Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Real Romney

Romney’s debate statement made it clear that he would eliminate government funding for PBS, even though he likes Big Bird; this clearly indicates that Romney would not hesitate to hurt those he likes – in the name of short term gain, or profit.

Think about  who he would hurt: The sick, those in need of medical care – more important, those who should have preventative care that private insurers ALWAYS deny.  When did ever hear of a private insurance company ever mandate, as a condition of coverage, that it’s medical insurance patients have an annual – and fully paid for – check-up?

Private agents know that they must let you die – it’s profitable… even if you have a major illness because they set you up, it provides them free “good hands” advertising that they paid for the care (which failed), after having denied the test, or medication, which would have prevented the need for critical care.

Romney knows this.  He also knows that his ‘plans’ would increase the National Debt … double it … plus.

Romney knows where his profits are.  They are not in saving and growing the America economy.  They come from destroying it, then buying the remains at less than dirt cheap prices.

If you are going to be over 62 (or were born before 1954) within the next four years, then Romney is targeting your ass… he becomes President, and that will be done from point-blank range.     

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