Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prepare to DOUBLE National Debt

Obama & Romney appear to be in a near dead heat in a poll by Politico-George Washington University, with Obama at 49 percent, and Romney at 48 percent.

However, Gallup Poll Gives Romney Biggest Lead Yet … the consulting firm reported, more than half of likely to prefer Romney for president, with only 45 percent backing Obama, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

This reverses my August prediction numbers, and is likely to mean a doubling of the National Debt will be the hallmark of 2012-2016, & 2012-2020, era.

To affect the doubling, the nation will need to go into a full blown recession… but not before a period of record growth related to increase borrowing.   The Social Security system will, naturally, collapse.  But that will affect only those currently under the age of 55…. who turn 65 in 2022.  At that point, the economy will be in a shambles.  Worse, we will be without Gasoline and alternative energy sources.

There will be more wind-farms, probably more solar, but it will not be on a scale designed to alter the reality of our dependence on the Middle East and the oil controlled by Arab extremists.  Though, in terms of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, it is possible that we will be in a state of war.  Any petroleum resources will be diverted to combat requirements. More important, the nature of the conflict should remove the Middle Eastern reserves from access.

Rome will be destroyed – according to the ancient Malachy prophecy.  (Feel free to reject prophecy, but it is worth considering, since all of Christianity and Islamic culture is based upon it.  Without it, neither religion, nor their related cultural effects, have an justification for existence.)  Assuming that happens, the causes are natural (Earthquake activity) or manmade (War and/or Terrorism).  In either even, the region will be in turmoil.

Assuming Terrorism – Jihad – it follows that the oil fields will cease production.  That alone will remove the United States as a military power … no oil, no ships or planes to transport men and equipment to the region.   Also, no domestic transportation that is not electrical, so an increased demand for coal powered electric will emerge … with dirty air… an increase in climate change … raising of sea levels and these invoke the Edgar Cayce prophecy of the Great Lakes flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.  There will also be an earthquake in the region where Ohio and Indiana touch Missouri/Kentucky.  That should kill a million people and destroy the economy for a third, or more, of the nation. [1816 example, at that time the region was empty and the R8.9 quake rang bells in Boston… and caused damage throughout the southern states.)

All by electing a Mormon & Right-wing Christian

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