Friday, November 14, 2014

Why attack Obamacare

If you read the previous post, “REVEALED: Why GOP opposes Immigration”, you know the economic objective behind the anti-immigration initiatives of the Republicans.

But why would they oppose Obamacare?

Simple: the healthier the population, the longer it takes for them to die; therefore the longer it takes to collect their assets.

Deny people health care when they are young and you ensure they will become sick later on.  Nothing can be done to stave off the benefits of Medicaid/Medicare  for those who are retired, but we certainly can ensure that the young workers never reach retirement age, or are too poor to afford medical care which will extend their lives.

A sickly population dies young – in the Third work, death comes at 40-45 (30 years ago it was 30-35).  In America its 76 – but most industrialized nations are looking at 80.

Clearly, Republicans have their work cut out for them.

Obamacare could bring us to the 80 mark, proper attacks on the economy could plunge that to the 45 mark and see most of those paying to support Social Security die within the next two decades.  Still, that’s a long time, so expect the Republicans to sponsor a war designed to kill off the young.   

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