Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Symbol

Well, actually it was posted to FaceBook, but it does describe the Republican approach to government.

govt symbol_1454150449_n

In November, we get a chance to make this real.  Last could, Romney 52%, Obama 48% … which is the reverse of what I predicted in a newspaper article back in August.

Just think how nice it would be, the New York Supreme Court has said opposition to Gay-Marriage is discrimination and serves no public interest.  So, if all goes well, the GOP will win and discrimination will rule.

Roe v Wade set aside abortion – saving the lives and reproductive ability of 300,000 woman annually. (based on pre-Roe statistics)

Back then, there were half as many women of reproductive age, and 1.5 million illegal abortions a year.  The GOP wants to return to that.  They also want to outlaw all abortions – even those designed to save the life of the mother.

Post Roe, out-of-wedlock birth increased … meaning those who would have rushed to get an abortion, given time, and no pressure, decided not to abort.  In theory that should have pro-lifer’s cheering … instead they want to return to the old days … killing both mother and child.

But we know why, they don’t want to pay for education, healthcare, or anything else their “pro-life” stance would logically require.  It is much easier to yell pro-life and murder both mother and child…. OH … they are anti Condom… except when it symbolizes the reality of their position.

Ah YES! … can we get a chance to have Romney-Ryan in the Whitehouse … double the National Debt, send jobs to China, borrow money from China, deplete our oil, buy oil from Arab terrorists, so they can have the funds to attack us… can we … please…

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