Monday, November 21, 2016

FOR THE RECORD: Republican, Trump, Earthquakes, Republican -- who cares?

As with the Mount St. Helen Eruption { May 18, 1980, which I warned about in a New Jersey Newspaper, accurately giving the probable date, weeks before it happened), the Pattern is again emerging -- it began with the "supermoon" and the series of quakes that hit New Zealand.
A magnitude-6.9 earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima, Japan, today (Nov. 21), triggering a tsunami warning.
Next up: Take your pick. Alaska, California, Chile. We already had, on 11 November, two volcanoes, Sabancaya and Ubinas, erupt simultaneously in Peru – A first time for the country.
Minor earthquakes also hit Central Italy on November 21, 2016.
Are we having fun yet? ...
The destruction of Rome will be the real flashpoint -- but that means an R8 or better quake triggering or accompanying a Volcanic eruption in the Colli Albani Volcanic District about 10km from Rome.
It's another aspect of SAINT PAUL'S JOKE. The question is, will the retired Pope Benedict die before, after, or because of (concurrent with) that eruption?
Happily, nobody takes this stuff seriously... so there is nothing to "stop it" from creating THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE and furthering the Republican Agenda on an international level.
The Evangelicals need to read their own prophecy ... but since they do NOT really believe in the Bible, they will NOT be warned, will NOT heed the warning.


For those wishing a leg up on events before they unfold, there is "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" {March 2014} and the election focused "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {March 2014}.

The American earthquakes will really be going to be fun. Yep we have the "BIG-ONE" in California ... which will kill some Democrats ... then the "ENORMOUS-ONE" which will specifically focus on killing the Evangelical Right-Wing Trump supporters.
The former will be a tad above R7.5, while the latter will be a tad below R9.0 and kill millions...
But, happily, NOBODY BELIEVES SUCH THINGS can be known.


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