Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Connections – US Disarmed

No Babies now, no army later … USA birth rate is at lowest level since 1920’s (flu epidemic of 1918 caused that).  Now we are no producing kids… which means no soldiers in 18-25 years.

China’s one-child-policy had the effect of creating a surplus of males of military age.  In effect, China cannot be attacked, because it can afford to sacrifice young men.

hat we now need is statistics on Jihadist nations – where both men and women commit suicide … and take ten or more of targets people with them.  A 1:10 kill ration won America the First and Second World Wars … It also won Korea … but lost Vietnam … because we didn’t get the terrorist element.  China doesn’t have that problem, they can lose men and still over power any aggressor – simply because they out number them by hundreds to one.  America lacks that luxury… and the decline in birthrate, combined with other factors, is disarming the nation.

What other factors?  As stated in earlier blogs, America is producing too much oil.  By 2016, with only a fraction of the known reserves, it will out-produce the Middle East.  America should run dry at the same time the lack of children eliminates its military potential … REMEMBER: An army requires support – manufacturing at home to provide, or yield materials for. supply lines.  Without oil, or a re[placement to power planes, drones, tanks, trucks, etc.  The army cannot move … and with out people, there is no army, or supply line input.

This article, the news of the decline in children, means out elderly population will have no support – that is the population which is now 45 years old.  It also means the economy will collapse for want of workers.  Since the GOP has been steadfast in its anti-immigration policies, there will be no people to run domestic industry.  Mexico is going to surpass China as our biggest supplier … which means there is no economic motivation for Mexicans to migrate north.  NOT with all the real jobs heading south.

“SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” … it predicts the terrorist attack on Rome (as predicted by St. Malacy, a thousand years ago) at the very time when the lack of children now will have its greatest effect.

Have fun … Avoid America, and Italy … at least in 2030/33.  Expect the “Second Coming” to be all the rage between 2035 and 2064 – when they new world order will emerge… and “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” means few will be laughing.

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