Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Impeach Deficit Reduction

In today’s news: Budget deficit to plunge to $642B this year, lower than expected

No wonder the Republicans are stretching to find a justification for impeachment hearings… Unlike the GOP, this President has reversed GOP policies … no more deficit growth, no more meaningless military actions and un-Constitutional “Wars”… where are the declarations required, the clearly defined enemy State?

Republicans love to have their “Police Actions” – anything to murder as many people as possible … with the full backing and support of those whose religions advocate Peace.

Another four years of Democratic Rule, and we will be generating Budget surpluses.  Of course, there are the Paul Rand types… with their Reagan Bush role models… who will love the opportunity to double the national debit.

What have the Republicans wrought?  Current account deficits are up more than fourfold since 1989, a year of peak popular angst about the hollowing out of America.  This is a product of “OUT SOURCING” … the GOP baby that ships jobs elsewhere: A report, issued as far back as 2005, documented the transfer abroad — mainly to East Asia – of  most of the U.S. semiconductor industry’s key capabilities and technologies.  The Pentagon, was particularly concerned, a fear widely prevalent in U.S. defense circles, that so-called malware could be hidden in the circuitry of foreign-sourced semiconductors only to be activated at the last minute.

Basically, money guys in the GOP has allowed, fought for, and invested in, sabotaging with terrorist time bombs built into the firmware of our computers.  Keep in mind, the Republican agenda is:



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