Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Written in 2013, and published in March 2014, "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", the nature of this election and even the basis for the campaign slogan Trump adopted were proper predicted.
The book asserts and lets it be known that it was a test of the formula used to interpret the dating of Revelation.
That test conforms to the best scientific method associated with a theoretical hypothesis about an observed behavioral pattern.

In six days we may well elect a rapist, a liar, and incompetent manager, and a fantastic PT Barnum style salesman, to ensure America falls from the ranks of an economic superpower.
And why? Because the majority of Americans want to make the worst interpretation of the prophecy come true -- on schedule.
Of course, they destroy themselves and their children's futures by doing so.
They also ignore the fact that a Clinton victory also fulfills the prophecy and makes history by creating the first female POTUS.
TRUMP already fulfilled the primary and defining element of the prophecy by adopting "Make America Great Again" as his slogan.
Poor Evangelicals -- they are running away from what appears to be a proven victory in Bible Interpretation.

On page 84 the book states: "The prophecy calls for the fall of ‘Babylon The Great City,’ it, therefore, falls upon elements of American society to clearly ensure that Washington conforms to an analogues image. Thereafter, we are told that ‘Babylon that great city has fallen, “having made all nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.” [14:8]"

Babylon has fallen, make Babylon great again. Bring back economic collapse and war. We need to force events that will instigate World War Three ... only the Republicans are attuned to guns, military budgets of life-saving medical care and a reverence for revolt against the government in the name of nationalism.

SIX DAYS and America falls. Trump takes office in January, is impeached and then POTUS PENCE guides the nation to death. Evangelicals cheer the coming of their much-vaulted END-OF-TIMES-PROPHECIES.
But the real prophecy only says that a third will die ... and that happens, relative to the soon to be peak global population, when the Baby Boom Generation (now turning 70 years old) dies off around 2032. The drop in population is ensured by the Negative Population Growth adopted at some level by every nation. Statistically, 2046 is when the one-third decline will be pronounced.
There will be no end-of-times involving real "apocalyptic" death. It is just a change in times which begins with renewable energy and a more stable global population that is also more manageable and integrated by the Internet.

Here's how it looks on 2 November 2016

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