Sunday, October 14, 2012

Taliban Murderers … a thing to enjoy

“Taliban’s shooting of Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old education activist who was critically injured, but militant commanders in northwestern Pakistan reiterated their intention to kill the schoolgirl or her father.”

Read a related article with a CARE empowerment ad on TV.  The Taliban is waging war against CARE!

  • Who does the Taliban represent?
  • Who allowed them to come to power?
  • Who allows them to stay in power?
  • Do they represent Islam?  The Hindu?

Taliban supposedly mean meaning "students" in Pashto… what do murderous idiot students study?  The murder of children?  The slaughter of culture?

It is interesting it enforces strict interpretation of Sharia law, while leading Muslims have been highly critical of the Taliban interpretation of Islamic law … but who cares?  Do you?  Do people of Afghanistan and Pakistan support the Taliban?  Do they … do they support it they way the Germans supported Nazis, or the way the Church supported the Inquisition?   It is important to know … if they do, then the Taliban will be with us as long as the Western Christian Church, or as pernicious as the neo-Nazi movement.

First take over the Indian Nukes, then attack the West … as the Oil nations of the Middle East recognize them, and support them … with the full knowledge that, by the time the Taliban achieves its ends, the gas guzzling, anti-wind and solar Western leaders – most notably America’s Republican Right – will have run their nation(s) dry, and be easy pickings for anyone with the fuel for its warplanes.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” provides the rough timeline and initial indicators of the violence and tribulation which will rock the West.



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