Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stupidity of Hasidim

I was thinking about things in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, which means thinking about the Bible, and religious traditions.  Inevitably, that means thinking about idiots who can never make it past any Davidic test for Resurrection.

The Hasidim have a test for Jewishness: The mother must be Jewish.  So, if we accept that, how do they know she is Jewish?  Or consider this:

  1. If the girl’s mother was not Jewish, could the girl be Jewish?
  2. If the girl is not Jewish, because her mother was not Jewish, could her daughter be Jewish?

It is for this reason that the Hasidim have customs which seem to follow, or apply, female conversion rituals to  every woman when she marries.

The Hasidim do not know what the mother was.        Hence, they must convert the female to ensure she is “Jewish”.  At the same time, they do not like, or make it is for, converts.

The Hasidim are NOT Jewish.  They are converts.  But they are too stupid to understand that.  Therefore, we find that, as a group, they are also the poorest of the Jewish communities..  

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