Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do you believe in G-d?

Date Line February 12, 2007

Do you believe in G-d? If so, why? More important – what form does that belief take?

Look around you. Look at those who profess some belief, yet demonstrate nothing of the tenets associated with that professed belief.

Curiously, as I began this Blog, WERU began to broadcast a Martin Luther King speech about Viet Nam and our aggressive suppression of their push for freedom and independence.

In hindsight, Viet Nam has become what the people had originally wanted; and we have gone on to destroy yet another nation – Iraq.

Orwellian Double Speak as seen in the present and past. Can we impose upon others what we say they should want, or do we assist people to peacefully gain their objectives? Do you believe in G-d?
Do you believe in an almighty father? Are you amazed that His might has not been brought to the fore?

What child ... how would a child ... how should a child behave toward the rules set down by a parent they purport to love? Does a child breach the rules? Is that an expression of love? Does the child demand unconditional love – and then go out to push the boundaries of that love to the breaking point?

In Judaic it is said that one should “build a wall around Torah.” It is an expression of the idea that one should set boundaries WITHIN the boundaries that should not be crossed.

America has not boundaries. It recognizes no parent, no authority above its might and the whims of the moments. “In God We Trust.”

We Trust a Deity to look the other way, to blind its eyes to the deeds or actions we engage in, and to accept our words – those formula expressions of obedience as we disobey.

It is the father’s fault – these consequences the child experiences from their actions and disobedience. The all mighty father would force his child to comply with the rules, to show basic manners to each other, to respect the environment and all life.

Yes1 It is the father’s responsibility. And the father gives warning that transgression shall be punished. Father, with infinite patience, or the certain knowledge of the outcome, knows the punishment is there and will be felt.

Look about you. Pay some attention. The lessons of history – ignored – are destined to be repeated until learned. Look about you and see what you can see – then see more – for it has been laid out for all to see.

We are faced with a turning point in history. It is a spot which we will never be able to return to – it is a moving river, never the same, at times calm, and at other times raging; but it is a river and it is flowing from its begging to its end.

We are simply creatures faced with life in, or on the shores of, that river. The liver will flow in its own time and flowing the course it selects to carve. Do you think yourself more powerful than that river?

Build your dam. Act against the Law, reject that which you claim to be your Torah – while asserting to an All Knowing you are really a believer. Oh the beauty of fools lead by hypocrites.

We are within months of the next domestic terrorist attack. We are within months of the military excursion into Iran which will define the true course of history. We are within that brief point of decision – to obey, or push the boundary of “unconditional love” which we know was given conditionally.

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