Tuesday, November 29, 2016

TRUMP is the prophesied figure for 2016 -- the numbers prove it.

Those who have read the book know the significance of 57 in the history of humanity -- from Stonehenge to the 2016 Presidential Election (and current events around the world).
The current focus is on Donald John Trump -- potentially POTUS 45, subject to any nonsense which arises from the ongoing recount.
Trump has said that illegals voting cost him the Popular Vote -- but that is meaningless if he won the electoral in the election held in the 228th year (4*57) of the United States.
Still, without winning the popular vote, two weeks after the election, Trump had 306 of a possible 538 electoral votes. For our purposes it could be significant that, in the 57th POTUS election cycle, the individual who would assume power in the 58th did so by winning 56.88% of the Electoral College, which is as mathematically close to 57% as the available electoral votes would allow and with that win, America elected the person they accused Clinton of being.
Based on numbers published 28 November, Clinton 64,654,483 votes (48.2%), Trump 62,418,820 votes (46.5%). With 7,192,036 votes (5.4%) going to third party candidates.
Ignoring the Third Party voters, 127,073,303 were divided among the primary candidates.
Trump has therefore received 49.12% of the meaningful votes.
Again, those who read the book know the importance of 49.
(Mathematical Curiosity: 49 + 57 = 49.12 + 56.88; and YES -- feel free to check my math.)
It seems significant that Fidel Castro ruled Cuba for 49 years and his death a few days ago, at age 90, was 57 years after he first ceased power and helped shape the "Cold War" by exposing the true dangers through THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS.
Death Over Life {published in March 2014} -- the test of the calculation of Revelation's dating system -- appears to be holding true on a mathematical and symbolic basis.
It would appear we have an answer to the query: "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" {March 2014}

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