – so the question is, are the new sources cheaper than the current one being boycotted?  If not, than the Palestinians will inflict economic hardship on themselves to a greater and more sustained level than they will on Israel.  SO WHY SHOULD ISRAEL CARE !?! 

“The problem is that this is unlike any boycott Israel has faced before. For one thing, it’s working. Israeli news reports tell of factories shutting down and millions of shekels lost.”  Again the question – were the products worth producing … if the boycott can have than effect, than the market was too limited.

NOW THIS IS OVERBOARD: “Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin called it “a declaration of war against Israel.” The Yesha Council, which represents Jewish settlers in the West Bank, called it “economic terrorism.””  Of course the Palestinians are at war with Israel … they would rather be at war than produce anything productive or better their living conditions and the prospects for their children … these are people who have call themselves refugees since the 1930’s … these are people who have achieved nothing!  Have no prospects for achievement!  Add nothing to the human condition and world as a whole!  Of course they are at war:  Then are junk yard dogs barking and biting … but worthless in any civilized setting.

Now consider this: “For another thing, this boycott isn’t exactly anti-Israel in the normal sense. Up to now Israel has argued to foreign governments and universities, mostly successfully, that an across-the-board boycott of Israeli products and institutions is an attack on the Jewish state itself, not on any particular policy. That proves that Israel’s foes are bent on destroying it, not merely changing it. But the new campaign attacks only a specific policy, and a highly controversial one at that: building an Israeli civilian presence in the still-disputed territory captured in 1967.  There’s no challenge to Israel proper or its economy; Palestinian leaders have stated repeatedly.”

SO!  What’s the big deal.  These guys don’t want construction in Israeli territory … Territory that Israel owns only because these Palestinians idiots were stupid enough to start a war they couldn’t win  – an act taken in conjunction with Arab idiots, like those who are disrupting peace in third world countries across the globe.

Palestinians want to be poor and suffer … it’s their thing in life.  They think suffering is what makes a Jew, and they are desperate to become the new Jews.  Islamic people always have been desperate to become Jews – they were, after all, before the Arab invasions, originally of the Ten Tribes … Palestinian DNA affirms that connection.  That’s why they were formed around being Kosher and their prophet moved to, and organized in, a Jewish town.  Only problem … these idiots are too stupid to know their own history and genetics.

But, of course, ”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in May, that Palestinian boycotters only “hurt themselves.””  Obviously Netanyahu knows reality when he sees it.

“Even more awkward, the boycott is an embodiment of something Israel has been demanding for years: that Palestinians pursue their goals non-violently. Boycotts are not violent. Dubbing a settlement boycott illegitimate suggests, in effect, that Palestinians have no right to pursue their goals at all.”  Which only goes to prove that there are low IQ individuals in the Knesset  -- but didn’t they get quoted ??? Yep the idiots speak out (Does remind me of Sarah Palin and her Tea Party friends).

Now to more idiots – actors seeking publicity through stupidity (Think Roseanne Barr) who announced their own boycott “in late August by a group of Israeli theater personalities, who vowed not to perform in West Bank settlements. The announcement singled out the bustling West Bank town of Ariel, population 17,000, where a $10 million government-funded municipal auditorium is scheduled to open in November. The auditorium’s schedule for the opening season was published August 25, featuring appearances by major repertory theater companies including Habimah and the Cameri. In response, two actors announced on August 26 that they would not participate.”


OK answer here … fire the actors … black list them … they are too stupid to be role models for a prosperous nation.

“Culture Minister Limor Livnat, who oversees theater subsidies, said the actors are “dividing Israeli society and spreading hate.” Other Likud lawmakers are demanding that funds be cut to any theater that employs actors who refuse to perform.”

Yep!  Obviously there are intelligent people in the Israeli government …”  And get this, “…  the actors could even be charged under a pending Knesset bill that outlaws public support for boycotts against Israel.”  If the bill is enacted in a timely fashion.  Note that the Bill, like the GOP & Arizona anti-immigration actions, is the product of idiots which will ultimately affect their fellow idiots.

Bottom line, those who wish to hurt themselves will always achieve their goal.  That they hurt innocents as well is a trademark of their stupidity and disrespect for their creator (who they generally, often universally, assert to be supporting).  We do not do to another what we would find hateful if done to us.  Simple rule – seldom followed by either Palestinians or Republicans.   

(For specific article and more on these fun & games:  J.J. Goldberg  blogs at

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stock Market Cycle

So far, investors are pulling out of their Mutual Funds and avoiding the Stock market.  ! STUPID !

Risk aversion makes sense – but not after a crash.  The time to be risk averse is when everything looks great and the bubble is growing.  This week the DOW went below 9000 and then bounced back 200 points.  Back in March 2009, the DOW fell to a low of 6626 … scary … but in terms of the time period, that was a “farmed” double bottom relative to October 2002.

REALITY – the financial people who love the GOP so much looked at at the Bush election and panicked … hence the 1999 problems.  The optimists – those who believed the ride could never end and affirmed that belief by buying into the housing and debt bubbles – carried the market to its 2000 high.  Thereafter the bought the bubbles and the market fell from the money being sucked out – until it hit a cyclical bottom.

We are now in a trading range … and could remain between 14000 and 8000 until 2025 – or more likely the 2028 election cycle.  People who are twenty today will only be 38 and approaching their professional peak at age 40 – with 25 years left before retirement.  Those who are approaching forty will be in their late fifties and on the way to final planning before retirement.  At that point, the DOW will be racing, or rocketing, upwards to break 20000 and beyond.  Those who wish to become VERY RICH will be investing in the stock market NOW – or, over the next six years.

IF the 2012 election evicts Obama, the market could fall below the 6000 level (but not below 5000).  If GOP, whoever is elected will either be a one term President, or the President who wages the first phase of the Third World War.  Remember, wars are profitable and yield boom time in their aftermath.  Also, a war, which will devastate populations around the world and be heralded as the predicted apocalypse, would reverse the baby-bust and stabilize resource consumption with resource availability…  more likely, there will be no “biblical apocalypse” and conflicts will be limited and truly devastating only to those stupid enough to initiate them.  We can expect the Arabs, with their average IQ of 85, to be the ones who initiate the problems of the next two decades.

By 2035, Oil will cease to be king.  Israel, if the current repots of oil and gas finds prove accurate, will have more than ample resources to power their military and decimate those nations which are intentionally subjugating the Palestinians and denying them productive integration and full membership in the Arab world.  There is no rational reason for refugees to still exist – other than the Arab League laws which designated refugee status to the children and grandchildren of those refugees from the 1930’s (yep pre-Israel & Hitler).  The Arab League is the continuation of the Nazis with who they aligned in the 1930’s and 40’s – and, as was stated during the 60’s with regard to the racists holding down the blacks, find they must must get into the mud in order to keep the Palestinians there.   Given their oil resources, the Arabs should have surpassed -- in general wealth, trade and education – the accomplishments of their medieval ancestors.  Unfortunately, they have become enamored with the idea of being idiots attempting to reinstate the Inquisition as an Islamic cause. !!! STUPID !!! (ok … there is clearly a competition between fundamentalists – Christian and Islamic – for how can establish their claim to the lowest levels of hell … but that’s another issue)

In any event … NOW is the time young investors should be looking for buying opportunities.  Curiously, secure bond investments – held properly – could be used to leverage investment loans.  Borrowed capital makes sense when the effective interest rates are at or below historic inflation rates – and can be offset by bond interest to … over the long term .. generate zero risk stock portfolios with explosive long term potential.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washington Post still doesn’t get it

Today, 25 August 2010, the Washington Post reported:

“The Commerce Department says new home sales fell 12.4 percent in July from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 276,000, the slowest on record dating to 1963.
”The numbers are the latest sign that the economic recovery is fading.”

When will they put the demographic data together with the housing data and realize that the housing data is no longer a reliable source for evaluating the economy?

Our population is going into negative growth.  It doesn’t matter how it continues to grow, the growth rate is lower than the available housing stock.  Older houses are inefficient – therefore they have been replaced with newer, energy efficient, homes at a rate comparable to the population changes attributable to the maturing of the depleting portion of the Baby-Boom generation (those born before 1966 who became first time home owners before 1996).

So long as we have insufficient immigration -- to replenish the declining native population – there will be a surplus of older homes.  That surplus creates a market effect which reduces the demand for new homes (the more efficient older homes, and those situated in warmer climates, will continue to sell at a diminishing pace).  Older homes which are inefficient will be purchased for their LOTS – the building torn down and either turned into lawns for an adjacent property, or replaced with a new end efficient home.

We can expect a slowdown in construction of apartment houses, office buildings, and even shopping malls.  However, there will be significant growth in  – if the Republicans cease their opposition to – Green Energy providers … Wind Farms, Solar, Tidal, geothermal and other energy providing technologies yet to be revealed, developed, or discovered.  The totality of our society is in for a dramatic change which is rendering conventional economic indicators virtually worthless.

Of course, we might also be heading for some cataclysmic variation on a modernistic stoneage – again, this depends on the ability of an element within our society to promote sustained global conflict.  On the global level, the choice is between quick violent, totally destructive, responses – or, the prolonged, “feet on the ground” approach which gives an advantage to insurgents and those fighting on their own turf … it’s a matter of supply lines, energy requirements, and the resources to maintain them.  No single nation has the domestic resources to fight (in the “conventional” manner) conflicts half-way around the world.  The only ones whop can fight such wars are those who engage in insurgent or anarchist tactics.

But, once again, We cannot rationally expect the Washington Post to grasp that reality either.      

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Again the GOP Hypocrisy

New York Times,  August 23, 2010, “A Real Debate on Taxes” … and a great line of reality:

“The Republicans are insisting on extending each and every one of the tax cuts forever. It is impossible to square that demand with their calls to reduce the deficit, so they do not even try.”

Fiscal Conservatism is based on BORROW & SPEND economics.  It would be no different than declaring that we should not work – rather we should all acquire credit cards and just spend.  Pay the cards?  Nope we will use a card to pay a card and then a card to pay that … until we die and our estate must pay.  Ultimately, the beauty of the matter is that our estate will never have to pay – the security on the card is not our assets, but rather our word.

What value the word of the dead?

Yes!  The Republicans and their evangelical base has decided that America – The United States -- shall die.  The Democracy … our Democratic Republic … shall be replaced by a Theocracy.  The dream of the evangelicals, the basis of all their beliefs and customs, is an end to democracy and a return to the aristocracy based upon the DIVINE RULE of a KING.

Every apocalyptic believer prays for the overthrow of democracy and the return to a KINGDOM of mindless serfs and slaves whose only occupation is to bow and worship.  There will be no freewill … because the world will be a world of slaves.

Come November – we will freely grant them their desire.  We will yield our freedom to the BORROW & SPEND reality that will bring an end to our nation and the freedoms … the human free will … it stands for.

Idiotic Analysts

With their report on the decline in previously occupied housing sales,

has today established they need to hire competent reporters.

OK … the opening line is cool: “WASHINGTON -- Sales of previously occupied homes plunged last month to the lowest level in 15 years, despite the lowest mortgage rates in decades and bargain prices in many areas.”

But the promotional line contained in the e-mail notification:  “Sales of previously occupied homes unexpectedly plunged 27 percent in July from a month earlier to 3.83 million…”  now this is reveals the stupidity of the writer and editor.

You don’t see it?  Read it again … and consider that one word: “unexpectedly”!  Really?  Has there staff no concept of Baby Boom?  Are they completely ignorant of demographics?  The whole article makes good points about intelligent economic decision making – but to read it, you realize that the writer was completely out of that loop.

Quick Lesson:

1. Baby Boomers are turning 65.

2. People retire at 65 (they have option to retire at 62 and the economy is giving perks to early retirees – who get shifted to other areas of corporate & governmental balance sheets and budgets – where the governmental often allows for full retirement after 55).

3. If you retire, you don’t need to live near work – so you sell your existing home (but it isn’t selling in this market).  On the other hand, record low mortgages, tax incentives and poor investment performance,  make it economically wise – given that you will retire in a few months or, at most, within two years -- to buy that retirement home now.

4. Buy now?  Use your reduced nest-egg?  Hum?  On the face, for some (the young reporter under 50, for example), this might not make sense.  But for those who know money, you invest in a house that will grow in value (because it is a retirement location – low energy needs, low maintenance, and low mortgage).  The home you have isn’t going to sell today – but you don’t need the money:  a) you have your nest-egg to cover you; b) you’re working and can cover the debt; c) the economy, & your investments, will improve in a year or so – and your existing home will probably sell by then.  d) even if you need to drop your asking price later, there is no reason to drop it now.  If your investments do well, they will offset a later reduction in asking price.  If they do poorly – well – the nation will be going down the crapper with no possibility of retire and you take what you can get … in any case, you will have the option of staying or moving … and if moving, you had time to get the new place in order without having the work done “over your head” with you living in the dirt and mess.

Right now we are seeing the start of the economic gambles – the ones that will “last a lifetime.”

Housing is NOT a viable economic indicator!

The housing market is distorted by the retirement needs of the Baby Boom generation.  Housing prices will begin to plummet for real within the next ten years – while land prices in various regions will climb.  People are going to be building new homes – not claiming older ones.

You’ll see the first signs when you realize just how many older homes are being knocked down and the lots turned into yards for the neighboring houses.  It will not pay to carry the taxes on the old place – and there will be nobody to buy it.  This will be exacerbated by a strong Republican showing on the issue of immigration – without immigrants seeking a better life, there will be nobody to purchase your old life.

But HEY!  Who gives a shit!  Those of us who are already retired are only interested in whether or not our kids want our place when we die.   And even there –- unless they are having kids of their own –- unless our place is as energy efficient as possible –- unless we are situated in a location where the property taxes are low – the house will be abandoned, because nobody wants to, or needs to, buy or occupy it.

If you want to use abandoned, or soon to be abandoned, house sales as a measure of economic growth … ok … but that is, in reality, traditional Republican economic idiocy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosque Temple Church & Disrespect

There is a quasi-universal doctrine: “Don’t do to another, what you would find distasteful if done to you.”  The rightwing neocons seem to have been joined by the Anti-Defamation League and other idiots in protesting an Islamic cultural center containing a prayer room.

Horror of Horrors!  The idea that the neocons -– with the backing of the jerks at Fox News -- are opposing is basically the development of a piece of lower Manhattan real estate … a  shuttered Burlington Coat Factory store one block from the New York Dolls Gentlemen’s Club.   Phrased another way, instead of installing another private strip club for Wall Street con artists, someone actually wants to improve the area.  Naturally, anything that doesn’t involve Borrow & Spend credit card living is opposed by the Republican Party and those rare Democrats determined to assist in the destruction of America.

In the New York Times of August 21, FRANK RICH points out the degree to which these anti-American idiots are undermining the “Afghan War” and the work of General Petraeus.  Of course, these neocons are the very people who have, for the past nine years, promoted that conflict.  Why would they want to undermine it?  Could it be that they are deeply afraid that, like Iraq, the Obama Administration will actually resolve matters – will actually save American lives by not placing our troops in harms way?

OF COURSE!  The neocons want to kill young Americans.  That has been their objective all along.  al Qaeda kills a few thousand and destroys some real estate, and Bus & his neocon bosses immediately set upon a campaign which foremost declares Bin Laden (and effectively al Qaeda) irrelevant in their “War on Terror”, and then ensure the death of twice as many Americans as al Qaeda could ever kill.

Has nobody been paying attention?  al Qaeda attacks the Islamic faithful – it sponsors the murders of pilgrims on the way to pray at Mecca; it kills Islamic women and children in Arab market places; it kills Islamic women and children on the roads to school,  shopping, and places of worship.  Al Qaeda is dedicated to killing as many followers of Islam as it can – so long as they are actually adhering to the true dictates of their faith.  Of course, with the economic support of al Qaeda funds, many Republicans dutifully support the effort and dictates of Bin Laden – did he not (in the 1990’s) declare he wanted Saddam Hussein dead & gone?  Did Bin Laden not say he wanted the American deficit to be a Trillion Dollars?  Did not Bush dutifully comply – doubling the national debt in the process?

There is a well known adage – known through many versions & phrasings -- “that which does not kill me makes me stronger.”  Those who know history know that oppression and bigotry culls the weak, unifies the oppressed, and eventually yields a stronger people; a people dedicated to the defeat of their oppressors.  If Bin Laden can create anti-Islamic feelings, he can safely kill the good and just, while unifying the stupid into a suicidal force which can be used to the greedy.  Who are the greedy?  The Republicans who insist upon borrow & spend policies and refuse to pay their fair share for the safety of us all – and the security of their own wealth.

That’s right.  The Borrow & Spend – reduce taxes for the rich – policies of the GOP will, inevitably, lead to the backers of those GOP policies losing all they have and becoming servants to the al Qaeda leaders of tomorrow.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Damnation for GOP - Bush

Interesting, GOP has yelled at Obama for NOT wanting to spend money … or more appropriately, not wanting to follow its historic pattern of BORROW & SPEND and let the burden on future generations be damned.

Now we have an MI5 Spy Chief affirming what we knew at the time … Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

To the contrary, Bin Laden was on record as say he wanted the Iraq government out – so that his al-Qaeda forces could get in … and George Bush, with the full unquestioning support of the GOP, was happy to do Bin Laden’s bidding. 

On  Tue Jul 20, Associated Press Writer David Stringer, reported:  LONDON – The war in Iraq led to a loss of focus on the threat from al-Qaida, emboldened the group's leader Osama bin Laden, and helped to breed a generation of homegrown terrorists, Britain's former domestic spy chief told an inquiry Tuesday.

"There was no credible intelligence to suggest that connection and that was the judgment, I might say, of the CIA," said Eliza Manningham-Buller (director of the MI5 agency between 2002 and 2007), "It was not a judgment that found favor with some parts of the American machine."

Bush had no interest in Bin Laden – he is on record as declaring the al-Qaeda leader and his staff as irrelevant to his alleged “war on terror” – instead his sole objective was to use the destruction of the Trade Center as an excuse to invade Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein.

Don’t you just love it?  Don’t you love the fact that, having doubled the National debt and plunged the nation into a Recession, matched only by what was called The Great Depression, Bush finds solace in boasting that there was no second attack.  Like what could al-Qaeda do to top the destruction Bush was bringing to the nation – or, what could al-Qaeda do which would provide better recruitment?  A failed attack would only hurt al-Qaeda, a successful attack?  What target?  It was long known that a strong wind was enough to distort the structure and freeze the Trade Center elevators … what other structure is know to be that vulnerable?   What could top blowing a hole in the Pentagon?  What?  An attack on a copper statue?  Crash into Miss Liberty and underscore the GOP hatred for immigrants?  What does that achieve?

NOPE!  The reality which was known at the time, and is now coming to light (if only for future discussion by historians interested in the demise of American), establishes clearly that THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE (Grand old) PARTY … be they having tea or not … is, will forever be, the most instrumental al-Qaeda tool for the end of America as a world leader and economic force.

AH the fun of it.   It has taken over 40 years, but the HIPPIES cum YUPPIES are finally on the verge of getting what they called for … and it will be their money, and the wealth of the children their children have decided not to have, who are the recipients of their achieved desire.

No immigration … and there are no workers to pay taxes … no taxes no debt payment … and Greece becomes a feeble example of what America shall become … YEA GOP!  

Monday, July 19, 2010


Isn’t enough that a segment of Islamists are habitually dishonest and promote murder.  Now the Israel government – though the  Shabak (Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet) is not only doing the same thing, but compounding its immorality and dishonesty by seeking to hold its informal agent liable for the action.

Chaim Perlman, a 30-year-old father of three is not being held under arrest on suspicion of killing four Arabs 12 years ago following a wave of terrorism.  A tape of a Shabak agent meeting with Perlman several weeks ago and enticing him to kill Islamic Movement chief Raed Salah was released to the media last week, and quite properly, prompted tremendous criticism of the methods of the Shabak's Jewish section. In another tape, Perlman is heard admitting to having fought physically with Arabs on occasion.

Is fighting with the same as killing?  And more important, were the Shabak agent arrested for the murders he promoted?  Were his informed superiors – the ones who authorized the murders – arrested?  If the matter was national defense, there is no crime.  If the matter is one of promoting murder by a citizen – hence trading on that individual’s Nationalistic instincts in order to commit a murder – than the agent, or agents, involved are the murderers… and should be imprisoned in the deepest hole available … or better … turned over to Islamic authorities (if they have jurisdiction) for punishment.

How is the Shabak handling the matter?  They are preventing Perlman from having any contact with a lawyer – they are effectively denying him the right to self-defense.   The Shabak agents are showing themselves to be the most despicable of  people – even, one might argue, more despicable than the Arab terrorists who commit suicide bombing and murder innocent people -- in violation of the Koran prohibition against the harming of innocents.  On that level, the Israeli Government is no better than the average Imam – neither upholds the laws they are sworn to adhere to.

The answer is simple – set Perlman  free and return him to his family, or arrest the Shabak agents and convict them of their role in planning, or carrying out, murders against residents in Israeli territories.

Comments of the “Doctrine of Faith”

Prior to the year 66, St. Paul invented the “Doctrine of Faith” as a means of countering the conversions being carried out by St. Peter.  The adage “If you can’t beat them, join them” comes into play – if you cannot defeat an adversary from without, do so from within – explore their weakness and turn it against them.  Paul was wise, he was a self-proclaimed “Hebrew among Hebrews” who  stated that he never broke the commandments/Law – one law required that he accept those who converted to Mosaic teachings which he referred to as “The Circumcision”.

In Hebrew law, it is demanded that we, “love the convert, for you too were strangers in the land of Egypt" (Deuteronomy 10:19).  The strangers spoken of were the proto-Hebrews Hyksos nomads who conquered territories and then absorbed the children and virgins into their numbers – a fact clearly described in the Exodus story.  Subsequently, conversion became more of an intentional matter – one which reflected a desire to learn, prosper, and escape the hardship of a world based upon blind obedience to some king.  Granted, to follow the path of wisdom – be it through the model of Buddha, Confucius, or the Hebrew model  – is not easy; it requires a break from the people, customs and traditions of youth and take on the rules of good hygiene and intellectual development as established by an ancient culture, but promoted in the halls of modern academia and practiced everyday by the most advanced nations on earth.   In ancient times, the conversion was difficult – as St Paul realized and traded upon when he decided that the goals of good health and education should be forbidden in the name of faith.  If we look to Paul’s practices, we see a man who would not violate the law – and was proud of that fact – so he did not directly confront Peter’s teachings, but rather went to the territories Peter had yet to visit and only there presented his counter-position.  Of course, the beauty of it came others  wrote prophecies about the anticipated outcome: That those who came by faith  would not be recognized by the one who was to judge and clearly stated that not a letter of the law was to be changed or erased.  Recall that, faced with a potential convert who demanded to be taught all of the law while the teacher stood on one foot,  Hillel the Elder, stood on one foot and said: “That which is undesirable to you, do not do to your fellow. This is the entire Torah, the rest is all commentary.”  And, having demonstrated he was un-phased by the attempt to belittle the teachings, then commanded that the convert go and study the commentary.

St. Paul was a truly wise man – one who achieved his objective in a way that few can appreciate.  If not for Paul, if all converts had followed the “Circumcision” as required by the teachings of Paul – whose person and teachings were the foundation upon which the “Church would be established”, there would have never been the conditions which gave rise to the Black Plaque or any of the other scourges which decimated Europe.  Moreover, modern medicine would probably be a thousand years further advanced.

Now we are at an interesting point in history: Do we continue to practice medicine and promote (even if it is weakly) scholarship, or do we return to having a King?  And in that return, yield up our freedom and the rights bestowed by just laws?

It is the goal of those seeking to rule this nation --  and through the Jihad equivalent of evangelicalism, other nations --  that we destroy the planet, that we, by choice and greed and shortsightedness bring an end to this planet …

Ah the beauty of it …    

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Time to reiterate a position that I have held, and written on, for over thirty years:  We need personal wind power on every property suited for it (i.e. rural homesteads and land).

We need every roof in the nation to have solar power collectors… to the less informed, this might sound impractical … However the informed are aware that it has been decades since the first solar roof shingles were developed. 

We  don’t need these sites/installations to generate enormous amounts of power – they just need to lessen the individual footprint & work with energy saving bulbs etc … with the goal of bringing the footprint for every individual home to zero … a surplus from a fraction of homes would provide power for business (in addition to their own roof installations).

However – as Ronald Reagan proved when he pulled the collectors from the White House – one third to fifty-seven percent of Americans are self destructive and will oppose anything that will, over the long term, provide us the means for future economic survival.

Look to the outcome of the 2010 elections – see how many pro-offshore drilling, anti-solar, anti-health care, anti-fiscal responsibility (though very vocal in their advocacy of such responsibility … again Reagan & Bush examples … fiscal responsibility means double the debt while cutting income).

The 2010 elections  -- an election of hidden truth revealed to those with the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Observation from Book

Many out in cyberspace are aware of the book I’ve been doing: it traces the Vedic Aryans who, in terms of  yDNA, are Hg  R-M17.  The methodology can be applied to any DNA line; so is universal in application, but unique in outcome.

In the course of researching Chapter XIV, I discovered a correlation to something which will be widely discussed over the next two years … the MATAN CALENDAR due to end in December 2012 and thus end the world, or, at least, the current cycle.  Turns out that it is based on a well know period – 270 days, 270 degrees, or, in this case, 270 cycles.  The date to concern ourselves does NOT fall in 2012 – rather it falls in 2015. (most likely, 18 February 2015).

The Mayan calendar was roughly 34 cycles from the start of the Hebrew Calendar (there is a slush involved in the conversion between those two calendars and our calendar)

However, if we focus on the Hebrew Calendar in the same terms as the Mayan – 270 cycles in, (1939) Hitler began his extermination of the Hebrews.

If you are in to astrological mysticism, be forewarned, nothing will happen in 2012 (a Presidential Election Year) but, if we assume there is meaning in these cycles,  something of significance will happen in the year following the mid-term elections.

OK … done my post of record  … now to duplicate it on “OUT FROM UNDER”

Monday, May 17, 2010

GOP, BP & Offshore Drilling

Upon entering Congress in 1987, Representative Nancy Pelosi quickly became part of the solid California front against oil drilling along much of the nation’s coast.  This is a position she held for twenty-one years and reiterated on July 17, 2008.  Note that, on July 14, 2008 President George W Bush lifted the  executive ban on offshore oil drilling.  Note that Bush's actions were in direct response to John McCain's call (on June 15, 2008) for an end to the federal ban on offshore oil drilling.  Senator Barack Obama made it clear he wanted ban to remain in place.

Supposedly McCain was "offering an aggressive response to high gasoline prices" -- but drilling would do nothing to lower the prices then, or now.  The answer to supply and demand pricing is always to lower the demand -- whenever there is a cheaper alternative.  In this nation, the alternative is wind and solar.  The world will run out of oil --  by burning fossil fuels, we are polluting the air and causing global warming ... we need to address that!  Curiously, the answer to global warming and peak oil (the point we have passed where oil supply is dwindling with no realistic possibility of doing anything but increasing the speed at which it is consumed ... The GOP resembles the fellow who notices his car fuel gage is almost on empty ... and knowing he lacks the fuel to get home at the legal speed ... drives faster in the belief that he can get there before the fuel runs out.  

As This blog has repeated pointed out, the Republican party follows a doctrine of "THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE" -- the BP offshore debacle which now threatens the Florida Keys, and coastal ecosystems, is another example of what happens when you allow the GOP the freedom to implement its primary doctrine.  it is very fortunate for the GOP that the American people are self-destructive and wish only the worst for themselves and everyone else in the world.

You will know them by their deeds -- by their acts -- by the actions that they implement … as opposed to the words they use.  2010 is an election year, and Americans can be counted upon to inflict upon themselves the most possible harm – look for a solid GOP outcome in November (unless we suddenly develop a touch of the old biblical “wisdom, knowledge and understanding” associated with the divine spirit … as the expression goes … fat chance, or when hell freezes over.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TV and thought

It has been established that TV negatively  affects children under the age of seven.  This is not the old “TV is bad for you” – but a scientifically, research based, examination which demonstrates the negative effect of TV on children … one which carries through their academic life.

Here I sit, at 1AM watching Netflix … the TV series “Dead Zone” … and the associations I have as an ancient soul in a WW2 spawned body which is growing more ancient.  Imagine a child constructing the basis for their future beliefs  … imagine how the superstitions of the pre-TV age grew in children of that era … go to the pre-radio age … go to the pre-literacy times when superstition reigned supreme.

Strange that in this age of “universal literacy” the same superstitions seem to prevail.  We seem to believe in all the ghosts and goblins of old.  People pray to idols and and idols they refuse to call idols … there was an age when they prayed to trees, and now they carve trees, or cast images of things carved of trees, and proclaim that these things are not idols.  But why light candles before them, and kneel, and do all that is historically done before idols?  Why if they are not idols?

The beginning of an analytical thought process …

The process which occurs when one is avoiding working on the next chapter of a book, one where his editor is falling behind because she is developing eye troubles … sigh.