Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More support for Malachy

SAINT PAUL’S JOKE speaks to the prophecy that Italy – specifically ROME – will be destroyed.  Now we have a fundamentalist based logic for that destruction and the end of the Vatican.

Article by Giulio Meotti, Italy EXPOSÉ: Italy, Land of Islam … “Last week Italian education minister Francesco Profumo proposed that Islam be taught in public schools alongside the traditional teaching of Catholicism, while Bishop Mariano Crociata, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, announced that the Vatican is in favor of building new mosques in Italy.”

Meotti provides these facts: “Twenty-nine of the suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan came from Italy.” & “Eight of the terrorists jailed in Guantanamo Bay are Italians.”

“Young children are disappearing from Italy. According to the U.N.'s Population Division, by 2050 they will account for a mere 2.8% of the Italian population. "Democracies are governed by demography”, explained James Vaupel, director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany. “If birth rates stay low, Italy’s population could be 10 million at the end of the twenty-first century”, a sixth of the population today”

Now consider, SAINT PAUL’S JOKE contains a timel8ine which begins on 21 December (two months from now) and ends in 2064.  The demographic decline falls in 2050 … and we can expect it to be echoed around the world… wherever negative or zero population growth prevail.  To that decline we can add negative effects from natural disasters.  All begin within two months.

The fun aspect will be the effect the election has on America’s place in prophecy.  The children of Moses were black (their mother an Ethiopian) … Mormons are traditionally racist … does that mean anything?

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