Saturday, February 17, 2007

Brain Food for that Fetus

Date Line February 17, 2007

Growing up, I was alerted to the old expression, “Fish is Brain food”.

Well, the news today reports on a recent study which affirms that eating fish during pregnancy will produce more intelligent children.

Quite naturally, the FDA – under George Bush – is telling mothers-to-be to avoid fish, or seriously reduce its intake to the point of no effect. You cannot produce an nation of idiots, if you allow nutrition derived intelligence.

Note that there is a cut in programs to aid the young. There is a cut in healthcare, and an increase in mandated medications which have the effect of dumbing down America’s children.

Today we also have news of the beneficial effects of a component of fish oil – DHA – as a mitigation factor in the development of Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental debilitation among the aging. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is associated with Omega -3 Fatty acid within fish oil. It is available as a common dietary supplement. Omega-6 is also required to provide the necessary fatty acids the brain needs to develop superior functional abilities.

DUH - we’re talking Fish as a major component of our diet. In cases where concern over contamination are an emotional factor preventing ingestion of fish, the supplements can clearly meet, and exceed, all dietary requirements (currently set as three fish meals a week).

The Bush administration and a government infiltrated by those who wish harm to the general public, have used fear – gee, favorite Bush Right-wing tactic – to prevent proper diet among expectant women.

The concerns over methlymercury and polychlorininated biphenyls have a basis in reality. However, you will note that – for many decades – the Right-wing has blocked all efforts to prevent increases in these pollutants.

Worse, Bush is now promoting nuclear power – which produces even more deadly pollution. Naturally, this is being done with deceitful and blatantly false claims of nuclear being cheap and clean.

The claims are based on the intentional disregard for costs associated with the nuclear waste produced – 1600 years storage carries a price, as does cleaning up contaminated areas and the prevention of future contamination to ground water (not to mention health risks associated with proximity to such power plants, and the terrorist risks that can arise from the waste being used to make dirty bombs).

Women can counter the efforts to dumb down their children – and address any personal fears about contaminated fish – take the Omega-3 and Omega-6 daily during pregnancy.

If you really want intelligent children, there is something else that can be done while they are in the womb and immediately thereafter. It has long been know that rhythmic music – soothing music – Bram’s Lullaby as an example – played to the fetus will help them structure their developing brain into an ordered synaptic network.

After birth, continuation of the music and the addition of programs such as “Hooked on Phonics” will further the process of intellectual development. The fifteen year research program on the effects of dietary fish on IQ also discovered that the children produced are more socially successful – less disruptive, unmannered or ill-behaved.

The addition of Vitamin C to the mother’s diet has the effect of building the fetal immune system. This nutritional supplement should be continued after birth in the form of first liquid C and, as the child develops teeth, chewable C.

Naturally warnings against smoking while pregnant of in the presence of a child (in a space where the child will breath the air) apply.

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