Friday, November 23, 2012


On Turkey Day, November 22nd, Paul Krugman got into a chew-down over the Right-Wing and G.O.P. who hold to the primal doctrine:  “If evidence seems to contradict faith, suppress the evidence.”

Climate change is not real – the sea levels aren’t rising because the polar ice is melting, and Sandy wasn’t worse because the waters are warmer.  Reality has no place at the Republican Table – they find it indigestible.

Krugman mentions Chris Mooney’s “The Republican Brain,” which is, “a survey of the now-extensive research linking political views to personality types.”  Krugman goes on to ask: “How are we going to search effectively for natural resources if schools trying to teach modern geology must give equal time to claims that the world is only 6.000 years old? How are we going to stay competitive in biotechnology if biology classes avoid any material that might offend creationists?”

HELLO “Genesis of Genesis” … time they learn that the Bible is astrological, not geological. 

As to taxes and soak the poor: “the recent study from the Congressional Research Service found no empirical support for the dogma that cutting taxes on the wealthy leads to higher economic growth. Worse, if we did an honest look at the effect of the discounts to the rich, we would discover they use their savings to move offshore … Constitutionally, the founding fathers believed the rich should carry the full burden of society – which is why we needed the 1913 amendment to allow the graduated income tax.

But the Republicans are anti-America and promote:


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