Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anti-Allah … Anti-Mohammed

In Nigeria we find the typical anti-Allah, anti-Islam, organization.  It is called Boko Haram, and claims to represent Islam  … but represents militants who are immoral and deliberately violate the Koran.

Recently, they organized a suicidal Church bombing.  But attacks on Christians are only authorized AFTER Isa returns.  And then, only against evil Christians.

Suicide is forbidden… self-sacrifice is acceptable.  the difference is basic, in suicide you knowingly go into a situation with the intent to die.  You also, as in the Nigeria instance, or the attack on the World Trade Center, seek to murder innocents – which is also forbidden.

Evil leaders, priests, who are supposed to enforce the Koran’s teachings show their anti-Islam posture by making up rhetorical justifications for violations.

As we see in SAINT PAUL’S JOKE, Rome is due to be destroyed, within the next generation.  The Book of Revelation – some translations – identify the Church of Rome as the Church of Satan.  An Irish Monk, 1000 years ago, predicted all the Popes, including the next & last one – Petros – who will oversee Rome’s demise in a period of tribulation.  Will he finally be wrong?

If he is not, then it follows that the Islamic prophecy is to be fulfilled then – without the aid of these evil people, who will fall with the rest of the evil ones … and that their families and supporters with them.

Of course, those who do not believe in religion – like the Islamic Militants who has dem9onstrated their disdain for the Koran – shall ignore the warning.  It is, in the end, SAINT PAUL’S JOKE.  What is written vs what is practiced in the name of that which was never written, or intended.

The Church dies, the militants die, they all fail the final judgment.  Or, there is no judgment and they are doing what is allowed – because there is no deity to set the rules.  So, there is no reason for us.


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