Sunday, October 14, 2012

Absentee Governor to Absentee President

“During Mr. Romney’s four-year term as governor of Massachusetts, he cumulatively spent more than a year — part or all of 417 days — out of the state, according to a review of his schedule and other records. More than 70 percent of that time was spent on personal or political trips unrelated to his job, a New York Times analysis found.”

Gee, this is exactly what America needs – someone who will not be there to run it.

OK this is unquestionably partisan: “I thought he gave up on his job,” said Phil Johnston, the chairman of the state Democratic Party while Mr. Romney was in office. “Romney was quite popular at the beginning of his tenure. The relationship between him and the Massachusetts electorate really soured.”

After all, they would have known if he had quit, rather than was just incompetent and too friggin’ lazy to really do his job.  We really do need this in Washington. [Not being facetious, or sarcastic here]  We really do need a President who ignores his responsibilities.  Imagine if Bush 43 had not involved himself – the National Debt would not have doubled… and if it had gone up, the average person would probably have had something to show for it.  Now extend that back to Bush senior and Reagan … we know that Clinton lower the deficit and debt … so we would actually owe less.  We’d be richer; our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM WOULD BE BETTER but now … we want to have a hands on Romney – so education will be gutted, the rich will ship money out of the country, we are already a third world nation – as defined by a nation whose foreign trade is agriculturally based – and, with luck, we will become a true third world nation … which means China will start opening cheap labor facilities here.

Yep … Let’s elect a no-show president.  It appears it is what the public is starting to lean toward …  THEY LIKE the way Romney looks in front of a camera … so long as he keeps his mouth shut, or opens it in a centrist manner, they’ll be happy … and America will be open to destruction …

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

It is no longer dawning … it is here.

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