Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bye-Bye Economy–Immigrants saying NO WAY

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The reality of Republican Immigration hatred: “Highly skilled immigrants are losing interest in America”

The United States is quickly losing its appeal to the world’s most talented immigrants.  So not only have the Republicans chased off the foundation workers who will be paying Social Security for those under 50, they also attacked Families of American Citizens with immigrant relatives – now we discover they have been undermining the United States as a destination for skilled immigrants.

What has America got to offer a High Tech Expert?  Do we offer healthcare to his family?  Nope, not even to Native Born Citizens do we welcome the idea of people having healthcare.

Security?  Republicans are currently moving to shutdown the whole government over keeping families together.  So the Republican Party is PROUDLY and unrepentantly in the process of attacking families, immigrants, POTUS and the nation as a whole.

Washington might not be functional after January.

Not that it matters – be nice to see how the public reacts when they discover they voted to have their own rears reamed by nail studded spikes.  



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