Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hashem opposes Bush and Right-wing evangelicals


Think wood or coal fire. Think the process of burning. Think the striking of a match or the spark which ignites the fuel which generates the heat. If you have that image, you have a visualization of both Global Warming and Evolution.

The rules governing the world, those which define the universe, are based on change. The universal laws arise from the movement of electrons, a change atoms which define various forms of matter.

It is a matter of matter and changes in order of magnitude– the size of what is being described, from atomic, thru organic, to planetary – heat is a product of any change of state.

A change of state can be physical – conversion of fuel to fumes; or it can be a matter of speed – the heat from friction, or electrical heat and light from resistence.

In humans, it can become contradictory or paradoxical, resistence to change still brings about change; but it might be the change the change was designed to prevent.

We see this paradox in the debate over Mars Hill Wind Farming, where the change to wind is designed both to prevent further change to the climate and the environment as a whole. Yet to prevent maring the skyline with wind mills, people are actually fighting to mare it with air pollution from the burning coal as a substitute.

Some might say they do not want to burn coal – or any fossil fuel – but would prefer “clean and economical” atomic power. Of course, atomic energy has proved to be the most costly and dirtiest of power sources. Costly because the waste must be stored – at a cost far exceeding the monetary value of the electric produced; and dirty, due to the same waste and the contamination of the sites where the power plants, when decommissioned, existed.

Recent studies into what makes an “expert mind” – how experts think and analyze problems – have shown that the expert is not necessarily smarter, or more skilled, than the novice. Which means: “You have an expert mind – if only you took the trouble to nurture it.”

These studies reveal that experts accumulate specialized information to create an area of expertise. They then reduce that information to patterns and overlay the patterns on new information – using the new data to restructure the original pattern. Experts learn from events.

If we exclude hubris, neither Bush, nor his Right-wing support, can be called experts at anything. Worse, like a hand full of Mars Hill residents, Bush’s forces cannot even acknowledge reality when it smashes them in the face.
Climate Change is real, the depletion of fossil fuels is real, that the creator bestowed upon us a variety of clean energy resources, even placing them out of the way of normal living, also appears real.

Eight thousand years of human development has changed the climate – has placed increasing amounts of CO2 and methane into the air – but those who believe in scripture can take heart in knowledge that these changes coincided with agriculture and livestock usage.

These elements of “pollution”, these changes, can be said to have arisen from the mythological garden – with man as caretaker. Thus revealing the hypocrisy of Bush evangelicals – who deny that the first obligation of man, the first commandment, is to care for the Garden. ______________________________________________________
Those who complain about trees cut to make a clearing where wind towers are situated (about 100x100, or a quarter acre per tower) – these people would rather see that number of trees cut and burn in wood stoves.

When they talk of the narrow access road – again they would rather see that number of trees cut and burnt.

Of course, trees cut and burnt for a fixed clearing are cut once, and reflect the only trees cut. That number of trees, cut for firewood this year, will see the same number cut next year and for all years thereafter.

The clearings for the towers create feeding grounds for deer and other wildlife. Animals utilize the roads to traverse areas in search of new habitat – porcupine, raccoon, skunk, deer, etc are attracted to roads for the same reasons people prefer them to the alternative; and again, how nice for these creatures to learn the roads lead to new feeding and nesting areas which border clearings?
But, of course, those who really hate nature, but value their own personal property right to hurt the environment, oppose things which are win-win – thus oppose solar and wind “in their backyard”.

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