Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump-Pence Victory and aftermath were predicted.

LOL 4-years ago TRUMP supports the Democrats reaction to his own election.
Trump got the 48% I have -- for several months -- been predicting he was going for.  200-300 thousand votes is NOTHING... it's less than the winning or losing of Brooklyn NY... so we can bitch about it, but who wants Brooklyn to decide who the POTUS will be.
Of course, this spiel by Kyle was the one he should have been giving BEFORE the election -- instead of attacking the Democrats and Hillary.
However. THE DONALD is smart; he is a salesman who studies and masters the intricacies of winning his target demographic.  The issue now is what will the new target demographic be?
Given his ego and interest in name-brand labeling, that demographic should be the HISTORIANS.  What will History record and report as the defining aspect of the Trump Administration?  
Will Trump make it past the FRAUD allegations and trial due to start the end of November?   Will he and the plaintiffs follow the Judge's advice and settle, or will they all demonstrate the stupidly of pushing the matter  into the post-Inauguration period?
Cuz was "Wrrrr..." wrong but I was right.
Trump was going for at best, 48% of the popular vote and that is exactly what he achieved.  PLUS the BOOK WAS CORRECT and continues to be correct.
The salesman made his sale.  The weirdness of the Electoral College gave him the victory because Hillary could only capture the City Folk in major demographically population dense areas... the average people bought the 25-years of Republican anti-Hillary rhetoric.
As mentioned by me many times -- Republicans have a lock on a third of the vote; democrats also have a lock on a third.  In this election, a few of the 1/3rd stayed home, while the 40% remaining didn't vote at all ... effectively saying  none-of-the-above  and we'll let you other IDIOTS decide.
The Idiot Masses Hitler consistently referred to made their decision.

Thus far, Trump has made a bit of history -- he has won by doing what was unthinkable and he is now about to become the OLDEST POTUS ever elected. ISIS is cheering his election -- so his holdings are safe from any terrorist attack ... and remain so if he keeps to the anti-Muslim rhetoric.
Biblically "Babylon the great city has fallen" and so say one and all ... so the prophecy has been fulfilled and the timeline experiment in
"Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" has proven successful. If it continues to hold ... the shock comes in 2034/5.

Ku Klux Klan Announces Trump Victory Parade in North Carolina

It took Three OMER CYCLES for the KKK to move from a Democratic Group to a Republican Group and then into the mainstream of America.
But they seem to have done it.
Their last significant Parade was on 8 August 1925, when 60,000 KKK members and the families marched right down Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue in a magnificent display of order and near military perfect formation.
Their current rise to power can be attributed to the TEA PARTY.
"The Tea Party: America Upended" ... has America been upended by the election of Trump-Pence?
Is that why there's a swastika and upended American flag soaking from spilled tea on the book's cover?
NAH -- nobody could have predicted this three years ago.

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