Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jews Promoted Trump Anti-Semitism

OK , nobody noticed, nobody cares.
But the Jewish news was promoting how good Trump would be for Israel and how much better than Clinton he would be.
Now Trump is POTUS-Elect and they are ranting about antisemitism being on the rise and the antisemitic appointments to his administration transition staff.

Here's the reality -- the Jewish media is populated by the same rabble-rousing idiots as all the rest of the media ... and they are now whining because they got exactly want they said they wanted -- POTUS TRUMP.

That's cool.  The Republicans will probably be crying because they also got what they wanted.

Sit back, relax (while you can) and enjoy the show.  Reality TV has entered the Oval Office.

"Steve Bannon takes up the role of chief strategist for President-elect Donald Trump. But don’t call him an anti-Semite, Newt Gingrich said. After all, he’s worked on Wall Street and in Hollywood." ... "By his own admission, Bannon turned Breitbart — a website founded by a Jew to defend Israel — into the “platform of the alt-right.”"  FORWARD

"After months of hearing about how patriarchy and misogyny were driving Trump’s popularity, it sure was odd to learn that millions of women voted for him anyway."  But the reality is somewhat different.   Women in America know they actually have it pretty good.  The misogyny allows they to sit home and "eat their bonbons" (to invoke a late 50's early 60's cliche); then there is the fact they will live longer if they sit home, that means the wealth filters to them as the misogynistic guys die-off.  Their kids are taught to care for mom, call mom, praise mom -- the kid's dads aren't worth the time or a compliment.  

Poor-little-woman -- everything is in her favor ... except having to slave for 40-years at some dangerous job ... 60 years if the Republicans have their way and screw with Social Security.  But the "helpless Little Lady" will be taken care of.

The role of feminism is to turn women into modern Amazon -- women who have no need for men beyond basic reproduction. 

That works.  The comment is "‘Trump’s a misogynist, so how could a woman vote for him?’."  How could she not?  He's all tough in public, but when he gets home -- like so many of his type -- he's a henpecked kitten.

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