Thursday, February 15, 2007

What is “Conservative” and what “Liberal”?


What is “Conservative” and what “Liberal”? In this Orwellian Age, the labels have become confusing – confusing to the point of meaning meaningless.

Religious Conservatives are supposedly those who follow scriptural guidance as dictate through the written doctrine they hold to be their scripture. However, the alleged Conservatives – especially those in the Islamic and Christian camps – go out of their way to avoid, or prevent, everything which conforms to the dictates of their professed doctrine.

Consider this reality: It is the Conservatives who advocate wars of choice, and argue “support the troops” when the actions of the troops are to kill as many innocents as possible. When the troops rebel against the unlawful orders, or when they are injured, the support evaporates. What murderer will support a soldier who will not murder? What murderer will support a soldier who can no longer be available to murder?

Fiscal Conservative? Where are they? The Republicans claimed to be Fiscally Conservative – yet it is they who run up record deficits and debts to foreign nations.

Of course there is a humor to this fiscal irresponsibility – the nation to whom these Conservatives are selling our soul to are one of the two nations we were opposing during the Cold War. The Russia were, by their instincts.

In the area of Foreign Aid, King George's “Vultures” are going to divert money from poor nations to Republican champaign funds coffers – via major donors. Georgie Bush is, at the time of this writing, ready to shift Billions of taxpayer dollars to the pockets of his biggest backers.

Hey GOLDFINGER – robbery is wrong – even if it is sanctioned by Conservatives and their bowing, scrapping, opposition counterparts.

What is a “Conservative” – it is Orwellian speak for those who would more properly be called THIEF and MURDER.

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