Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disarm America

Mitt Romney wants to disarm America -- and Media is too dumb to figure it out.
He wants to produce more oil, consume more oil, than Obama.
But our reserves are limited, our navy, air-force and ground forces cannot function without petroleum -- Mitt want to drain it to keep gas price low.
Short term -- no help to economy. Low term -- we are at the mercy of Middle Eastern Jihadists.
Reality, we need wind and solar in every corner of the nation.
Provide rural communities with free electric (& covert them to electric heat) in exchange for allowing enough wind and/or solar to provide five times the community needs. That eliminates their use of fossil fuels, and the fuel to supply them with their fuel. They be encouraged to use electric cars -- further decreasing rural demand and increasing electric for urban areas.

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