Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VOTED 10AM EST -- await the count. Will the Republicans face dramatic defeat?

Now we wait ...
All through the campaign, I have posted that Trump actually wanted only 42% of the vote {counting only votes for himself & Clinton}. The ideal would be anything between 42% & 48% with Clinton getting 58% to 52% for the popular win and the electoral doesn't matter -- so long as Clinton wins TRUMP WINS...
If Trump wins TRUMP LOSES.
It's a scam, a hussle, the fulfillment of the boast that, were he to run for POTUS he would make money.
So far, he has millions in free advertising and has run a competitive race on a shoestring.
In the weeks ahead, we might well see articles examining how Trump could do so well on such a dramatically and unprecedentedly small campaign war-chest.
Idiots will speak of the negative publicity -- his apparent sexism, bigotry, etc -- but they miss the point. PT BARNUM may have said it, "I don't care what they say about me, so long as they spell the name correctly." Others will realize the wisdom and applicability of the adage: "All publicity is good publicity."
THE DONALD has brought the worst of the New Republican Party -- the core "Reagan Republicans" and "Tea Party Republicans" -- into the open and we will have a body count with regard to the general electorate. We will have a voluntary census of the racists, bigots, and general idiots which have worked so hard to destroy the nation.
We will know the people who hate having Health Care; who do NOT want a safety net for times of personal economic woes; those who do not believe they should receive the Social Security they paid for, and so want to "privatize it and allow the stock markets to wipe out their lifetime of retirement savings in a single day; who enjoy the right to murder others; who promote foreign wars and the meaningless death or dismemberment of the Nation's young men and women so that a few can boast they sponsored the pointless murder of people in foreign lands.
Poor Donald, the worst thing that could happen to him is to be victorious. As the winner, the fraud and racketeering court cases he already faces would ensure his impeachment. As the winner, Terrorists of all kinds would target everything that carries the Trump name-brand -- and there wouldn't be a thing he could do. Which is why they would target his holdings and so demonstrate how impotent America has become. {Affirm his claim that America has fallen from greatness.}
In short order, Donald would be truly bankrupt -- not "bankrupt" as a tax avoidance financial gimmick.
As a loser, Donald will receive BILLIONS in free publicity and the opportunity to place his brand-name on a wealth of new enterprises.
Polls are now open in California and Hawaii ...
The Fun has begun and spread across the Nation.

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