Thursday, February 15, 2007

Does Bush serve Bin Laden?

In the early 1990's Bin Laden proclaimed his hatred from Saddam Hussein. He made it clear that he wanted Saddam dead. Shortly thereafter, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld began planning their invasion of Iraq – years before Bush announced his presidential run.

Bush was elected president with no way to justify his fully developed plan to attack Iraq and kill Saddam – and subsequently attack Iran.

Knowing of Bush’s plans, Osama began to formulate his contribution to achieving his stated objective – his way to assist Bush. On September eleventh Osama brought down the World Trade Center and Bush immediately initiated the anticipated response.

Bush and Osama assisting each other; but not before the showcase response “the Beard” needed to disguise their mutual objective. Bush attacks Afghanistan and promises to get his buddy, Osama.

However, as we all know, when the army was actually able to close in on Osama – this 6'4" diabetic on kidney dialyses living in a land of 5'6" men – Bush launched his attack on Iraq and pulled the troops off Osama. Bush gave his buddy Osama a free pass. Bush even went so far as to declare Osama irrelevant in the “War-on-Terror.”

Soon after, as we all know, Osama declared his next two objectives: he wanted the United States to run a Trillion Dollar deficit, and he wanted chaos in Iraq.

Osama had previously declared how beneficial to the creation of a chaotic nation state would be to the recruitment of suicide bombers – and he didn’t hesitate to restate this belief. In response, Bush sent his people to Congress to assure them that Iraq had absolutely no history of sectarian violence, and would not fall into civil war.

Who is the puppeteer and who the puppet? The argument against this thesis, and recitation of facts, is the question, “Is Bush that smart?” Or should we ask, “Are Americans that stupid?”

The new budget calls for $140 billion for his Osama partnership (to paint targets on uniforms?). This will be provided by $70 billion in cuts to Medicare Chronic care programs – hum, didn’t Scrooge say something like “let them die and decrease the surplus population”?
Clearly, Bush believes carrying out Bin Laden’s objectives is far more important than the health and welfare of Americans.

Remember – Osama also wants Iran destroyed and America bankrupt; watch: Bush still has 18 months to finish his master’s work.

Right-wing is composed of people who violate each and every one of their stated principals – in the certain knowledge that the average American will not notice.

The Washington media will ensure people are distracted by innuendo – didn’t they raise a real stink when Senator Joseph Biden had the audacity to say his colleague, Senator Barack Obama, was articulate? Per the media: that is a racial slur if every there was one – they know full well Black leadership always speak in sentences that Rhyme.

Turning from Obama to Osama, Bush has proposed military spending at levels twice those of the Cold war era. Bush double speak declared the way to cut deficits is first, cut revenues by retaining low taxes for the rich; next cut payments for both civilian and miliary health care.

So long as the media is mesmerized by trivia, or an intelligent and articulate Senator – who happens to be black – and refuses to accept reality, it will be so easy to for Bush to achieve Osama’s goals.


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