Monday, November 5, 2018



Trump is stumping for the Senate candidates -- he knows the House is marginally lost and is quietly happy.  Can he cost the Republicans the Senate?

Will the Democratic lack of organized direction cost them?  We know they shut-up about Impeachment.  Everything about Collusion has vanished with the facts.

CNN says a Trump Midterm related ad is "Racist" -- in a nation raised on racism, who could really tell?
For two generations, America has lived on Racism -- the media loves to promote racial stereotypes... the Mafia -- Bad Italian immigrants; Puerto Rican gangs and "West Side Story" is all about criminal immigrants and manipulation of the new welfare system; all the "WESTERNS" with their bad and nasty Indians or Mexicans; toss in a few Irish... racism is what 1950's TV thrived on, and that moved into the 60's and 70's and on into recent years -- when things suddenly changed.

In 2018, "PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE" has an interracial couple to go with the interracial couples appearing everywhere in the entertainment media.  It is a "progressive" era.  Interracial meets same-sex marriage... openly gay individuals are now the starts of various series.  Men with Husbands, women with wives... times are very very different from when the leaders of the nation were children -- and the age when Howard Duff and Ida Lupino were Mr. Adams and Eve, and the show had to tell the audience it was OK for them to be in the same bed, because they were married in real life.

The Paris Accord nonsense has fallen by the wayside.  How do you argue to be part of an agreement that the Climate Experts say set the bar 30% higher than the level needed to actually address Climate Change?  How do you argue for an agreement in Europe when Brazil is slashing forests -- which will negatively impact Climate Change -- and nobody actually cares....worse, the new President was elected on his promise to do exactly that ... slash the forests and create farmland.

Jews are killed -- gee, 11 including a few cops -- and that raises issues of antisemitism ... but we look around the nation and across the globe and we see dozens of people killed in events that are simply humans being murderous humans.  Why make it a racial/religious thing ... especially when an Orthodox Rabbi dismisses the killings because the dead were "conservatives"?

The night before the Midterms, a record number of people pre-voted... they decided weeks ago...  but now the fun... in 24-hours we have a New Congress, possibly a modified Senate, and with any luck, thieving hypocritical clowns like Ted Cruz will be banished from Government.

The only thing likely -- nothing will change.  Americans will attack Americans over various lies and internet rumors without any basis in facts.  In 2027 the European Economy collapses.  And if Trump manages to pull off his negotiations with China, America will escape the worst of it.  In 2033 World War Three begins... will we be part of it?  Or will we allow Europe and the Middle East to destroy each other?

Will the timeline hold?   "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" {AMAZON,  March 2014} []  It has ... from 1931 to date.

Will the Evangelicals keep siding with Satan and pushing for the worst possible outcome for America?  Or will they pay attention to this scripture they wave about and decide that being super liberal (following the dictates of Jesus) are the basis of their salvation?  The 144,000 Jews have already been collected... they now sit in judgment.  Ten Davidic Prophecy of a world following the Biblical rules has been fulfilled -- with only the evangelicals intentionally violating those rules (as shown by their love of ham and the adding of pork fat to everything). 

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS and we knwo if America lives of dies.
Sounds extreme... but that's the reality.


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