Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SAINT PAUL'S JOKE new supporting evidence

This NY Times news story, 18 Sept, underscores elements in SAINT PAUL'S JOKE and begins the first stage of the book's prediction that new evidence is going to emerge:

In my book (2012) GENESIS OF GENESIS, I indicated that supporting evidence for various things would begin to emerge toward the end of the year, and in 2013.  Well, it has begun.

In this instance, we have a document in which Jesus is specifically quote as identifying Mary as his wife.  That has long reaching implications for Catholic, and Christian, Doctrines of Faith which require him to have been single and celebrate (like the Essene); it also opens the door to a broad multitude of other possibilities.

In case you haven’t heard,  I’ve arranged a rather substantial, two month, discount against the Cover Price for SAINT PAUL'S JOKE at Amazon.com:
Pricing on SAINT PAUL'S JOKE has been set: Cover Price is $24.95, but it will be discounted 40% until December -- so until 1 December, listed price is $14.95 ... Available Saturday 22 Sept.

This discount !MAY! be carried over to other online retail distributors… but it will end on 1 December.  But given that there are those who think the world will end on 21 December – when the Mayan Calendar concludes – it doesn’t really matter … still for the rest of us, a chance to save $10 on a book anyone who believes in a Universal Spirit, or God, MUST READ, if they hope to understand what is expected of them – or wants to know what Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) expected of his followers – not something you want to miss.

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